Scientific Studies On Reiki

This is the link to an article that was brought to my attention by Reiki Master-Teacher Jon Pickell. It was originally published in 1999.

There were one hundred and twenty participants, who were broken up into four groups of thirty participants each.  The groups were randomized but not double-blinded. There was a Reiki Treatment group, a Control Group (no treatment), a Progressive Muscle Relaxation Group, and a ‘False Reiki’ or ‘Sham Reiki’ treatment group where people who were not actually ‘attuned’ to Reiki put their hands into the same positions in the same sequence as the Reiki Treatment group.

Using standard statistical analysis of the groups, Reiki was shown to produce a reduction in pain, and improvement in depression and anxiety in the subjects. These improvements persisted over time after the series of ten sessions was complete. This was not observed in any of the other groups.

Reiki has no side effects. It is an energy healing technique that can be done in person (hands on or hands just lightly above the body in the aura), or sent by distance.

I hope you enjoy this article!

My favorite part? At the end, all of the participants got free Real Reiki treatments, no matter what the group!


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