Ascension Series Interview: Neil Gaur on Being a Conduit of Truth

Prepare for Change releases our final interview from our Ascension Series Interviews done at the Portal to Ascension Conference – this one with conference organizer Neil Gaur of Portal to Ascension ( In our conversation, we speak about being a conduit of truth. Gaur is the driving creative force behind Portal to Ascension. The Portal … Read more

Why it is Imperative to Create Conscious Partnerships with Nature

It is becoming increasingly important for humans to understand the extensive partnership they have with nature, especially when focusing on issues of form and consciousness and all that this combination implies. We are in an interesting time in human development where the desires and needs of the human soul on Earth completely outstrip the ability … Read more

Our Power Lies In How We Choose to Respond to Our Pain

“The strongest hearts have the most scars.” ~Unknown  Maybe it’s true, that the strongest hearts have the most scars. And maybe the pain and the discomfort we experience in life can serve as a great teacher, if we choose to see it that way. Everyone has bumps, bruises, and pains in life, right? Things happen … Read more

Akashic Records Report – Major Events Are About To Unfold

In a recent interview,  a woman with access to the Akashic Records stated there will be some major impending changes on our planet, including a change in power and a new currency in the near future. When a person dies, they have a life review in which they see and experience their affect on others, … Read more

Website Issues – Please Read (UPDATE – Transposh Now Disabled)

(See update at bottom of post) We seem to be having a multitude of problems regarding the functioning of the website.  From the web admin side making Posts & monitoring Comments seems to require various work-arounds, and from the user/reader side the website appears to be taking longer to load than even just a week … Read more

Background of the Event

BACKGROUND TO THE EVENT or History of THE EVENT Earth and the inhabitants have been in a type of imprisonment and planetary quarantine since the times of Atlantis. At that time the planet was secretly invaded as a hostile force manipulated the planet into an advanced forms of warfare that almost destroyed the planet. The … Read more