My Dream: Setting The Turtles Free

This dream happened right before I woke up. That is when my messages from Spirit are most clear and accurate.
I was walking around the back yard of my house, not the present home I live in, but one I apparently had been living in for some time.
I was startled to find a pond like the one above, with a fountain and lotuses. It was filled with turtles that were healthy and happy.
To my horror, I saw an empty two-liter plastic bottle that was half-filled with baby turtles. There was a terrible stench, and they were not moving. They did not look good. There was no label on the bottle.
I ran to the kitchen and got my kitchen shears. They cut anything. I opened it up, and they turtles came to.
I gently picked them up and put them in the pond, one at a time. All of the other turtles were happy to have these trapped ones back.
I had the vague sense I once had placed them in the bottle for ‘safekeeping’, been interrupted, and completely had forgotten I had both them and the pond!
So I apologized to the turtles, and I gave them lots of extra food.
They were happy to be together at last, and with full stomachs too!
Then the bottle still felt heavy. And I looked. Inside were snakes of all ages and all sizes.
I was not afraid, but I had no idea where to put them! They were not poisonous. I set them free in the woods at the edge of the yard.
Someone present told me the name of one, and that it was rare and worth a great deal of money. I knew they would be okay when I let them go.
The snakes didn’t thank me, but I could tell there were glad to go and be snakes and not be cooped up in that bottle.

What does Steven Farmer have to say?

Well, he has ‘tortoise’, not ‘turtle’, but here we go:
When you’re feeling pressure from a number of fronts–pulled this way and that by the demands of modern life–it’s very easy to succumb to a false sense of urgency, feel out of balance and fragmented, and be in a constant state of tension. You can become forgetful and have difficulty sleeping. You may even attempt to stabilize and center yourself by resorting to the use of substances or activities, hoping they’ll make you feel more at home in your own skin. Meanwhile, your mind rushes ahead from one thing to the next, while your body tries to play catch-up. The technological web consisting of computers, faxes and television–plus the noises all around–creates a constant assault on your senses. Exhausting isn’t it?

First, recognize most things that you treat as emergencies or crises are merely inconveniences. Then slow down! Move a little bit slower than your’e accustomed to, and practice breathing slower and deeper every opportunity you get. This in itself helps you align with your internal rhythms, rather than being in a state of continuous reactivity to outside forces. Spend time in Nature and take off your shoes and socks. Putting your bare feet on the ground allows you to only experience your solid connection to the Earth. When you do, notice the difference in how you feel, and see if your mid isn’t at least a bit calmer. It may be challenging at times to do any of this, but it can be done. It just takes your clear intention and willingness.

Here is what he has to say about ‘rattlesnake’, not ‘snake’:
The foundation for compassion is an awareness that suffering is a natural part of life, whether through the empathic appreciation of another being’s pain or the experience of having suffered oneself. And which beings haven’t at times felt the pain or sorrow that is an aspect of living on this planet? The deeper you go into the soul of another, the more you can feel what they feel, yet paradoxically maintain a certain distance or objectivity.

A true Healer must heal from the heart, no matter what technological, logistical, physical or shamanic tools they use. The experiences that your’e going through now or have just completed are all a preparation for you to open your heart to the suffering around you and do your part in alleviating it. You’ll find that you’re increasingly being asked to offer your time and energy to help heal others–including not only people, but also animals, plant beings, tree people, and ultimately, our Earth Mother. Some of this healing power exist between races, ethnicities, and other species.

You’ll notice more and more how often your hands will spontaneously feel energized, experiencing it as heat or a tingling sensation. This is the Power of Spirit working through you. Allow it to guide you in whatever the focus of your healing is, whether simply placing a hand on the shoulder of a friend, or more extensively and directly involving yourself in another being’s health.

(Source:  Steven D. Farmer, Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracles Cards)

A daughter of a reader does a cover of Dreams by Fleetwood Mac

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Have a good week everybody. Aloha and Mahalos, Namaste.


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