Healing With Color, Fragrance, and Light

I had a toy like this as a kid. There were fizzy tablets that colored the water. It came with a small bar of soap and a big sponge fish.

I remember taking those baths, and how incredible it felt to be immersed in color. There was the green one, the blue one, the red one and the yellow one. I enjoyed each one, and made the toy last a very long time. I was only four years old when I had it.

Why would I remember something so long ago, and why would it make such a lasting impression?

Because color is medicine.

It is very advanced medicine to soothe and restore the energies in your chakras.

Submerging in color in the bath, and adding quality aromatherapy to it, is key. My favorite line of aromatherapy bath products is from Sebastien Kneipp. Here is his story from Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sebastian_Kneipp

Before you go dismissing this, or thinking I am recommending a particular product on this post–think twice:

  • He cured himself of tuberculosis and became a priest, perhaps thanking God for his miracle healing.
  • Tuberculosis was a death sentence. I died of it once in one of my lifetimes. I remember.
You are harnessing the Light that is stored in the flower, with extra color, and very high vibration healing aromatherapy, all at once.
I am experiencing very deep healing the past few days. If you wish to know the details, there are blog posts about it here too. (It is a past life issue that has come up to be resolved and healed.)
But I just took a bath with lavender, lemon, yellow color, and ginger (‘warm embrace’). I also added my favorite, ‘Heart’s Ease’ by Aura Cacia.
It did wonders for my energy. I am also wearing a yellow shirt now, to hold the healing for my third chakra.
Children are natural healers.
Take care of your inner child, whatever way possible, when you have need to heal.
Remember the healing bath is quite effective, and relatively inexpensive. You will need to invest in some quality products of your own choosing…ask, and your inner guidance and Spirit will ‘nudge’ you to what is the proper ‘healing’ for you.
At the bare minimum, sea salt and perhaps a few drops of aromatherapy oil will do wonders for your aura…

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