Written by Danell Gladd created from notes taken at two Cobra Conferences.

Earth and the inhabitants have been in 25,000 years of imprisonment and quarantine (black hole). We have been controlled and manipulated by the dark side – or as we call them, The Cabal. We are now to exit the black hole after 25,000 years of prison. Our planet is the last one in the galaxy to be liberated. This exit is the EVENT HORIZON, or THE EVENT.

THE EVENT will be a moment of breakthrough for the planet which will be physical and non physical.

On the non physical plane there will be a big wave or flash of Divine energy and light coming from the Galactic Central sun going towards the surface of the planet (The galactic central sun is an object in the Sagittarius constellation). It will be a flash or special kind of light from the Sun that permeates the earth and humanity. It will calm humanity in the light of love energy and end duality. It’s a magnificent energy not seen or felt before on earth. Everyone on earth will feel and know something has happened. It will be a surprise as to when it will happen, even for us. It’s never happened before. It will not be a major shock event, it will be a positive event.

On the physical plane there will be:

  1. The arrest of the Cabal (already started).
  2. The res-set of the Financial Systems.
  3. Disclosure – the release of Hidden truth / events including ET information.
  4. The beginning of a new fair financial system with prosperity funds for all.
  5. NEW Government / Political System, Education system, Health care system, History lessons, etc. etc.
  6. Awakening of humanity slowly and gradually to the existence of positive non-terrestrial races and our galactic connections.
  7. Introduction of new advanced technology.
  8. The release of spiritual growth and healing for every human being on the planet.
  9. There is much, much more to look forward to.

What Can You Do “Before the EVENT”

We are about to enjoy both a non-violent liberation of the planet along with a bright and beautiful future for ALL of humanity.

Since we do not know the exact day, month, or year of the event (it will be soon), it would be wise to follow a few simple rules of precaution:

  1. Keep an extra 2 weeks of food on hand starting now.
  2. Make sure you and your loved ones have an up to date supply of any medicines that might be required.
  3. Keep extra cash hidden away at your home.
  4. Gas up your vehicle when the tank is ½ empty.
  5. Stay in touch with this website for updates.
  6. Educate yourself, friends and family members.
  7. Join one of the 6 task force areas – on this web-site and assist in the liberation of our beautiful planet.
  8. Get together in groups each Sunday and do the Planetary Liberation Meditation and focus on bringing in The Divine Goddess Energy. Info on Event Support Groups.

What to expect Financially “AFTER The EVENT”

Vision for New Financial System – Transition from the Old Financial System to the New Financial System.

The current Financial System is malfunctioning and is being replaced with a new financial system. Do not panic. This is a good thing. Your needs will be provided for. As with any major change, the first few days are always the most confusing. Since all major TV networks, Internet, newspapers, and radio stations will be broadcasting quality information about The EVENT you can expect to become more and more comfortable as the day moves along. Below are instructions for the first 14 day.

Day 1: – within minutes of THE EVENT happening (The Divine Galactic energy pulse).

  1. All banks will temporarily close – no access to banks for 3-7 days (up to 14 days).
  2. All credit cards and ATM machines will be temporarily disabled (up to 14 days).

The reason for this is to cut off access of funds to the illegal owners of the central banks around the world, known as The Cabal.

Most businesses will be encouraged to stay open, and continue to accept cash and checks as they would in their normal course of doing business. Checks will clear as soon as the banks reopen. (1-2 weeks after THE EVENT).

EVENT Voucher TemplateIf you do not have access to cash, and are in need of basic necessities which cannot be accessed through friends, family, community or emergency services, voucher system will be set up in order to pay for goods and services.

This is not free money. This is basically a loan to you for up to $1000. which may be used from the day of the event for food, medicines & necessities until such time that the banks re-open. After that they become null and void, and you will be charged for the amount used. Businesses will be compensated for legitimate vouchers which they then can process through any bank. Those people who elect to use vouchers to purchase goods and services will be responsible for re-payment either through their bank, or as an offset against future earnings/compensations.

Day 2 – 14+:

  • All currencies will still be alive.
  • There will be a financial re-evaluation after the Event.
  • There will be transparency accounting with banks that reopen.
  • Interest charges will stop.
  • Fractional banking will cease.
  • The IRS will be dismantled immediately.
  • All Banks with strong ties to The Cabal will be bankrupt.
  • The Federal Reserve will be dismantled immediately.
  • All debts will not be forgiven, meaning if you used credit cards to buy goods thinking your debts were forgiven, that will not be acceptable.
  • Food, shelter, and technology will be available for everyone.
  • No gold will be traded on the open market.
  • There will be no more homeless people.
  • There will be no more stock market.
  • Money in bank accounts will be frozen from reset to the new bank system (3-14 days). If funds were acquired legally, then the money will be kept.
  • The Cabal’s money is illegal and will be seized.

More Future Details to The Changes for The New Society:

  • The only tax will be 14% on new items purchased.
  • Humanitarianism will reign.
  • New technology will be released but electricity grids will be kept going through the conversion.
  • Everyone will receive $100,000 from collateral accounts.
  • Debts up to $100,000 will be forgiven. If over that amount, it will be analyzed. Real outstanding debt will be taken from that amount or if not enough, you will be advised to go into bankruptcy.
  • All countries debts will be forgiven.
  • Mortgages will be cancelled out.
  • Retirement accounts will be preserved.
  • Social security/retirement/health care will be changed; free health insurance will be provided for a new, advanced medical system.
  • The average work week will be 3-4 hours a day, 5 days a week.
  • Production costs will decrease.
  • All legal contracts will be respected.
  • The police force will be restructured for protection, not money collectors.
  • Common law will be respected – not distorted.
  • Most credit card debt will be cancelled.
  • Speculation will not be tolerated, and you can not rack up your credit cards now, expecting them to be cancelled out later without being on the hook. There is financial tracking.
  • Congress will close at reset. (Goes for all countries)
  • Most of Congress (U.S.) will be disbanded.
  • There will be new elections for Congress (All governments worldwide) within 4 months of RESET.
  • Monsanto, the corrupt part of Microsoft, will be bankrupt immediately. Same for other corrupt companies.
  • Most prisoners will be released and receive psychological counseling and training because they were forced to do things due to life conditions. Many will be released because they are innocent.
  • CIA operated drug trade will cease, and drastic restructuring will be needed.
  • When we are all fully ‘healed,’ we will stop eating meat (animals will be appreciated for what they are).
  • There will still be bankruptcies.
  • We won’t be able to have factories in China any longer.
  • Most Companies will keep operating.
  • Companies will buy back shares and give investors back their money.
  • The Resistance will help and advise.
  • The electrical grid will be in tact, however when The Cabal goes down, we may have darkness for short intervals.

See 2012Portal.blogspot.com and galacticconnection.com for more details of Cobra and his New Society Information.

Financial life after the “EVENT” will be vastly improved now that the bonds of debt illegally imposed by The Cabal are removed. Every person on the planet will have funds available for improving their lives.

For Further Study: you can see The American Dream Film. This is the best web-site to explain financial history. There is a lot to this site. The films are all linked on YouTube.

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Disclaimer: We at Prepare for Change (PFC) bring you information that is not offered by the mainstream news, and therefore may seem controversial. The opinions, views, statements, and/or information we present are not necessarily promoted, endorsed, espoused, or agreed to by Prepare for Change, its leadership Council, members, those who work with PFC, or those who read its content. However, they are hopefully provocative. Please use discernment! Use logical thinking, your own intuition and your own connection with Source, Spirit and Natural Laws to help you determine what is true and what is not. By sharing information and seeding dialogue, it is our goal to raise consciousness and awareness of higher truths to free us from enslavement of the matrix in this material realm.


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    Short but very accurate information… Thanks for sharing this one.

    A must read article!

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  5. Dear DaNell, Do you do audio transcription work, and what do you charge? I have been working with a young man through regression hypnotherapy. This is his only life on earth. Though born in a human body, he came from the Pleiadies as a volunteer. I have been asked by the higher aspect of himself to put their messages of wisdom into a book. I do not feel I can trust just anyone with this information. Thank you for all you do. Liz

  6. Wanneer komt Cobra weer op Youtube, August 2013

    Vrede Portaal geopent.. Wanneer komt er bericht omtrent de Bank veranderingen..

    En de wisselingen van de Regeringleiders en Bankleiders ????????????

  7. This is now making sense. This is what I have been trained for over lifetimes and what I have agreed by life contract to respond to and carry out within the Divine Plan and I am now activated and ready. I can confirm awareness of the incoming Galactic pulse for about a year ago, from Sept., 2012. It is right around the corner.
    The hair on my arms is standing straight up as the air begins to crackle… This is how it begins.

  8. Suggestion: Comments and replies should require names or at least some Id. We all like to know who we are talking to. I’m Ken Rankin btw.

  9. Thank you for this website.
    My wife and I are Ambassadors of Light and have been gently passing on the message, with these new developments and with the daily updates we can now speed up the message a little and get more people involved in the process

    In Love and Light

  10. “We won’t be able to have factories in China any longer…..”

    Who is “We? Americans ?? (are the Chinese included in the “we”?)

    WHY?? Do you have any idea how many people work in factories in China?
    What are they going to do? Out of jobs?

    Why “not able” ??

    Why China..Why not “no factories at all?”
    Will there be factories? and where then?

    YOU really think only China does not need any factory anymore?
    This sound racists to me..why?

    • Maybe the better term is “slave” factories. People will work, not 15 hr days, not 9 years old. We are working to get all of us out of the slave mentality, the have/have nots, class distinctions. Look at the bigger picture and tell others that as a collective group of “former slaves” we are working at freeing everyone. We are working at educating people that there is another way to live on this earth – especially when the controlling Cabal is gone. We certainly don’t want another cabal to take over.

  11. I have some healing music, high vibrational ancient Hellenic Lyre sounds… How can I share it with you so everyone can have a free download and listen it?
    Thank you for the work you’re already doing…

  12. Since it is our attachment to this materialistic & mental paradigm that has us all in fear (of loss, pain, etc), we must all be very SURE of who we are (multi-dimensional being of Light & Love), and trust in our Creator(s)—because quite frankly everyone should know well by now that this system is a fraud, an illusion, and a slave system—and does not serve our highest Truth or happiness.
    I think the questions we should be asking are: “what is the best way to be in harmony when this time comes, so that the transition will be as smooth as possible?” I mean, meditations, vibrations, etc to observe.

    • Yes, I do agree with that comment. Our Financial section is focusing on a fair economic system but you are correct in the bigger picture – bigger solution is LOVE – harmony and helping out everyone. The informatio here is to serve as an interm – not go into panic while we transition to – not having to use “money”.

  13. Evan better, the OPPT has FORCLOSED on all the cabal Banks and governments. All loans are fraud and so cancelled. We the people are the value not some printed paper, we are eternal essence and do not need governing- there is no hierarchy left no one between you and the creator. If you need more info on the OPPT you can check out
    i-uv.com or OPPT1776 on you tube.
    Yes this is happening and in fact the cabal is already FORCLOSED.
    Anarchy does not mean no rules only no rulers. With the cabal out of the way we the people will find no need for elected officials .Common law is what is left standing right now. Nothing else other than a bunch of actors pretending that the corporation they run is a government.

    • Yes, we are aware of OPPT and concur. We are still educating and catching people up to that fact. Keep spreading the word until everyone knows and feels that truth.

  14. “a big wave or flash of Divine energy and light coming from the Galactic Central sun”

    is this happening naturally or by intention from the other people from other planets?

    • It is happening to the whole Galaxy, so things are shifting big time. It is a more natural happening, meaning not from other people or planets or technology. But our understanding is “Divine energy”. Not sure we have all the detail answers for that, but it should be exciting.

  15. This “Financial System” is only temporary, correct? How can a Financial System, or any “System”, bring us to 5D consciousness or help us in any way? Well simply, it can’t! A Financial System wouldn’t exist in higher dimensions… it’s so 3D. 5D is about living in Harmony with yourself and everyone/everything around you… money or any type of currency would have no worth! Some of the points, to me, are just wrong. We don’t need a new “System”, we need Love and only Love. Anything else is obsolete and totally not pure.

    • I agree that a financial system is 3D and I agree with LOVE. There are still a few issues to overcome to get more people in that place. I would love to wake up tomorrow morning and have “everything” different, or would I? I believe this is a process we are going through to reach LOVE, to reach 5D . . . or 12D. Overcoming the dark energies that have been controlling and causing conflict will be a big help. Keep this message in your consciousness. Keep it a possibility because it’s about the only information out there that is not an “armageddon” version.

      I have included Cobra’s comments from his July 30th, 2013 interview on www.galacticconnection.com.

      Alexandra: One of our readers from the Netherlands said: I want to really be a part of this and prepareforchange.net. Can you give him some sort of script in front of these people that have no clue, to be able to stand in front of people that prepare for change. what kind of language can he use.

      COBRA: It depends on the psychological make-up of people he is contacting. I would start with the financial system. Most people are aware of this. That is a starting point.

      Alexandra: So start with the Financial System.

      COBRA: Everyone is aware that there is something wrong with the banking system. There is a small group of corrupt elite bankers that is robbing everybody. Most people are aware of this. Most people on the planet agree with this. You can start there and go from there.

      Alexandra: That’s a really good point. Yes we are all aware of that. That affects everybody. We are all receiving a pay check.

      COBRA: This is the most evident that people see. If you start with UFO’s or first contact they wouldn’t respond positively because of their previous programming. If you start with the changes in the financial system most of the human population will respond positively to this.

  16. Who made up all these rules? Who are you people to make them? Sounds like a grab for power to me. Some credit card debt will be waived you say? When in fact credit card debt does not exist in the first place. There is no debt, ask any Bank to prove the debt, thru actual accounting, they cannot. Your signature creates the value.

  17. Hello;;;
    My question is with the money will come to those who do not have a bank account?
    The money we lose value?
    Thank you

    Minha dúvida é com o dinheiro chegará para aqueles que não tem conta em banco?
    O dinheiro que temos perderá o valor?

    • Money will be an interm system – to get us to evolve until we don’t need “money”. If you knew you could be given some money for your housing, food, freedom and support – would you get a bank account, or hopefully some of these “banks” will be fixed and working for our higher collective good and we will be able to figure out those details. Money and abundance for all is a temporary “work-around” until we don’t need it, or if you want to continue the 3D – you can go where everyone is “doing 3D”. As for me – I’m “moving on up”.


  19. Lets pray and hope for a world without money, ,another system, or create with the power of thoughts.

    No money is needed in the 5 th dimension, only freedom, love and peace, and endless harmony, and pleasure.

    I hope the event will come soon.

    Please react, on my vision of a world free of a moneysystem.


    • Money will be an interm system – to get us to evolve until we don’t need “money”. Money and abundance for all is a temporary “work-around” until we don’t need it, or if you want to continue the 3D – you can go where everyone is “doing 3D”. As for me – I’m “moving on up”.


    (Anam in Indonesia)


    (Anam-in Indonesia)

  22. Here is something that I do not understand. What is the point of continuing the monetary based economy? Regardless of what change is going to happen according to this source, I believe that the only real change can happen when the monetary system is gone. We will still be slaves, there will still be social class, inequality, rich vs poor, greed. Yes no one will go hungry or with out a home, but people will continue to be “powerful” in the sense of money. We will still have more people with a low amount of money than those with a lot of money. Have you ever heard of a resource based economy? one that does not use money? Check out the Venus Project www.thevenusproject.com This is what we should be doing. We do not need money to survive, money is one of the reasons we are in this collective situation to begin with? What real change is going to happen?! It just seems like change at first glance because it will be better than it is now, but I mean seriously, at the end of the day or sooner or later things will just go back to the same old same old. Not war or hunger or anything like that but class…
    I think we need to rethink what should happen for our society and bring about real change and remove the monetary system.

    • The monetary system is an interm system, though not perfect there is abundance for all people of the planet. We will eventually transition out of a money system. Things will be different as people’s consciousness changes.

  23. Thank you for this information. I would like updates to your site. However, I am leery of giving my address, phone and all because I don’t know how this will be used. Do you have a newsletter or update system via email? I would appreciate it.

    • Marion

      We are planning a Prepare for Change Network newsletter next month. It will go out to all the Participants every month to keep them abreast of important developments with the Event Support groups.


    • It is up to you, we just report the “news”. You have your free will.

      COBRA: This is a related. The most likely scenario is the stock market will crash at the event. Stock market and even the commodities market is completely unrelated to real economy. It’s a fictional computer program at this point that has no basis in reality. It’s super computers in complete control of the Cabal which plays the game.

      Alexandra: it’s an alga rhythm played on the computer.

      COBRA: Yes.

      Alexandra: What would you say to someone who has savings, retirement, inheritance, that they don’t have control over – in the stock market. Will people be compensated.

      COBRA: They will be compensated I would say get out of the stock market anyway.

  24. THE TIME IS NOW! IT’S HAPPENING AS WE SPEAK. IF ANYONE NEEDS ANY HELP OR ASSISTANCE OR SUPPORT IN ANY AREAS ESPECIALLY HEALING PLEASE CALL ME 24/7/365 at 651-235-5145 see my facebook for important info and updates from the Galactic Federation of Light at http://www.facebook.com/stevensstarchild also please see The Galactic Free Press at http://www.soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress

  25. We need to rethink “A 3-5 hour workday will suffice for most everyone who chooses employment”. You are taking away freewill if the number of hours are limited. Some souls will still want to work hard or for long hours to relieve boredom. I understand 3 to 5 will be adequate to earn enough for their luxuries/extras. Please consider giving the opporuntity to work for long hours maybe up to 12 hours a day if people wish to do so. Or is it just a matter or rewording to something like “you need only work for up to 5 hours per day to earn enough credit for your luxuries/extras”? What do you think? Abundant blessings.

    • It will be a blessing to be able to live our passion each day and love what we do. Work for some, creativity for others, service for others. You won’t be forced to work 8-12 hrs/day. Wahoo.

  26. Banks will be shut down for up to 14 days?
    Only certain credit card debts will be forgiven?
    Only Mortgages up to $100,00 will be forgiven?
    We will stop eating meat?

    Now I had enough of you fucking galactics.
    I am ordering all Arch Angels to take care of you and your fucked up bull shit,
    If you are not completely transparent about all.

    You have 7 days

    • None of the above ideas are set in stone. Obeying common law means treating other people with respect, so how can we make absolute statements about credit card forgiveness, mortgage forgiveness or eating meat, when there are so many exigencies. Every simple statement is a summary of a complex discussion with many conditional issues.

      For instance, the banking shutdown has to do with a complete restart of the banking system based on asset-based currency instead of debt-based currency. There are reasons behind all of the above including law suits and legally ordered restitution. Many low suits have been won but the results have been suppressed due to legal wrangling, payoffs and intimidation. Look up Carl Hodges, who won a large lawsuit only to be told that it would not payout until the settlements. Much has been decided but not implemented for real reasons. This is not as arbitrary as it seems.

      • Yup. You also have my vote on that Danell. We have all been working on this for a long time now and the time is now. For those that don’t understand at the moment…they will eventually come to Light.

        In Love and Light

  27. Hi!
    Do you really believe in all the above? You’d better be more consistent in that case other ways you make yourself vulnerable towards foes. It is a big surprise that you start with the victory of Light, that has everything to do with the spirit and then ruin everything with deep down description about banking system. Are the banks the only enemy? Would forgiving the mortgage bring to the people an inspiration of the soul? Wouldn’t that be just a thieving? How about mind’s life? You say that all currencies to remain but then only USD are mentioned. How should that work? How about:
    All debts will not be forgiven (in days 2-14) and then:
    Debts up to $100,000 will be forgiven. (in future details).
    What if I have a debts in Russian roubles. How would that be considered?
    I do believe in a Divine Energy myself, but I’m sure you are very much side tracked with the money on that account. There is not a money or banks you should think of. You’d better illuminate the Way of Light that everyone should follow. If you know one… Anyway – thank you for bringing the upcoming Event to the attention of many people but please think again – are you REALLY looking in the right direction. Forget the money – they will not be needed shortly after the Event. There is a soul and spirit that should be prepared to it. Not the wallet. Sorry for possible mistakes – English in not my native language.

    • This web-site, workshops and most of the volunteers are in the US – yes, but this will occur globally and will fit each country and currency. That is why we are asking for volunteers to spread the word. We are being set free – liberated, yet most of the surface population don’t even know they need liberating. What would life be like if this scenario happened? Awesome!! You heard it here first. Crazy idea? maybe? Keep the possibility. The details will be worked out.

    • Sergey..you make some vety good points..I do agree that something is “up”, but do not believe in how it is spelled out here, nor in the validity of those here that claim to be “channeling”. Those that pretend to be channeling are on an ego trip, thinking that there is a place for them in between you and your own Higher Self. Trust IT and nothing else..Sergey, you mention that English is not your native tongue, nor is it mine, but you are doing a hell of a better job at it than some of those who “channel”. If these messages were accurate, don’t you think that these divine beings could muster the simplicity of mundane English..beware!!! Many false prophets indeed! But rest assured folks, these imposters are riding the coattails of what is truly afoot..namely a total conversion of the financial system as we know it. Check out www.oppt.com to learn more.

      • You definitely have my vote….we’ve been working towards the change for a long time now and those that don’t understand will eventually come to Light

  28. I am wondering about the feasibility of some of these very authoritarian changes you are issuing as a fiat decree like some sort of world dictator. For example, your suggestion that people are going to stop eating meat.

    Let me tell you, as long as there are guns, people will be eating meat. Deer, squirrels and other game will be shot for food because humans are omnivores and cannot be forced to become vegan.

    Nutritionally, humans need protein in their diet, as do carnivores. A humane system of meat distribution can be established. Plants are living things, too, you know, but we still consume them and make them lose their life in the process This sacrifice is the essence of the tragedy of life; that life must consume other life to keep living.

    Will animals also be required to also “respect” other animals and become vegetarian? This did not work so well in the “Kimba the White Lion” TV show in the ’60s!

    • What would the world be like if the “event” happened like we’re predicting? It would be so awesome. Keep it a possibility. How about a replicator? for your meals? for your meat? As our consciousness expands and we are not so split and in duality – you might be vegan after all?

  29. I’m ready to help. I believe this is my mission.

    Im an artist you can see my art work on my Facebook under photos.

    I have worked with children and I’m currently doing a installation for the Boston childrens hospital. ( Theme is UFO village for healing)

    I’m involved with my community and everyone knows me for my art and participations.

    There is also a mural that I’m working on at the elementary school.

    Let me know if I can assist in anyway.

    Light worker,
    Linda 🙂
    I’ve dropped hints to some of the community’s neighbors.

    I think I would be a helpful leader.
    My children know a little of this event . My family members know a little.

    Most of my art friends and close friends know my believe system.

  30. Is needed special protection for women and children victims of sexual abuses all over the world.

    Please, take care about the condition how they survive every day in the middle east countrys, in charge of the taliban terrorism.

    I don’t have know ideia how “The Event” changes will afect the societies that is totally apart of the globalization. How it occur in a country like Afganistan or Pakistan?

    I’m very concerned about this subject, because the news in the ocident doesn’t inform the situation. They just demonized the muslim people, but, in fact, the women doesn’t have a position in their society, and I think that is very important they claimed their rights equal. For this resolution there is no needed any violation or desrespect, just an interaction without FEAR from the women.

    Ups, now I’m channeling the Goddess…

    The final solution:

    Remember always: Women are the inner power for a healed societies. The women could expresse all their plenty when they doesn’t fear for their own survival, and for their children. This is the standart model that must take in action for the victory of the Light in the World.

    Watching and whispering in every human heart the great Love that I have for, because Am the Higher Love ever created,

    I’m Isis, the Queen of the Earth and the Heavens.

    — Ended channeling —

    Strong as always! I’ll be back soon posting. Thanks!

    A Rosa de Vénus

  31. Salut de la France,
    je pense que la modification du système financier va prendre plus de 14 jours,
    même si les asiatiques y travaillent depuis plus de 2 ans, c’est pas encore au point !
    Peut-être pour novembre 2013 ?
    Bonne continuation !!!!!!

    • Je crois que les événements seront beaucoup plus facile a traverser si d’une part nous abandonnons nos liens émotif pour le matériel, alors une grosse part d’insécurité cessera nous donnant plus de visibilité et en lien avec notre part spirituelle, a ne pas négliger. L’entraide et le respect de la vie, ainsi que l’amour dans la vie de tout les jours au lieux de quelques jours par an lors de festivitées.

  32. Great thanks for your work.

    Could you please give an advice – with respect to the event… is it safe / good / wise to keep gold and silver please or is it better to keep only euro banknotes? Before it was said that it is not good to keep savings in money (banknotes) in these times and it is much better / safer to keep some precious metals instead. But if gold and silver will not be traded anymore… I wonder how a value of gold and silver will change after the event, whether there will be a chance to transorm it to money (if it will not be traded) and what is better – to keep savings in euro banknotes only or to keep some gold and silver as well. And if someone already has some savings kept in gold and silver – is it better to sell it now, before the Event, please? (not good prices for selling now, but in the context of the Event and a development afterwards…) Simply – a person hardly saving money to buy a flat for many years would not want to lose them, understandaby.

    Many – many thanks for an advice.

    All the best. Love and Light to you all.

    • We can not tell you what to do with your money. We can tell you Cobra’s answer:

      COBRA: This is a related. The most likely scenario is the stock market will crash at the event. Stock market and even the commodities market is completely unrelated to real economy. It’s a fictional computer program at this point that has no basis in reality. It’s super computers in complete control of the Cabal which plays the game.

      Alexandra: it’s an alga rhythm played on the computer.

      COBRA: Yes.

      Alexandra: What would you say to someone who has savings, retirement, inheritance, that they don’t have control over – in the stock market. Will people be compensated.

      COBRA: They will be compensated I would say get out of the stock market anyway.

      He does say to have some gold or silver especially during the 2 weeks after the “event”. We will continue to use money – until it’s no longer necessary.

  33. also there will be

    – realignment of our cellular biology, cancer, tumors dis-ease will begin healing back to birthright state of perfect health

    – the release of cancer healing modalities will now be legal

    – all war machines will disband and disist

    – toxic sodium fluoride doses will cease apon the populations, all water to be purified

    – front lawns will be allowed to be gardens

    – reptilian, satanist energetics of evil will dissapear

  34. Im am very confused, whu will we even need money? I understand using it for a little bit until people get settled amd we build our.new.society but after.that money shpuld no longer exist. But from what your saying, is that it will exist and just because no one is homeleas.or starving doesnt mean we will no longer have social class. We will still have soxial class because we are using money. The cabal will still exist, maybe it wont be the same people but new.people will take over because.money is involved. Dp yku understand? The venus project explains ao well how a resourse bases economy can work so why aremt we doing it? Why will we continue to live in the same system? It all sounds great but when u think about it not a whole lot will change. People will still be ” etter” than others, people will become broke, some people will not have money while others do. Why is money still going to be in the equation after the evenr. I cannot wrap my head arouns why, especiallg when cobra has previoualy said otherwose along with many other organizations. Please clarify to me..

    • Castel

      The change will happen suddenly and existing systems will have to be adjusted over time. Free energy and health care and no mortgages will begin a process that will eliminate money, but the existing systems are managed with it today. The change must be sudden in order to work. but the new system will take some time to become functional.

      • Thank you for your reply, how long do you think it will take for such system to be completed? 10 years, 20 years, 30…? Less than that? (hopefully)

  35. Mandarin Translation as follows:


    通过danell 2013年7月4日在未分类的
























    加入一个工作组地区的6 -在这个网站和协助解放我们美丽的星球。







    所有的银行都将暂时关闭——没有进入银行3 – 7天(14天)。



    大多数企业将被鼓励保持开放,并继续接受现金和支票作为他们会在他们做生意的正常过程。检查将清楚一旦银行重开。(1 – 2周后的事件)。


    这不是免费的钱。这基本上是一个贷款你为$ 1000美元。这可能是使用从天的事件对食品、药品和必需品,直到这样的时间,银行重新开放。之后,他们变得无效,你将收取使用的量。企业将会得到合法的凭证,然后他们可以通过任何银行的过程。那些选择使用代金券购买商品和服务将负责重新付款通过银行,或作为抵消对未来收益/补偿。

    天2 – 14 +














    钱在银行账户将被冻结从重置到新的银行系统(3 – 14天)。如果基金是合法收购,那么这笔钱将被保留。












    每周平均工作将是3 – 4小时,每周5天。

























  36. What is the adult age being mentioned above or referred to.
    Referring above if a person is advised to go into bankcruptcy a) How will it effect the $100000.00 that the person will receive.
    What currencies will the other countries revert to eg Australia , South Africa, etc.
    How will the poor people get access to their funds.
    Mortgages will be cancelled out.– What does this mean and is it not unfair to those people who wanted to buy houses but were counteracted by blacklistings of banks,etc. And so does it mean people who owns more than one house will still be letting it out for xtra income.
    Will it become international law the working hours mentioned above.?
    This is just some of the questions that came up while reading the above.

    • It’s hard to imagine a “fair” and wholistic financial system. We have no concept or experience on this earth. We can not answer those kinds of details now, as we don’t exactly know the details. We are here to get this broad information into the consciousness of the people and the planet – that things can and will be different, and soon will be. Those are some of the details that will work out as the changes go along. Stay tuned.

      • What will start this change however? Do we have a time frame for this? Personally i have been waiting this change for about 10 years now, but there are others out there far older then me that have been waiting and been getting promised this exact same scenario in one suit or another for 40 – 50+ years. Why is this the REAL ‘event’? How are we going to stop the homeless from rioting / looting by having no money / food for two weeks[and i believe that was a minimum (they have no foldable cash, and in a scenario of everything being shut down and desperation, how charitable do you think the average panicy person is going to be?), Jobs? If all the elite fall, this would mean all their holdings (businesses, farms, logging farms, factories, medicinal outlets etc etc), would ALSO fail, thus no money for wages, stock, the running costs, so therefore, where would these people working 3-5 hours a day be getting their income from, none the less, where are the jobs themselves going to be if all their parent companies have died? I can see this is an incredibly noble and righteous idea, but really, how is a beam of light going to completely change our planet? From roots up, we would need to completely rebuild society, in every single country (surprise, surprise ‘Murica aint the only country thats fucked), from the roots up! We may all be feeling generous and loving, but where does the intellect to rebuild society before we all starve to death, or deteriorate into rabbles, chaos and anarchy?

        • Please read or re-read “The Event”. Most of the answers to your questions are there. “On the non physical plane there will be a big wave or flash of Divine energy and light coming from the Galactic Central sun going towards the surface of the planet. (The galactic central sun is an object in the Sagittarius constellation.) It will be a flash or special kind of light from the Sun that permeates the earth and humanity. It will calm humanity in the light of love energy and end duality. It’s a magnificent energy not seen or felt before on earth. Everyone on earth will feel and know something has happened. It will be a surprise as to when it will happen, even for us. It’s never happened before. It will not be a major shock event, it will be a positive event.”

          You seem to be thinking from our current reality. It will be different. How would this world function in Love energy and the end of duality? ? Different. Raiser your consciousness. Imagine this “impossability” and get it in our consciousness. Yea.

  37. Looking forward to preparing for the greatest change of all – the change in our heart and mind to love forgiveness and innocence

    Love and spirit

  38. hi,

    what will people do for living? the text says 3-5 hours a day for 5 days.
    when people lose their job, how will they find a job? like me, i have no job.

    will there still be computer games? im playing now for over a decade and there are so many games of wars and shooting aliens/humans/animals/creatures. will there be a change through the event too ?

    • What would you be doing if you were living from your heart center? What would be your best passion? We will be more connected to our higher selves. Things will be different, maybe a little confusion for a short time, but a good kind of different. There will still be computer games, but is that your passion? Does it add to society?


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