Planning and Vision Web Conference

You are invited to participate in co-creating a new reality. Members of Sisterhood of The Rose will be hosting a participatory web conference this Thursday, 27th September, 9pm UTC time. UTC time conversion may be done Here. Heart felt thoughts and choices create our realities, although many people are not consciously aware of the power they … Read more

Vossa Intro to 5D Event – The Architecture of Ascension – USA, CA – Los Angeles – September 23-27, 2015 – See YOU there

5D Event – Los Angeles, CA September 23-27, 2015 Airport Holiday Inn http://www.5DEVENTS.COM Keynote Speaker Fernando Vossa, The Architecture of Ascension – Building Eco-cities for Planetary Liberation Fernando is a Free Energy Researcher – Consciousness Scientist – Whole Body Healing Technologies – Ancient Wisdom & Technology – Fine Artist – Virtual Environments. Vossa incorporates a series … Read more