Why should you educate yourself – listen to Jordan Maxwell

“Known by close friends as simply Rusty, Jordan Maxwell (born Russell J. Pine) continues as a preeminent Scholar and Lecturer in the fields of Secret Societies, Occult Philosophies and UFO-ology since 1959. His work is not only fascinating to explore, but too important to ignore.” 

I would recommend listening to anything by Jordan Maxwell.  This video is on how our government(s) really work – ie:  California state or the State of California.  Attorney vs Lawyer.  United States vs. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.    This is VERY imortant information to know.


4 thoughts on “Why should you educate yourself – listen to Jordan Maxwell

  1. Jordan does a great job of discussing the origin of words. I find his information very helpful and think about meanings before using words. Thank you for posting DaNell.


  2. The website link is wrong Jordan has nothing to do with jordanmaxwell.com his real website is jordanmaxwellshow.com

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