Background of the Event

or History of THE EVENT

Earth and the inhabitants have been in a type of imprisonment and planetary quarantine since the times of Atlantis. At that time the planet was secretly invaded as a hostile force manipulated the planet into an advanced forms of warfare that almost destroyed the planet. The light forces withdrew from the battle in order to save the planet from becoming another asteroid belt. They promised to return to achieve victory and to liberate the peoples of earth from the hostile force.

It does sound like a fantasy but it is not. We do not want to go into great detail on this subject but the fact remains we of earth are not alone, we never have been alone, and we never will be alone. This universe is teeming with intelligent sentient life. Furthermore our planet has been experiencing ongoing interactions with ET races since time immemorial. This must be understood to truly grasp what is taking place at this time on our planet.

Without going into metaphysical details that are unimportant to the Event we must realize that life is sacred and a beautiful gift that must be respected. Unfortunately some beings have not been able to manifest this realization and they have been the cause for much of the universal discord, fear anxiety and destruction on our world.

The world’s societies and political and financial structures that have been corrupted by forces of greed, lust for power, hostile intent, and malicious manipulation are being orchestrated by very sophisticated beings, principalities, and powers. Most of these forces are unknown and unseen by the world at large. They are so far advanced technologically and they have hidden themselves so well that understanding what has been the real situation is nearly impossible for the average individual to discern. We have been easily manipulated, and the nature of the dastardly plans includes genocide and destruction of life upon our world. Imagine someone with a Master’s degree in child psychology manipulating an innocent child of four, and you will have some idea of the cunning nature of these selfish individuals.

These reprehensible beings have exercised their will against the very fabric of light and life for long enough. Now, they need to be arrested and stopped. The center of creation itself has decreed that they must be removed from positions of influence to receive healing and to understand the deep consequences of their actions so that the suffering of life on our world can come to an end.

Just as we have criminals who make hostile takeovers on turf wars on earth, the same thing has happened on a planetary level throughout the history of our galaxy. Our planet was involved in an invasion many thousands of years ago. The result has been ongoing genetic manipulation, implantation technologies and mind control via a very sophisticated technology of which we have been unaware.

We have been controlled and manipulated by what some call “The dark side”. Most people have relegated these advanced manipulations that are the cause of myth and many of the more convoluted histories to fantasy. There are different levels to this hostile force but on earth their agents could be called The Cabal.

We have always been responsible for our actions but the influence to distort our consciousness has been a formidable foe. In fact this negative mental virus dominates most of the world. We are now at the crossroads and an end must come to this tyranny and the attempt to enslave our planet.

To make things simple we will not designate the cabal as ET or human they are simply selfish criminals guilty of crimes against humanity. This site has provided numerous links to other sources to provide ample evidence for these indictments of genocide, genetic, manipulation, murder, theft, racketeering, treason, mind control, genocide, genetic altering, poisoning of Water. Air, Food to name a few. The list is too long and too depressing to detail here but we have links.

This will come as a shock to many but there are members of the worlds military and intelligence agencies that have been involved in on going interactions with ET races for over 60 years. These ET interactions are not limited to governmental agencies in fact the open minded elite intelligentsia of the worlds science technological vocations have been physically contacted or communicated with as well. Many of these interactions have been very benevolent, positive and even highly spiritual in nature.

There are many members of regular civilian population and society who also have been having informational exchanges of varying degrees with our brothers and sisters or space family. Unfortunately not all contacts have been of a positive nature and this has led to much confusion. This confusion must end.

To insure the planetary liberation process the benevolent forces of ET Races have been making plans with various elite corps of earth based military and law enforcement personnel to insure the joint action of arrest of these criminal conspirators. These plans are quite detailed and they have made every allowance for every contingency to insure non-violent arrests and total victory.

The plan of action has been to amass enough evidence to arrest these criminals. The evidence has been in hand for decades in but these criminals are in control the worlds media and military forces as well as the financial institutions and many other key aspects of our societal structure as well. These individuals and their secret societies are deeply involved in the politics and literally control the worlds view by manipulation. The arrests of these individuals has been a long slow and arduous task and the worlds peoples owe a great debt to the brave individuals who have had to remain hidden to see that justice is restored to our planet.

There are very wise beings and spiritual forces who have been promising for a very long time that the curtain will come down on the travesty which is the tyrannical exploitation of an entire planet and all of its life streams. This promise is soon to be realized as ET races will soon coordinate the plan for the liberation of our world, The Agarthan Network, The RM and the earth based ground crew populace will also be very involved in these physical arrests.

Unbeknownst to many there have been major battles inside the earths crust caverns and in outer space as well. This has been kept secret for various reasons and both sides have their reasons for keeping this under wraps. The time for secrecy is over and the truth must be revealed.

There are advanced technologies which can influence and control human emotions and feelings in a powerful way. These have been and are being used against the average unaware human to his detriment. We earth humans as it now stands are not capable of overcoming these technologies at our current level of development and therefore we are being aided by benevolent forces who can match and neutralize these advanced technologies all at once.

Before the actual arrests can take place various elements of the electronic fence and implant matrix which manipulates the human consciousness field must be bought down. This aspect of the preparations is currently in progress and must be completed before the final enforcement actions are enacted. This will take time and no man or angel knows the hour it will happen when it happens and most likely will come like a thief in the night.

We of prepare for change have great faith that what is known as the Compression Breakthrough will occur in the not too distant future however patience is key to remaining stable as we prepare to be of service to our fellow man who for the most part will have no idea exactly what is taking place.

This general apathy and drowsy malaise which is firmly embedded in the human population is now being dispelled by awake and aware individuals who are stepping into their truth and declaring their support for the light forces. This is the purpose of this website, to awaken people to the immanent changes so they are not caught unaware. The more people who know what is transpiring and are active in supporting the Event in a peaceful way the better off the planet will be. The smoother the transition the quicker we can partake in greater revelations.

One of the main plans for the event to be successful is to disable the central banking system, which is the root of the manipulation, and control system on planet earth. There have been tests in this vital aspect of the Events implementation and they have been successful. It is unfortunate but necessary that the worlds population will be somewhat disrupted by the closing of the worlds banking system but this is necessary to cripple the criminals to insure they cannot continue to wreak havoc at the time of the event.

The ET forces have very advanced technologies and they will act as the eyes and ears for the worlds police forces during the actual arrests. This will insure a minimal amount of violence takes place and insure the safety of the police forces.

All in all thousands of years of preparation have been involved in making the way for this planetary liberation process and it is important that you who read these words know and respect the wisdom behind the patience to insure our success. The delays are necessary as this is a fluid model of interaction and the human element comes into play. Rest assured all haste is being made to end the suffering artificially created on our planet.

Research the links here on this website if you doubt the criminal activity. Research the mountains of evidence of extra terrestrial life. Do not look for evidence in your mafia controlled mainstream media as this is controlled by the puppet masters and is designed to confuse and mislead you.

Make no mistakes where you stand we cannot serve ignorance superstition and fear any longer. The whole truth is here and it is setting us free but we must take its hand. The Event is a righteous and just cause and will take place as planned. Please be prepared and think about the information we have shared here and see if there are any other suggestions you might have to prepare for this momentous period.

What Can You Do “Before the EVENT”

We are about to enjoy both a non-violent liberation of the planet along with a bright and beautiful future for ALL of humanity.

Since we do not know the exact day, month, or year of the event it would be wise to follow a few simple rules of precaution:

  1. Keep an extra 2 weeks of food and water on hand starting now.
  2. Make sure you and your loved ones have an up to date supply of any medicines that might be required.
    Keep extra cash hidden away at your home.
  3. Gas up your vehicle when the tank is 1/2 empty.
  4. Stay in touch with this website for updates.
  5. Educate yourself, friends and family members.
  6. Get together in groups each Sunday and do the Planetary Liberation Meditation and focus on bringing in The Divine Goddess Energy. Info on
  7. Be sure to remain calm and centered and to encourage others to do the same they will be looking for answers and you will be able to help them so study and prepare yourself to be of service.


The Event will be a moment of breakthrough for the planet which will be physical and non physical planes.

On the non physical plane:

There will be a big wave or flash of Divine energy and light coming from the Galactic Central sun (which is called Alohae in the Pleiadean language) going towards the surface of the planet. It will be a flash or special kind of light from the Sun that permeates the earth and humanity. It will calm humanity in the light of love energy and end duality. It’s a magnificent energy not seen or felt before on earth. Everyone on earth will feel and know something has happened. It will be a surprise as to when it will happen, even for us. It’s never happened before.

It may be a major shock to some but for those who are aware of the event, it will be recognized as positive change whose time has come. This divine flash will trigger spiritual forces, Extra Terrestrials, Agarthan Network Peoples and the Planet X and Earth based Resistance Movement to begin to put long awaited plans into action. These plans are the enforcement of what is know as the Galactic Codex (Galatic Codex).

Motherships will move into the earths atmosphere invisibly to raise the vibrations of the earths atmosphere and to help the populace acclimatize their consciousness fields as the electronic fence matrix is bought down once and for all time. They will not reveal or announce themselves publicly for quite some time although there will be increased physical sightings to prepare the world to accept their presence.

On the physical plane there will be:

  • The earths military and police forces will move into action to insure there is no rioting and to safe guard vital infrastructure from false flag cabal attacks designed to create panic and fear based reactions.
  • The arrest of the Cabal members who have led the way will be the most significant part of the event.
  • The res-set of the Financial Systems / the entire central banking system and all banks computers will be shut down and will not be able to be bought online, so all banks will close until further notice.
  • The main media stations will be taken over by civil authorities who will remove censors and cabal based programs and agendas.
  • Disclosure – The release of secret documents and events including ET information will begin some time after the actual event. Many of the world mysteries will be revealed / who killed Kennedy / CIA drug dealing / the true the forces behind all the world wars / ongoing depopulation agendas / HAARP / vaccinations / Secret space Program / Mind Control / financial crimes and many many things that will shock many people!
  • The beginning of a new fair financial system with prosperity funds and worldwide trusts for healing the planet will eventually be implemented.
  • NEW Government / Political system, Education system, Health care system, History lessons, etc. etc. Awakening of humanity slowly and gradually to the existence of positive non-terrestrial races and our galactic connections.
  • Introduction of new advanced technology.
  • The Techniques for spiritual growth will be shared as we learn who we are where we come from. We will discern our unique purpose and our life’s path will reveal itself to us individually.
  • There will be artifacts bought forward from ancient repositories revealing the truth of man interaction with ETs in our recent history. We will understand our cosmic heritage. Ancient sites will unearth space ships from our past and we will have physical proof of ancient technologies.
  • There will be a host of advanced healing technologies released which have been suppressed to keep the Cabal rich and you in suffering. Eventually the present medical system will alter radically in the light of more advanced forms of treatment.
  • Free energy devices will be available for your home and car and an end to fossil fuels and other toxic technologies.
  • Eventually public trials to expose what has been going on to insure a mass catharsis of healing and eventual forgiveness / criminals will get desperately needed healing and counseling for their distorted minds.

Keep in mind the details that are given here are most likely NOT an exact description of everything that may happen. However these are the basic plans, as it is understood at this time. It is indicated that certain aspects of this plan will be enacted. Human freewill plays a central part in this process and the enactment of the plans will be a fluid model that may change hourly to be determined by the progress we make during the event.

This EVENT is not intended to be an Earth type revolution where there are risks taken to innocent people’s lives. It is for this reason that we are called to service to insure a peaceful transition. This massive action demands the type of precision that only The Godhead Him/Herself can decide upon.

It is time now for everyone on this planet to understand that this future coming changes are NOT in the hands of some mad people who might make wrong decisions that might lead to bloodshed.

The coming Event will NOT be a bloody revolution. The Event itself is a lawful enforcement of existing planetary laws. Furthermore this is also an enforcement of the Galactic Codex. On the day of the Event the entire world will be informed that there is now, Peace on Earth, and a return to freedom for the peoples of Earth.

We will all need to remain calm and to support this transition process to a non-violent and peaceful society. We will need all the help we can get, from people all over the world to insure our success. The world’s current political leadership most likely knows nothing about the intended changes at this time. Very few of the worlds major political criminals and players will still be in positions of influence after the event. So we must realize the real changes will come from concerned citizens like us who are committed to finding solutions. After finding answers to the worlds problems we must follow up with actions to manifest the changes in the New society.

Be aware, the changes that will come will be fast and powerful. Though much of the long-range plans will be implemented gradually, many things, such as the media stations will be liberated immediately. This will smooth things over and calm people around the world. For the most part, white hat civil authorities will be given prepared and responsible guidance to leadership and this applies also to the general population. This will be through existing forms of media. Newspapers, television, radio, and some websites will be the most effective and comprehensive source of knowledge about what is transpiring.

We must support and reinforce these peaceful directives as firmly and as confidently as possible. Rest assured, the people are generally peaceful and well intentioned. Keep in mind the reasons for the EVENT will not be known by 90% of the world”s people. Nor will they have any idea what is transpiring or why.

emergency broadcastThe television will reveal the truth to them over time, because the forces of light will control the satellites and the communication systems.

The few media moguls who secretly own all of the world major media and are in charge of systematic mind control (such as, Murdoch, the Rockefellers and the Rothschild’s) will either be arrested or rendered impotent. Their censors will be removed as civil authorities will be directed to insure the dissemination of truth from the time of THE EVENT until forevermore. The cabal-controlled, script reading, MK Ultra victims also know as talking heads will be replaced by responsible reporters. The satellites will be in control of the Resistance Movement and other supporting forces.

The media will give us an honest detailed report of what is going very soon after the arrest process begins. This will hopefully calm the populace and insure people are getting the information necessary to help them and their families.

After The EVENT

The actual arrests of Cabal members is intended to take no more than 72 hours on world wide action and enforcement sweep. However the human element will come into play and the initial arrests may take longer. Still the entire process is expected to last no more than 2 weeks. There may be ongoing arrests of smaller fish in the months that follow!

During this 2-week time period the banks will have been closed. Hopefully at this time the media will have been releasing massive amounts of evidence of the far ranging criminal actions promulgated by those major players, both known and unknown to the public eye. This will be a relief for many and riveting news for all. Overall this be a strong cause and impetus for change.

What will come next is up to humanity as a whole. How fast and how well humanity adapts to the revelations on the world stage in regards to the arrests of these criminals will determine the next stage of our planets growth. There will most certainly be a process of denial, shock and anger over what has been going on. Acts of revenge and violence or acting out will not be tolerated. We hope our group will be instrumental in educating the populace and preventing fear based reactions and hostile actions by those in their communities!

Victory of the Light.

Rob Potter

Edited by Dr. Ilya Perlingieri (biography)

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377 thoughts on “Background of the Event”

  1. Hi Rob
    Thank you to you and your team. this summary of our present situation will be most useful as a first reference to point people to.

    It may also be the time for all of us to send out to our friends/

    So what if they think we have lost the plot, At least they have been warned and they will know who to go to “when push comes to shove”1


  2. There are no benevolent forces of ET Races on the planet now. The Allies of Humanity ( make this very clear. Let me repeat, there are no benevolent forces of ETs on the planet today. They all have an agenda for control of this planet. Some want it to be a living hell, others will want to make it a cage with golden bars. Either way, any ET intervening on the planet today is here to make us weaker – not stronger. Our real allies would never interfere because they understand how difficult and rare freedom is in the universe, and it must be earned.

    Read the Allies briefings (1 and 2) for free:

    • Mark,
      I must emphatically state you are incorrect. There are benevolent ET’s on this planet. I have been fortunate enought to meet several of them. In fact your viewpoint is understandstandable with no real experience and only “stories” from the internet and books on which to base your opinion.
      The purpose of this site and many others is to lend confidence and support to those who have ears to hear. In the very near future it is hoped that the long awaited for explantions and evidence of our space family will be finally shared with the beleaguered and suffering fellowman.
      in the mean time I encourage you to have even more patience as the divine plan unfolds. When the curtain comes down we wil all recognize the error of our thinking. this is not to punish us our to make us wrong it is to uplift and fulfill our destiny. We have earned this truth the whole truth and it shall set us free from dogma , ingnorance and supertion and fear.
      Merry Xmas

    • M,
      ps I read this article and the website it is sorely lacking in many respects in my opinion. Fist this is channeled information and therefore subject to a temendous amount of personal filtration and is therefore subject to many innaccuracies either by error or design.
      All must decide for themselves. This article has some revelant truth with many unfounded assumptions based on a materialistic viewpoint skewed by consciousness enmeshed in a distorted false reality. Unfortunately such is the still the case on planet earth today.
      Discernment is neccessary everywhere and on this site as well. Your questioning and interest is appreciated.
      Rob Potter

      • You state that there are benevolent forces at work, yet in your article you state that these forces are so far beyond our understanding. Is it therefore possible that malevolent forces could deceive you into thinking they are benevolent in nature? I feel this is possible, and in fact likely.

        I noticed you make many references to the Bible within your article, though I believe you are mistaken in your interpretation. Malevolent forces are at work in this world, to end the current system under the guise of liberating humanity. But truly I say to you, they are working towards a new system of control to enslave humanity.

        I know this because the King of Kings, and The Lord of Lords has granted me this wisdom, and the forces of this world that seek to afflict this world will surely bow and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

        Peace to you, and may The Lord grant you the wisdom to not be deceive by the forces of this world.

        • Warrior,
I am good with whom you refer to as the king of kings. His kingdom is not of this world it is of spirit. He told me “No Cross No Crown second time around”. I feel my interpretation of the bible is I n the learning phases and I am comfortable with my present understanding. You are naturally free to disagree. Thank you for doing so politely. Hating trolls with emotionally charged cuss words and pure evil intent will not see their posts on this site!
          I am just wondering from viewpoint don’t you think the malevolent forces have had enough time and influence on our world. If there are Angels or “messengers” (which is what angels means) and we can entertain them unawares does it not make sense that they are the dwellers in the other mansions of which the father has many? If not now when does gods plan of redemption for our world begin. Will you be part of it can you spread the good news? 
Can we share the “Way” together? The way is the simple message of Christ
1. We are all spirit born children of a living loving god. 
2. It is only by faith in this realization and loving service to our brothers and sisters that this kingdom of spirit can be realized within each other’s hearts. 
3. Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.
          Look I cannot go with the vicarious atonement that Jesus died for our sins. Do you really think just saying, “I accept “Christ as my Savior” is all there is to living a spiritual life? There is more than that on the path of spirit and knowing. By realizing that god or Christ is within you as your true nature is what is meant when he said no one gets into the kingdom except through me! Christ was not about a personality cult to worship an individual being no matter how evolved or close to gods will he walked. In fact he came to tear down false teachings and religions and to declare that all men gentile or Jew of any race creed and color are children of god. When we fail to grasp this we judge others! This is exactly what the false powers want is limitation and feeling of arrogance and superiority over others. This “Religious” view is insidious in that it feeds the ego and lets one have a feeling of specialness that you and those that believe your narrow way are the “only’ or chosen ones.
          The chosen ones choose themselves by their right actions words and deeds to do good and to love their neighbors as themselves. Loving beings do not judge. 
Christ died because some powerful bad guys plotted to take his life. He could have overcome this as these things were revealed to him before hand but he consciously drank of that cup as it was revealed to him, as gods will. It was his absolute faith in the fathers would that made him the shining example for us to follow. His message of eternal life became known in a dramatic way though this superhuman act of courage and power. I say power because he knew he had the power to lay down his toga of flesh and to take up a garment of living light to lead men into the truth of gods love for us all.
          This drama was forced to be unfolded in this way because our planet was under quarantine from the “principalities and powers” that highjacked aspects of the fathers plan on the material worlds. HIs “Death” is Pushed so much by religions the image of him on the cross suffering is Satan’s greatest hour (or so Satan thought) but it is this message which is expounded upon so loudly. The resurrection and transfiguration were the true triumphs of his ministry. Satan is a being who was a high being in the ministration of the material worlds. We are not aware of these things at this time but soon the other half of the story is to be told.
          We think we know something and then we realize we know nothing at all. We are not working towards enslavement of humanity on this site at all. It is laughable we are a group of individuals who are seeking truth and love and the liberation of our planets political and societal infrastructure from some un holy iniquitous beings who are knowing acting against the universal laws of gods creation.
          May the kingdom come quickly
          Rob Potter

  3. I completely understand Kevin’s comment . His anxieties are mine. In fact, I feel strange in the midst of everything since long ago. I am now a successful professional, my family is wonderful, but I ‘ve learned to hide my real views of reality. From back there, nearly 50 years ago, in my childhood, when I used to wake up, almost everty night, feeling punched in my chest, coming from a place that today, reading the many posts, I guess maybe it was a spaceship, with so much light , dear friends urging me to get down into that darkness.

    With time, I learned that I should not open myself to anybody, I should not talk about that sense of urgency that I had for so many years. I adapted to this world and I feel that part of me fell asleep since then. Now, having found the messages from Cobra, this reality that resonates so deeply in me, I’m afraid to talk to others. Where I live, I do not see anybody openminded about it all.

    And, so strange, I’ve been waking up, some nights, with a song in my head – ” An Innocent Man ” by Billy Joel (lyrics down here) . I haven’t heard this song for years. Felt like sharing with you guys.


    Some people stay far away from the door
    If there’s a chance of it opening up
    They hear a voice in the hall outside
    And hope that it just passes by

    Some people live with the fear of a touch
    And the anger of having been a fool
    They will not listen to anyone
    So nobody tells them a lie

    I know you’re only protecting yourself
    I know you’re thinking of somebody else
    Someone who hurt you
    But I’m not above
    Making up for the love
    You’ve been denying you could ever feel
    I’m not above doing anything
    To restore your faith if I can
    Some people see through the eyes of the old
    Before they ever get a look at the young
    I’m only willing to hear you cry
    Because I am an innocent man
    I am an innocent man
    Oh yes I am

    Some people say they will never believe
    Another promise they hear in the dark
    Because they only remember too well
    They heard somebody tell them before

    Some people sleep all alone every night
    Instead of taking a lover to bed
    Some people find that it’s easier to hate
    Than to wait anymore

    I know you don’t want to hear what I say
    I know you’re gonna keep turning away
    But I’ve been there and if I can survive
    I can keep you alive
    I’m not above going through it again
    I’ve not above being cool for a while
    If you’re cruel to me I’ll understand

    Some people run from a possible fight
    Some people figure they can never win
    And although this is a fight I can lose
    The accused is an innocent man
    I am an innocent man
    Oh yes I am
    An innocent man

    You know you only hurt yourself out of spite
    I guess you’d rather be a martyr tonight
    That’s your decision
    But I’m not below
    Anybody I know
    If there’s a chance of resurrecting a love
    I’m not above going back to the start
    To find out where the heartache began

    Some people hope for a miracle cure
    Some people just accept the world as it is
    But I’m not willing to lay down and die
    Because I am an innocent man

    I am an innocent man
    Oh yes I am
    An innocent man

  4. The Event is long past due. Mario has waited his 15 years and is tired of the waiting. I have waited over 50 years and am also tired of the waiting. I see so many innocent People who have died and are dieing because the Event has not yet occured. I know that this life is just an allusion and I have lived many lives before. I am absolutely tired of loosing my life in cabal manipulated wars and conflicts. I am tired of being reborn in a rigged System and being sent to Schools designed to manipulate and train one to be a goog cabal slave! I AM! I AM FREE! I AM TIRED OF BEING ALONE! I WANT ALL HUMANITY TO KNOW THEY ARE FREE! I WANT TO PROSPER WITH ALL OTHERS ON THIS PLANET! Hang in there is not an acceptible answer. THE TIME IS NOW! THERE IS ONLY NOW! LET THE EVENT BE NOW!
    NAMASTE, Gentle Seed (Kevin)

  5. Benjamin Fulford and CoBra, what are the real intentions of the rulers of the planet ? yet I see that publications only mess with the ego of people waiting planetary economic reform , I feel at a chessboard , oras a few countries are hit and others create new sanctions , we the people of the planet are the pawns you move in by emotion and dubious information . While this is something bigger behind this gambling , demonstrations in all countries for whatever reason (they are all orchestrated ) fight for a crock and lose a ton , the rulers take advantage of this disorder to do what they can spend entender.É reality for us . Where are the aliens . We’re on the BASEL III , a vague statement of less than 1 minute , nothing explained , allegations of rich countries providing chemical and nuclear weapons and other emerging countries , this seems to me to frame internal conflicts and justify intervention , the list goes on . The planet want peace , all the money in the world can buy this, buy only the interests of large companies . Stir our ego and are playing in a side to side . WHAT REALLY WANT WITH IT.

    * Benjamin Fulford Update 12:10:13 Wed , December 11, 2013

    Thus , the likely interpretation for this is that the U.S. government is showing itself to be under Asian influence as the passive partner, but he is strong and ready to sacrifice human lives , if necessary .

    • Casey,
      Fulford will not answer here most likely not cobra either. So it seems you have figured out the intentions of the alleged rulers of this planet the real force the runs creation itsself has another plan. Get ready to watch the shift of the ages unfold before your eyes. something beautiful is about to happen.. hang in there stay positve remember love is the answer.

  6. i saw a post from cobra that said that the galactic federation of light was negociating with the Cabal, because they probably threatened to use nuclear weapons, if the federation came immediately. That is probably the reason why this is taking so long to happen. But even knowing that i cant help but to worry, because i cant spend a single day in this madness anymore. IM TIRED OF WAITING!!! i saw a couple of channeled messages from the galactic federation of light, and in all of them they say “you dont have to worry anymore” or “the moment of liberation is almost here”, but for what i know, they dont have a sense of linear time like we do, so “almost” could mean another 5 or 10 years! I really hope the event will happen soon, but if takes too long i dont know what im going to do! I know that there are people in worst situations than mine, and that im only 15 years old, but still I CANT WAIT ANYMOOOOORE!!

    • Hallo Mario) you should check out )
      This is a man who has worked as a Chaplin for the elite over a 3 year period in wich he tied strong connections to a couple of them and he receives inside information about the global financial collapse… He just got Word 21. November 2013 that the elite are planning something big in the financial scheme within 3 months!
      Really hope this is true!! I to am tired of waiting!!! Things are escalating rapidly now! Much love from Norway!!

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  8. I understand that NO one can truly know when the event will happen But this is taking WAY to Long, I understand that it takes time and patience But with all the bullshit going on planet earth I just cant take it anymore, its getting way to hard to find a job and its been very stressful for everyone in my family, where almost ready to live on the streets for how bullshit life is. Sometimes I feel like this event Will never happen >:(
    how much longer can the world be so stressed out for and under slavery for ? the world is getting more and more depressed every day and no one cares

    • Loreli,
      dont worry murders and rapists will not be let out until they have healed. this was clear in the post. said most criminals will be let out immediately. Non violent offenders victimless crimes etc.
      Rob Potter

      • I have a questions that needs and answer if you will Rob.I know the light workers have talked about nuclear disarmament,and other military weapons after the event.

        But what about regular homeowners,and their rights to own fire arms.This is particularly treasured in the United States.After the event will private gun ownership be allowed at all?

        Or will it be a gradual process where they wean humans off their subconscious fears and needs of firearms during the past era’s?
        Seems like guns would seem rather out of place in the new age doesn’t it?

        • Read this entire article carefully it is not an endorsement to violence or weapons for anything other than self defense. To answer your question my feeling is as you suggest people will be weaned off of weapons and violence. Most people cannot concieve of what will happen as we transform our world with truth and healing but weapons will hopefully soon become a thing of the past.
          The 2nd Amendment VS. Gun Control

          The purpose of the 2nd amendment is to keep THE GOVERNMENT HONEST AND TO PROTECT THE PEOPLE FROM TYRANNY! The intent. Idea and purpose of the founding fathers for establishing the second amendment WAS AND STILL is to insure the right of “We the People” to stand strong against subjugation by force.

          History has shown that those who control the to military and police forces through law or office and wield the power to control of technology and weapons can and do abuse that power against the innocent for profit or power. The founding fathers of the USA by creating the second amendment, and securing the peoples right to bare arms and protect their persons against criminals; have done us a great service. These criminals take many forms whether they be a traditional robbers or self appointed “Divine” rulers or kings, of ye olden days or the out of control government edifices like the ones that exist all over the planet today.

          In any case the results of misuse of firearms are violent actions on the innocent. This is a horrific and unnecessary fact of life that will not be solved by restricting the publics right to bare arms. The so far successful plan of instilling fear and intimidation into the public by institutions of authority like an aggressive police state has effectively forced compliance with unnecessary laws that are unethical and enrich the elite and support a corrupt power structure and must be stopped.

          Unfortunately even today in our modern world in many places pandemic addictions to greed and power is ignorantly fed by those who consent to be governed to those who violate the public’s sacred trust. This type of tyranny is still accepted and institutionalized to humanities detriment. The one barrier in the United States to a complete police state and tyranny is the second amendment. Another force for good is an awakened public utilizing the first amendments freedom of speech and freedom of the press to say whatever they want.

          It must be revealed that there exists a plot and a conspiracy to consolidate power of the entire world into a police state where the unlawful corporate sponsored fascist oligarchy of elitists criminals control all of the worlds weaponry. These bribed and weak individuals willfully enacting this plot are some of who may accurately be called violent sociopaths. They are now functioning in a the bureaucratic matrix once called “The United States of America” and many other nation states. This group has methodically over years sought to undermine and revoke the constitutions and natural social contracts they have been sworn to uphold.

          It must be accepted that through out history men have schemed to dominate and control others by force to enslave the wills of the oppressed. Modern day horrors like those in the infamous killing fields of Cambodia and the Serbian Croatian Ethnic cleansing and the alleged war against terror promoted by the USA are evidence of man lack of spiritual development and an indictment of the moral character of humanity worldwide. The implementation of these genocidal plots has resulted in millions of deaths.

          The selfish sociopaths we see today in public office are very organized and are repeatedly manipulated into promoting and seeking to remove the right of purchasing automatic weapons from the general population. The reason for this is to establish total control of the people. This will not and cannot be realistically achieved against a well-informed and well-armed public.

          Secret programs have been instigated to create a public perception of the need to ban the general public from exercising their right to possess firearms. These programs include false flag attacks on schools, movie theaters, eating establishments and other locations using Manchurian Candidates specifically trained to be patsy’s sacrificed to promote a vital step in the agenda of The New World Order.

          The more general mind control program and censoring of truth that is in place on almost all television and news corporations is something that must also be arrested soon. Most media is owned and controlled primarily through the Rockefeller/Rothschild international cartels. The main agenda being to being pushed by the few via these cartels is too disarm the general public so that their control is overwhelming and complete. The spin of public opinion in the world’s media by talking heads, promulgated on the people is to convince the ignorant that current gun control laws cause a clear present danger to society in general. This is a false reality that I seek to expose.

          We must not give up our rights to be safe. The argument that only criminal need guns is repeated and forcibly presented to the public for consumption via deceptive press reports. Guns are instruments of destruction and should only be used, as a last resort to defend oneself is my personal and firm conviction. However until society can evolve to the point of peace harmony and understanding and a commitment to non-violent resolution of conflicts it seems humanity must protect itself from each other.

          As sad as this state of affairs we witness in the world at large today is, we cannot allow “The State” or the military controlled by governments run by a few corrupt people to be the only ones to who have the right to own and control guns. This leaves open the door to absolute power and corruption and even genocide as is evidenced repeatedly through out the last 100 years.

          This door must remain closed by a vigilant public awareness of the importance of exercising this right to protect one self responsibly and lawfully. The second amendment and the power it represents is to be equally held by all citizens. The abuse of this right by irresponsible citizens must be accepted as the bitter price to be paid vs the alternative of this power being given to a select few regardless of how trustworthy or well intended they claim to be.

          This video is a powerful statement of hope to the general public that these oath keepers and Sheriffs are strong enough to declare to the elitists that their agendas and violations of public trust will not be tolerated.

          I support the intent of liberty that the second amendment represents. Peace and non-violence must be our ultimate goal but the protection of the innocent and the protection of liberty for people the world over is more important than the restriction of peoples right to bare arms. Especially when criminals are harming the innocent. Natural law and instinct dictates the lawful arrest of those who harm others and the right to protect oneself.

          I pray for the day when this planet can be healed and responsible enough to dispose of all weapons and to convert these resources to plowshares. May this day come quickly and peacefully!

          Respectfully Shared
          Rob Potter

          • The 2nd ammendment was put in place to give humanity TIME to wake up. 2nd was to just buy some time is all… it is not a means to an End.

            The 2nd is a means to an end, which is to prevent violence, in time for ‘The Event’.

  9. message of the fourth dimensional sphere for this time of solar flares and change the world.
    in the following link: open with I.Explorer

  10. Quando se fala em estoca comida por 15 dias, gera medo, e isto apenas alimenta a força oposta. Pensem bem, cuidado com as publicações.

    Grande Fraternidade Branca

  11. You’re so interesting! I do not think I have read something like this before.
    So good to discover somebody with some unique thoughts on this topic.
    Seriously.. many thanks for starting this up. This site is something that’s needed on the web,
    someone with a little originality!

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  15. Hi all, as another newbie to this site, I am reticent about going vegetarian. I don’t agree with having to give up meat as a source of my diet to be a supporter of The Event. I agree with all the other changes mentioned, but I wont give up meat. I think many others like me wont give it up either and we wont be banished to some sort of limbo. I think there is a great duplicity in trying to make carnivores feel like a sub-species. Thank you.

    • Trevor you do whats best for you and if that time comes maybe there will be things in place to help with that.Or maybe your body will change by then and you might feel different! I wouldn’t worry to much about it.

  16. Hi all, as another newbie to this site, I am reticent about going vegetarian. I don’t agree with having to give up meat as a source of my diet to be a supporter of The Event. I agree with all the other changes mentioned, but I wont give up meat. I think many others like me wont give it up either and we wont be banished to some sort of limbo. Stop trying to make carnivores a sub-species.

  17. You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this matter to be really something that I think I would never understand.

    It seems too complicated and very broad for me.

    I am looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!

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  19. Remember when you are put, you will definitely spot the turning food selection is very constrained, however handful of options that exist will be excellent together with completely amazing. If on the market, consider typically the sauerbraten, your French pan beef roasts. Often, have fun with the leberkaese, a form of Bavarian meatloaf.

  20. Looks like a dimensional shift to a parallel earth; although they are not calling it that.
    That’s what happens when a large number of beings create a vibrational match to a higher vibrating octave.

    David Wilcock mentions that he was greatly influenced by The Book Of Ra. These beings call this The Harvesting.

  21. Looks like a dimensional shift to a parallel earth; although they are not calling it that.
    That’s what happens when a large number of beings create a vibrational match to a higher vibrating octave.

    In the Book of Ra, this time is called The Harvesting. David Wilcock knows about this.

  22. Greetings from a newbie to the post. I’m rather new to the site, but I definitely love it and want to be active in its mission. As I understand it, the mission is for people who are aware of the pending Change and Event to organize to help the people who don’t know what’s coming. I’ve been having difficulty in organizing a local support group, but I have also been brainstorming on how exactly my support group can rally and assist people unaware and Earth/Gaia in the Change and Event. It occurs to me that a support group would have two types of support to offer. One is the group meditations and similar activities for people who already have an understanding of the ‘nature of Creation’. But there is a vast group of people who remain stuck in the Abrahamic religions and all the rest of the social control mechanisms who will need more support in making the transition.

    I believe we can accomplish the Prepare for Change mission for both ‘types’ of people through a Campaign for Unity. Earth/Gaia needs a hand up not a hand-out from the rest of the Universe. Until we are able to unify as a group consciousness, our efforts to evolve towards Unity will remain scattered. We must unify our path to Unity in whatever available means we can find. By banding the two ‘types’ of support people into a common goal and effort towards Unity, the unaware people will gain the much needed exposure to the wonderful truths of Creation. A Campaign for Unity can accomplish several common goals. Here is the basic reasoning that guided me to this conclusion.

    As we enter this time of change, our best tool for a return to a comfortable society is to embrace change and harness the opportunity to implement change. It will be all too tempting for us to repair/rebuild the existing social systems, or at least the way they existed in 2007 or 2000 or 1990. We must kill that temptation to conform to a reaction based in memory. We must take a path of action to create a better system/society via intuition. Even if we are thrust into a higher state of being, the task of unifying the human society remains.

    Our future lies in the shining brilliance of Universal Love. We need to allow our efforts and ideas to be drawn towards the embrace of Unity. We need to strive to substitute Unity for division in all of our social designs.

    This effort must begin within the individual as a commitment resulting from reflection, connection, inspiration, visualization and realization. The Event offers the chance for Earth Consciousness to harmonize with the Universal draw towards Unity. We must begin NOW to nurture and grow our society’s desire and attitude of service to others, where those who have something to offer provide it for those who need. Those social constructs not currently aligned with evolution to Unity must be personally eliminated – beginning today.

    Today, too many social institutions behave as bullies with regard to providing any service to the people they were formed to assist: HOAs, charitable organizations, PTAs, religious entities, etc. HOAs were originally formed for the common area maintenance of condominium complexes, where each condo owner shared in a portion of the responsibility of maintenance. Over time, HOAs have become a standard component of every housing subdivision/development, along with the introduction of common areas and rules governing how residents may and may not customize their homes. This is oppressive to free will and needs to be eliminated – TODAY. Many charitable institutions are in operation that purport to take contributions and, in turn, provide a service to people (or animals) who need. A closer look at all of these organizations reveals that from 80% to 90% of the donations they receive are consumed by the organization itself through it’s operations, which include huge expenditures for marketing and executives’ salaries and bonuses. The bigger harm perpetrated in these schemes is not so much the misrepresentation itself but the illusion it creates that the people in need are being serviced when they are not; the loving service that was offered to the people in need was hijacked and embezzled by the brokers who were simply supposed to bring the helpers and the helped together. This is blatant manipulation of others (the many) for the service of the self (the few) and needs to be eliminated – TODAY. HOAs & charitable organizations are only two examples of social systems run amok with greed, power-hunger and manipulation. A quick look around will show many of these types of social tumors to anyone who cares to identify them.

    The change we need and the Event we approach are screaming to us to remove these tumors from our society. The effort to free Earth/Gaia by the many illuminists, light workers, ETs, extra-density friends, White Hat Pentagon, White Dragon & Eastern Alliance doers (on and on) is truly a campaign of awe-inspiring, Universal Love, but it is largely missing a vital component that is intrinsic to the Universal mechanisms at work. EACH ‘Earthling’ must MAKE MANIFEST their CHOICE of polarity for their existence. Those who have chosen the polarity of loving service to others as their path to the Creator must stand and rigorously voice, defend and exemplify that choice. Stand in the HOA meeting, the run-for-the-cure gathering, the corporate meeting, the Sunday sermon – wherever we directly see behavior, policy, or law that swells with manipulation of the many for the service of the few – we MUST voice our recognition of that behavior and our choice to oppose it (along with our offer to assist in the changing of that behavior). People who have not yet made their choice of polarity will be quickly drawn to the light of the people who are exercising their polarity towards Unity. People who have chosen to polarize towards the self and the manipulation of others will quickly loose the strength they gain from that manipulation, once denied, and hopefully choose the path to Unity.

    We must recognize the vehicles of manipulation and eliminate them – TODAY. Cable (or satellite) TV began as pay TV with no commercials and has evolved into a monster of greed and manipulation. Not only has cable TV programing become full of commercials, it’s full of info-mercials and propaganda. If we subscribe to cable (or satellite) TV, we must cancel that ‘service’ – TODAY. We can use free broadcast TV, or we can then better spend that effort (money) by putting it towards faster internet service, hardware, on-line subscriptions, etc. where we can view the entertainment or information that we choose – TODAY. We need to stop consuming the regularly recurring technological breadcrumbs laid down to lead us through the path of marketing to the alter of ultimate consumerism – products that are ‘smarter than we are’. We can evaporate this cloud of manipulation over our society by simply refusing the “upgrade” – TODAY. Our jerk-knee response that these moves will be “bad for the economy” must be squashed. ‘The economy’ is the largest vehicle of manipulation used to cart us around the marketplace. By cutting off our payments for the use of the cart, we remove power from the manipulators and make manifest our choice of polarity towards Unity. We can then better spend that social effort developing and deploying the technology that promises to free us from manipulation – TODAY. If currency will truly not exist in our future society, then all the more impetus to begin change – TODAY.

    Post-Event, whether it brings sudden or gradual change, we will need to sweep through every corner of our existing social structure and remove that which does not contribute to the evolution towards Unity. We will be rewarded collectively if we begin individually – TODAY.

  23. Hi there, I discovered your web site by the use of Google even as looking for a related matter, your website got here up, it appears great. I’ve bookmarked it in my google bookmarks.

  24. Thought I would share this. Seems to be discusing the “event” in this.. for anyone interested.

  25. Guys, the best advise I believe one needs to heed is don’t panic. No one, and I mean no one, not even “cobra” knows exactly when this will take place and how it is going to look.

    This needs to happen so the whole world can get back to the way it’s supposed to be. However, remember, what you focus on is exactly what you are going to experience. Thus, if one chooses to focus on this event from a fear based place, that’s what that person will experience.

    As we continue through this sift in consciousness that is currently happening, new ways will become known and all of the old earth ways of doing things will no longer be used. This is already happening in some areas. So, do your best to be in joy and peace and know that all will be well once we get through this.


    • Hello George, the system will go down wherever you are whether in US, Spain, Africa, Norway.. you name it. Banks will shut down for one to two weeks in each and every country. So keep some good cash in your house and your pockets, inform as many people as you can about what is to transpire, get prepaired, stay present and peaceful and there’s nothing else you will need.

      All the Best to You 😉

      • Will paper money actually have any value during this time?Or would it better to maybe have some older coins with silver and gold around just in case.The part that scares the crap out of me is all of the people that have all their money in banks and pay with Debit,Credit etc.All of that will be useless during your event apparently.

        Also the enormous amounts of people that rely on food stamps,welfare,social security,etc will be a crises.In my part of the US Probably at least 70% of people are completely relying on these methods to survive.They say on average it takes about 3-5 days for true panic to set in come a SHTF event.

        This will supposedly go on nearly 2 weeks.I really do hope you will have that voucher system up and running,because lots of people are going to need it during this.

        I have bought 30 pounds of rice and a filter straw for every immediate household in my family.As well as a mineral/multivitamin.

        But in stocking up on diabetic supplies and other needed medicines for friends and family I am totally helpless.Most of them need more prescriptions to restock,and their price is higher than I can afford.

        If you want to keep casualties down and keep the peace that voucher system is going to be critical.Because I tell you that despite your optimism,the vast majority of people will thirst,starve,or go into withdrawals because they do not prep,nor keep tangible money handy.If I were you I would check and double check that voucher system.It may be manys lifeline.

        • Ritchie according to Cobra it would be wise to have some gold, silver or any other precious metals for the time of the Event. Nobody really know what will happen with everyday money.. but yeah it might be useless, might not… time will tell.

          Its great that you prepare yourself for the chnages ahead but please stop worrying so much about what is to come or how are all these people going to survive. It won’t be the end of the world, it will be just an Event… a two weeks Event to be more pricise, but an Event nevertheless.

          Regarding tha diabetic supplies, get as much as you can afford for your family or the people you take care of but that’s it. Hospital and pharmacies will be ready to help each and everyone in need as far as I know. Is that clear..?! Do your best in getting ready, but KEEPING YOU COOL is the SINGLE MOST important thing there is in such times, do you agree on this one.!?

          And nobody will starve or thirst, when such great Events take place history has proven that people come together supporting each other and taking care of anyone in need. So… all the best to you my friend and anyone else in this world.

          ~ PEACE ~

          • Thanks ascending energy and mike for your comforting words.Now on to something a little more exotic.

            I happened upon an old relic from the past yesterday


            The original heavens gate cult site from 1997 is still up and running,and was left as it.
            This is a piece of nostalgia and fascinated me because I was 14 when it happened.

            In retrospective with what I’ve heard now,I wonder what was up with these guys.They believed that they were in contact with aliens,and that their leader was jesus.

            If you remember the story they killed themselves because they thought their souls would ascend to the alien spacecraft that was supposedly follwing comet Hale Bopp in 1997.Most of the world just tjinks they were insane,but I think more was at work,

            What do you think?Deceived by archons,reptileans,greys or the other malevolent entities?

            I remember Cobra saying that the malevolent entities and the cabal were at the height of their power in the late 90’s.Wonder if the energy off Hale Bopp and/or this event had anything to do with that?

    • Yo G,
      sorry couldnt resist1 t
      The entire worlds central banking system and political infrastructure will be involved in massive changes. this is not a USA only Event.
      Rob Potter

    • George i just saw this post thank you .Other countries have similar taxes this will be removed as well. Most likely a purchase tax will be implemented world wide however this will be done gradually as we are exposed to the truth of how our worlds money system is built on lies and deciet and institutionalized theft.
      There is a plan that will take time to educate the worlds populace to get them to understand that it is a viable alternative. The time frame for this entire transition may take years to take place. It will not be forced or cause hardship. there may be some confusion and resistence at first but it will all be open honest just and transparent with no room for corruption.
      Rob Potter

  26. BTW, here is another good video that talks about human history.

    Feel free to share and as I always advise, PLEASE do your own research and learn what feels right to you.

  27. Gregory,
    I am not “saying” anything my friend. Simply sharing an answer to a question that was asked.

    I leave it up to the individual to research on their own and find out what feels right to them.

    Be well


  28. Beautiful.
    These are a few things that will be missed.

    judgement of people different than you
    being spied on
    being tracked
    ulawfull incarceration
    tyrants bragging that they own you triple and quadruple taxes
    death on every news program and movie
    GMO fake foods
    vaccines that create an early death
    fear mongering
    lies from our government
    the slaughter of innocent animals
    lying to our children in current curriculum
    clear cutting

    These are just a few.When we get the opportunity to stop these atrocities at that point we can focus our energy on our children.teaching them the power of love not the love of power!Show them how to embrace one another and how beautiful lifes truly is when something or someone is different.teaching them to grow food,and embrace our planet.I feel We are here to experience life in the physical.Experience our true selves.With all these distractions it makes it very difficult.Any help we get is a blessing and if the love I get from my guides and angels is any indication of whats to come I am all for it.These are feelings of mine and is in no way a statement of what needs to be.Thank you for allowing to share.

    • How about writting a simlar list with all the POSITIVE things that we will experience pretty soon…?!

      Attnetion Goes Energy Flows…! So instead of focusing on what you don’t like to experience… focus your attention

      on all the beautfiul things that we as humanity will experiene in the Imminent Furutre.

      AND MUCH MORE…!!! 😀

      Have Fun Kasey.*

      • How about about allowing people to be who they are and understand we all have our own experience.Not sure if you read far enough but ther was a second part to that.In order to move forward we must never forget who we used to be.But in time you will undrerstand that,and even in your judgement I still love no less than a sibling.Much love to you and your family.

        • What I know and what feels right for me on the path that I am on is that whatever I choose to focus on, be that fear based or love based, the universe will send more.

          This has been confirmed for me on several occasions. So, although at first glance of the comments above, it’s obvious that anyone seeing them would immediately “assume” that whoever posted them is totally focusing on the fear side of the path. However, has also been spoken to is the fact that we are all on our own path experiencing what we choose to.

          I would offer up this for all to ponder, what one focuses on, no matter what it is based in energetically, is exactly what one will drawn back to ones self.

          Universal law.

          Be in joy,

      • Sorry Mike I just realized my first post went threw.Im having many computer issues.that’s why I have two simualar comments in a row.So in my eyes I felt you were commenting on one post and felt maybe this wasn’t a safe forum.From your eyes I can see how two posts focused on the same subject in a row could have look like focusing on the negative!It was a misunderstanding. So Im hoping we could start over.Hi my name is Kasey and am happy to be here.If you could help me with any info on how to erase the first post that would be great.Thank you!

        • Hello Kasey, actually i don’t think we have to erase anything. Its not about you being negative, believe me. Many people focus on things they don’t wan’t so your previous comment may be a great reminder for them to focus on the bright side of life.

          If you still believe that your two previous comments along with my reply should be removed please let me know, and ill take care about it 😉

        • Don’t worry about it Kasey we all have computer issues. We are glad to have you even though some of the people on here have a hard time expressing that. Glad to see your awake! Namaste!

        • Kasey don’t be sorry to this guy. He obviously has problems with acceptance. Say what ever you like and don’t let this dictator tell you how to do things!

      • Every person deals with things in there own way. To tell someone how they should act or how to express there feelings is the same thing the Vatican does. I was under the impression this forum was about change! Mike why are you telling this guy Kasey how to think or how he needs to express his feelings? This is was a nice forum till I came to this part.

  29. Beautiful. NO MORE!!!! chemtrails,taxes,threats,constant death on the news and tv,war,tyrants telling you how they own you,over priced everything,oil,fake food,people making fun of things and people that are different han them,status and anything else that goes along with the love for power thought process.Instead we will have the power of love.Love cures all and eventually when we don’t have to think or worry about these other things we can concentrate on our childrens future.Teaching them how to respect one another.Showing them the true meaning of love.How to grow there own non gmo food.How to love animals because they are no different then us,and learning that God put us here to experience our true selves.Istead of the programmed like things are now.These are just a few of my own feelings with the help of my guides and angels!Wow what a beautiful opportunity!

  30. Hello Dane
    The comment is in response to all belief structures. That is everything we blindly believe, be it religion, philosophy or new age belief. Now examine what your mind believes to be true, how do you know this, from something you heard or read from someone else, or from an experience that happened to your mind, within the mind.
    If you didn’t know it the day you were born it cannot be the truth. This is Aviata Vedanta, and the principle of Zen. Its not a belief, its something we can all experience. All words denote concepts, as a baby you had no words to describe the world, your mind was pure, now the mind is full of concepts and words which limit and bind the mind to what is understood by it.
    This is known through me by experience.
    The mind can never know the truth. Mind is a function of memory and conditioning, it can never be totally in the present moment.
    When one is fully present, there is no mind with which to hold any ideas or beliefs. You must die psychologically unto yourself, become as a new born child. Then you have entered what people call the kingdom of heaven, but that is just a name, a concept. Names and concepts mean different things to different people, which is why there is so much confusion of this state beyond mystical experience. It can never be experienced by ones mind, the mind can only process the known, the true mystery of this universe is beyond the known, beyond that which can be known by the mind. Hence the truth which can be spoken is not the truth, we can only allude to the truth as we must experience it to know it, but not with our thinking mind. It cannot be understood.
    I do not know this, I did not experience this, because this was an impersonal experience beyond mind, beyond time, beyond physical space. Mind , time and space cease to be when one dies unto the mind. The I, the personality cannot experience this, because the I exists in time and space.
    If people are offended its not my business, only an ego wants to be liked, only an ego can be offended. I am trying to free your minds, letting go of the known is a painful experience. There is no nice way to spread this message, our egos don’t want to hear it. We cling to our beliefs because they make us feel safe,soothe our fears,define our personality. People sometimes kill to defend a concept their mind clings to out of fear of losing that mental crutch. Its rather like taking drugs away from an addict.
    I am risking a lot by attempting to convey this message, its time humanity really woke up from this dream of the mind we call our reality. Nothing exists beyond the true self, find the true self beyond mind, it is within you an me and everyone else. We do not need to believe in things outside of ourselves, the only thing that will save you is you. Suggest everyone begin the voyage of self discovery, beyond the mind. I have given plenty of clues here, you must make the journey yourself, only you can walk through the door, no one can do it for you.
    Dane there is nothing to know, for who is there to know what? The personality is not the true self, its only memory and conditioning, the ego.
    ps J Krishnamurti, Nisagadharta Maharaj,
    Ramana Maharashi, Buddha, Ramesh Balsekar
    These people do not teach belief in concepts, or religion, they will point in the direction of self investigation, so you can experience what is for yourself.
    That’s me finished, I am not a teacher.
    Good luck everyone

  31. What total and utter rubbish.
    You have failed to grasp anything about what is. You are repeating the same mistakes of every religion, the grave mistake of belief.
    Belief is a mental crutch you use to hide from your own fears. It is a mind made fear, the only cure is to die unto yourself psychologically, to stop time, to be in the moment. When this happens there is no seeker, no observer, no separation from what is. You people are turning people from true spiritual practice, the practice of being in the present moment.
    If you didn’t know it the day you where born its just a belief or a concept you have heard or accepted blindly without question.
    Think about what you knew the day you were born, what did you know? how did you know it?
    not with words or 2nd hand concepts from, others, that is the only truth, it cannot be spoken or described with words.
    Now please grow up, don’t interpret scripture literally from the confinement of your mind, seek true freedom from the known.

    • Jason

      Know everything already? Probably not, but dissing other people because they don’t think like you seldom seems spiritual, no matter how advanced your practice. I am still wondering if this comment is really spam ’cause it is really dissociative. Your email address seems real so I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. But really, Jason what are you talking about? Please relate this comment to something in the post.


  32. Please, please, please tell me that the strikes in Syria won’t last, that if it triggers The Event, that it does it soon. No more loss of life please. I am bereft that Obama and the US Congress voted to begin striking. No, no, no, no….this is not the way things are supposed to go.

    • Alison,
      The way that I understand it, according to what the “Galactic federation of Light” has been saying is that “they” will not allow any more wars to happen on the earth. Period. Whether that is correct or not has yet to be seen. Also, as the “native” beings to this planet, it’s time for us to stand up and tell our “leaders” what they can and cannot do. They work for us, not the other way around.

      On that note, here is a petition that you can sign and/or share.
      Trust the process dear one, we are almost there. 😉

    • ascendingenergy – Thank you for the information, especially the petition. Signed!

      And thank you and Mike both for the comforting contributions.


  33. Any of the posters on this site from Iraq? It would be very telling if we could get some verifiable information from anyone in that country as I believe that according to what happens there will determine when the reset happens. Most of the research that I have done seems to point to this scenario. It’s no coincidence that Iraq just regained their sovereignty and was taken out of chapter 7 after many many moons.

    So, if anyone who reads this blog is in that country and could post up about what is happening there, specifically dealing with the monetary situation, I believe that would give us a good gage on this event.

    Be in joy.

  34. For all who are interested, I share this latest GFOL message. As I always advise to those I share info with, please only keep what resonates and discard the rest. Also please do your own research and learn what feels right to you on your own.

    <3 namaste <3

  35. I appreciate the fact that this list is extremely simplified, but I have a major problem with one aspect. I’m not very thrilled about having prisoners let loose on the streets. It is understandable to let people out for minor drug offences and petty larcenies. But maybe the most severe crimes, like murder and rape, should be retried by a new court system before that happens.

    • Loreli obviously its not that one day prisons are full and the next day all of them get emtpy just like that. The innocent people who have commited no crimes will be free since they were imprisoned for no real reason in the first place. The other ones, who have commited crimes, will be healed first of all and then g-r-a-d-u-a-l-l-y will join society again. This, as everything else in nature, is a process and it may take some time before it actually manifests. And for the recrods the people who have committed the greatest crimes ever are the ones who need our love, support and healing energy more than anyone else in this world. Everything will be just fine at the end.. 😉

  36. Question still is WHEN? because this was talked about already for last year and year before and still didn’t happend. So When? this year, next year, 100 years from now? When

    • Hello Miha, quite soon really. Get ready but keep your focus on the NOW cause when the EVENT comes it will in our NOW moment, since this moment-NOW is all there is and all there will ever be. Maybe this month, maybe the next one, definitely NOT in 100 years from now.. 😉

  37. Hey guys,
    here is a video I just finished which I thought might help those who had questions. Enjoy and feel free to post comments. 😀

        • awakened beings do not need someone over them telling them what and what not to do. We will know from within if we need it or not. Until then we need to reclaim our power to decide for ourselves with such tactics as the Sensible B.C. movement happening in British Columbia, Canada. It’s not the final answer, but it’s a step. In a higher vibrationally structured society, those that needed it probably won’t need it anymore. I need it to help cope with chronic pain (neck injury). I trust nature more than any pharmaceutical. blessed be to all, diane

          • That’s right Diane, nobody is giving orders here of what to do or not, only some suggestions if they can be useful, if not feel free to ignore them and move on to something more interesting to you. And great changes are taking place worldwide, no doubt about it. Regarding your neck injury i wish… you shift to a timeline where the injury is no more, where you enjoy PERFECT HEALTH and only that.. no pains no injuries, nothing of that sort.

            BE WELL my friend.

            Blessings from Greece.* 😉

          • Yes,You do what works best for you and don’t let this guy or any other self proclaimed blog police tell you whats best for you.Obviously he feels the need to make a comment after every post on here because hes lacking in something.Your life is for you to experience not for this mike who ever to influence your decisions.Not a very safe forum here!

    • Barbara even one single Being is cabaple of “firing up” a whole town…, let alone a small one :p Never underestimate the true power of Consciousness.*

      If you want to start your own Support Group no matter how small is your town please click on the following link.

      Shine Bright Dear.* 😉

      • Hey Mike,
        Maybe you can explain a little about exactly what a “support group” is and what it’s purpose is as well for those that need a little clarification. It seems there is nothing on the “official” page to help people understand this and, as someone who shares a LOT of information online, I try my best to explain in detail what the info is about that I am sharing.

        Just a thought. 😉

        • Ok, will do that.

          Support Groups are groups that are being formed and organized this very moment all over the world, in every country, in every state and every city with only purpose to act as a Lighthouses for these “rocky” regions or places and share LIGHT and INFORMATION and TRUTH with the local citizens.

          In other words the people who come togerther in Support Groups first of all they exchange information about the latest news and updates regarding the situation on the planet and they also Meditate together every Sunday @ 11.11 Cairo time helping the Global Meditation Movement that has started since 2012.

          All of you who participate in such Groups either as Coordinators or as Members please organize to lift the spirits of everyone by sharing your special gifts in true love and openness. Every village, town and city needs loving leadership to embrace change as never before in human history.

          Here are some very useful links regarding Support Groups:

          Event Support Groups by Cobra (Portal2012)

          Event Support Group Drive: Prepare!

          Lighthouse Keepers… Shine Bright.*~

          • Thanks Mike, ‘m sure that will help many to understand what the groups are for.

            BTW, is there a template for flyer’s or, pamphlets made up or, do we have anything like that that we can use to help those in our area become more aware?

          • Well.. I created two five minutes ago. If you like any of them feel free to print them and share with your people. 😉

            Flyer with Violet Url

            Flyer with White URL

            Hope you’ll like them ;p

  38. Look Sean’s comment He said “however-according to the indigos, this is not the light it claims to be. they say we don’t need it and it will just be another form of control.” (i think is very very obvious, with all these “second life” avatars talking to us through videos, as our future leaders.)
    Sean continues with “the real change the children speak of is what they are already doing. there will be a biological change in each of us. they recommend focusing on yourselves rather than politics and economics and whether or not your house is paid off.” Lets just do that, and raise our vibrations with love and light..The REAL change, the REAL event, wont need to gather people the old materialistic way…As the Mayas said “when you wake up and you dont need money in your lives anymore, then you will know you are in the next dimension!”

    • Still Fairy, everything in life is/has a process. A woman can’t make love with a guy and the next day bring a child to this world. She will eventually… but in the meantime a few other things have to take place first, the growing up of the baby inside the womb, the formation of its genitals etc etc. So the same thing will happen in this case with the EVENT. At some point in the near future we WILL live in a “free of money” society, defined and orchestrated in ABUNDANCE. Until then we have to go through some inbetween stages… or steps. No baby starts running in day 1, before it can even walk, common sense rules.. 😉

      • Yeah it was odd that this guy that claims to communicate with indigo children heard them saying that ‘the change’ is coming this fall.

        Cobra’s first window of opportunity did come to mind when I thought about it better.Fulford expects some kind of change this fall too apparently.

        Is it just me or does it seem like your movements momentum has REALLY picked up since around May or June?I do think we are leading up to SOMETHING happening.

        And look what cobra just posted today…

        Am I confused,or does this appear to be a charted projection graph for the future ‘grid compression’ formula he usually posts?

        I would assume that when the numbers reach near zero it means we are getting close to the event.

  39. We better meditate on love, light etc and not in this specific event, in order to receive the original one in our lives and not another money based event.

    • Fairy we do practice Global Meditation every Sunday at 11.11 Cairo time. That’s one of the MAIN responsibilities of the Support Groups all around the planet. Thanks for the reminder though. 😉

  40. Hi…i’m out in South Africa and seem to be having difficulty connecting with like minded people here. I see that on the homepage, South Africa seems to be listed.
    I have filled out my information on 2 occasions on the “click to participate” icon, but still have not been contacted.
    Can you assist with regards to this?
    Thank You.

    In Love and Light

    • Hello Nallen i sent you a request in facebook to sort things out. Sorry for the delay of my response but there are many.. many people asking for some help at this time regarding the Support Groups etc. So please accept my request and we can work together from now on if you don’t mind! 😉

      Moreover: Two groups i just found regarding Lightworkers in South Africa are the following, hope that helps.

      1. Lightworkers of SOUTH AFRICA


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