Understanding the Creation / Upkeep of the Veil, Web, Grid, Net, Matrix Chemtrail Agendas and Their Connection to the Veil

Understanding the Creation / Upkeep of the Veil, Web, Grid, Net, Matrix

Chemtrail Agendas and Their Connection to the Veil

{ This is a New Revised Edited and Up-dated Version of my article from Aug 3rd 2015}

The subject matter discussed in this article has to do with the following areas, Chemtrails and 3 Main Agendas / Electromagnetic Fields / Plasmatic Planes of Existence / Strangelet Bombs / Scalar Fields / Strategic Issues / Future Warfare [2025] already being implemented** / Microwave Technology – as legal – non lethal weapons!! / Suppression of Benevolent Extraterrestrial Contact  etc:


Matrix9This information is scary stuff but the aim here is simply to show and to point out that truth will make us free and that despite the fact that these chemtrails are to be seen daily all over our skies on this planet right now – they are in fact the ‘band-aid’ attempt of the military/archon faction to keep their matrix/web/veil/grid/net in place and keep us in a zombie state. We are very much awake and millions more awaken daily. Their time has finally come to an end on this planet. ALL of the Forces of Light below surface, on the surface and surrounding us in millions of Light Ships are now working steadily and successfully in tandem forward towards the disintegration of this veil and the Victory of the Light will very soon be a fact.

Understanding just how the archons have managed to imprison us in this ‘virtual reality version’ of the reality that we call life on earth is complicated to say the least. Yet I think that for many of us who have awakened there is a desire within us to somehow gain a greater understanding of the ‘mechanics’ of this veil/matrix/web/grid/net so that we can more easily come to terms with it and also see how its ongoing disintegration process is leading us to our liberation from the debt slave system of life that we have endured here for so long. One of the people on this planet who can most certainly increase our understanding of this subject is author/scientist Harald Kautz Vella. I find his knowledge and soft certain down to earth/broad visionary way of describing the reality that he has come to understand so deeply in the past two years very interesting indeed. I also feel a deep trust in his knowledge because of the way it recently arrived on his doorstep so to speak. Finally the information in this article comes from the work of Harald Kautz Vella, Cobra the official voice of the Resistance Movement on our planet and a gentleman named Miles Johnston. Links below to Pertinent Information.

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10 Female Revolutionaries That You Won’t Hear About In History Class



Working at Collective Evolution, your interests have to be quite diverse. But one common theme here is a strong desire to change the human experience for the better, create a  world where everybody can thrive and break down the barriers that prevent us from doing so. There are many ways to do this, from creating awareness on important/sensitive issues, to more action based projects that can help others, all the way to making changes in your own life.

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Clarification on our Situation as We Approach Victory of the Light and The Breakthrough

We are on the home run! There is no doubt about that fact! Anyone who trusts the information provided by the ‘voice’ of the Resistance Movement on this planet will know that the progress in the past couple of months has been phenomenal to say the least. The structure of the Veil – Web – Matrix is disintegrating on so many levels. As each consecutive layer of the plasmatic structure is disabled more and more truth is reaching the main stream media. Cobra provided intel and links about knowledge of jet propulsion systems info having gone mainstream recently.

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Colorado Judge Curry: “It appears we might be having some form of revolution within the ranks…” – US Marshals


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Reference:  US Marshal Service – Justice, Integrity, Service.

On Aug 7, 2015, at 12:26 PM, Steve Curry <cwheileg@gmail.com> wrote:

It appears we might be having some form of revolution within the ranks, as we are learning that our US Marshals, or at least 70% of them, have had it with the corruption & fraud at both the Federal & State levels, while 30% of them want to continue taking bribes to look the other way when it comes to arresting corrupt public officials. This is, definitely, the case in Denver, and other districts, as well.

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On 6/5, 65 Things We Know About NSA Surveillance That We Didn’t Know a Year Ago


Nadia Kayyali and Katitza Rodriguez | Commondreams | Jun 5th 2014

nsaIt’s been one year since the Guardian first published the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court order, leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, that demonstrated that the NSA was conducting dragnet surveillance on millions of innocent people. Since then, the onslaught of disturbing revelations, from disclosures, admissions from government officials, Freedom of Information Act requests, and lawsuits, has been nonstop. On the anniversary of that first leak, here are 65 things we know about NSA spying that we did not know a year ago:

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Sublunar Operations Update

Sublunar Operations Update

Sublunar operations continue. Most of the plasma generators and plasma strangelet bombs on man-made satellites have been disabled, including those on the thirteen NROL-39 »octopus« satellites:


Something is beyond your reach, indeed!

This has effectively loosened the Matrix control over the surface population to the point that intel about advanced spacecraft propulsion system designs have been released both into the mainstream and the alternative media:

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Galactic Wave of Love

Original article from Cobra’s blog: “Galactic Wave of Love”, published on July 26, 2015.

Galactic Wave of Love

In the center of our Galaxy, there is a huge double star, the source of Light and life for this Galaxy, the Galactic Goddess, the Pleroma, the Galactic Central Sun. It breathes and pulses with a regular rhythm, each heartbeat taking 26,000 years to complete. Every time the Galactic heart beats, the Galactic center sends a wave of highly charged physical and non-physical particles throughout the Galaxy.

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U.S. Government Releases Document With Details Of Extraterrestrial Bodies, Craft & Home Planet

From CollectiveEvolution.com   (Go to the above web-site to have all the links work.)

With several governments around the world openly admitting to the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), the United States government has received a large push from its citizens to disclose the truth about their knowledge of this bizarre yet fascinating phenomenon.

As a result, in late 2014 Barack Obama’s right hand man, (Councillor) Jon Podesta, who was also the Chief of Staff under the Clinton administration, tweeted that one of his biggest regrets of 2014 was his inability to “secure the disclosure of UFO files” and that “the time to pull the curtain back on this subject is long overdue. We have statements from the most credible sources, those in a position to know – about a fascinating phenomenon, the nature of which is yet to be determined.” (You can read more about Podesta and UFOs here.)

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This is a repost from the PFC newsletter By Nova Biscotti

Over the weekend of July 11-12, developments within the Eurozone regarding the now-viral term “Grexit” have made it quite obvious that some history-making changes will be happening in the near future regarding the financial system. Many things are pointing toward this fall – and even if nothing happens this year, the system is being held together by band-aids as the supply of duct tape ran out in early 2015.

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Important Gridwork Information for Sisterhood of the Rose / Event Support Groups

18983_1128023657213982_9023973603022914702_nImportant Gridwork Information for Sisterhood of the Rose / Event Support Groups
Transform the Jesuits-negative-emotions-programming-network!

The newsletter from PFC provided this link which may be vital information for some of those groups and individuals that are now doing Gridwork. Remember that gridwork suggestions are just that suggestions and should not be seen in any way as a necessity for the above groups to participate in. The work we do should all come from the heart and is never a requirement. The following lines are taken from an article I wrote in January 2013 ‘The Veil That Hides the Truth’ I am providing these lines as they might be of support to some readers  to having a greater understanding of the Gridwork suggested here.

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