I believe this video from Benjamin Fulford is important from the standpoint that you can get an inside view of how the power brokers are sizing up the current precarious position of world finance.



As one of the pre-eminent figures embroiled in the middle of the current chaos, Fulford will give you a good read on just how desperate the insiders are for grabbing some new turf. I like Ben, believe his heart is in the right place, and look forward to getting his weekly updates. However his analysis is based upon a meeting of the minds between the gangsters who have been running things and the good guys who will be holding all the cards.

That is NOT going to happen. Here’s why:

  1. The BIS or “Swiss” as he refers to is nothing more than the owners of the 58 central banks taking care of the 58 central banks. It’s a country club of who’s got the money machine this week. In all likelihood All of the owners of these 58 banks would be put on trial for illegal and corrupt activity.
  2. Committee of 300 is one of the most nefarious organizations on the planet. The thought of even one of them or their minions escaping justice once this thing is over is unfathomable in my opinion.
  3. Merchants of Venice, del Banco family, Warburg, Medici, Borges, P-2 Free Mason Lodge- all connected to the Vatican Bank offering us a “Jubilee” in my opinion would be like the guys who just poisoned your children offering you a free pizza coupon. No way are we going to see these folks around for long after the “Event”.
  4. Gnostic Illuminati. Whoever comprises this group are supposed to be good guys who work in conjunction with positive military and others to make sure the crooks in groups 1,2,and 3 have NO part of the planets future.
  5. White Dragons are supposed to be the Gnostics counterpart representing Asian interests, and are part of the good solution.

Ben finishes his talk discussing the possible factions at the table to make good on a new financial plan. Personally I think this is wishful thinking on his part, but time will tell. He does mention “blockage” of a deal, and then states it may “come from outside of human influence.” Well, humans have tried to get it right for 1000’s of years. How’s that working out? Prepare for change Ben, but don’t expect any of those first 3 groups mentioned above to be part of it.

Jeffrey White,
Financial Group

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  1. I believe Jeffery has the RIGHT take on Ben Fulford, and he acts more like the role of a “Mole” than a “Negotiator”…He SHOULd be telling these “Crime Sindicate” groups that THEY really don’t have ANY “Options” because they have NO IDEA who they are dealing with (Prime Creator!) They NEED to “Remember WHO they are” by virtue of being part of the creation and thus NEVER were granted special privaleges above ANYONE…only “Allowed” to play a part of this “Play” We have been living in. They NEED to WAKE THE PHUCK UP!
    Crime sindicates have NO part in the “New Paradigm” WE are all headed into…Where NO ONE has “Control” of a fellow BEING.
    They will QUICKLY discover that is was ALL nothing but a waste of ENERGY that would best used by applying LOVE in their dealings with others!

    • Thank you for restoring my faith as after I listened to Mr. Fulford?? I thought, “So nothing really changed at all and those in power are willing to give the people some morsels but have every intention of remaining in power and will continue to oppress the people” I pray for Divine Intervention because these people WILL NOT change unless the higher powers pull out the big guns and let them know”Their done, games over”.

      • You are very welcomed Jeff…WE WILL WIN!…GUARANTEED in “Stone”, because that’s the WAY the “Universe” works…the LIGHT, always defeats the “Dark”. So don’t let ANYTHING disway you from that dear Brother!

    • Eugene

      The comments are addressing the factions who are posing to offer solutions to the current problems. The corporate US Government is the problem. The five factions are positioning themselves to pickup the pieces when the USG implodes from debt and corruption. Many of the USG insiders have made secret alliances with the other factions to save themselves when the collapse takes place.

      Jeff will answer and tell you more, but this is the quick and simple.



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