THE SUN IS NOT GASEOUS – 15mins Solar Physics

SuspiciousObservers have released a new video detailing the work of Dr. Pierre Marie Robitaille. He has pioneered the MRI field back in the 90’s by showing the scientific community they we’re wrong in their assumptions and proved it. He’s had a track record of not going with the general consensus and as such is a … Read more

The Lowdown on Canola Oil

Here’s the lowdown. Think your cooking oil is safe and healthy? Canola oil producers claim that it’s the healthiest oil you can use, but science begs to differ. Unless significant weight gain and diminished memory are your idea of good health! This article was slightly adapted from an original article written by Sayer Ji of … Read more

Why listen to Mark Passio – you should   This is Mark’s website which has hundreds of hours of podcasts and video’s to educate yourself on: •  The components of our own Consciousness •  How to recognize Truth and Deception •  The Emotional Polarities we experience in our lives •  The differences between Magic and Sorcery •  What a healthy or destructive Worldview looks like •  The basic … Read more