Will You Help Gaia In Her Energy Healing?

Part of the Healers Group in Prepare For Change is focused on Gaia and her needs. Because of generations of exploitation of her precious resources, she has sent out a cry for help to Creator. She is not in the best of shape. At the hospital we would say her condition is ‘guarded’ and ‘critical’ for her healing progress can go either way. Although Creator has sent the Ashtar Command and more Galactic resources to assist her, these actions are not easy to perceive although we trust they are so, for example, as with chemtrail clearing in the sky and radiation mitigation in the Pacific Ocean near Fukushima.

What can WE do about it until the time is right for everything associated with The Event to take place? It is as easy as sending your lovingkindness to her for a brief time twice a day. More on why she needs your assistance, and how it is going to help her,  here: http://reikidoc.blogspot.com/2014/03/a-transfusion-of-energy-for-gaia.html

Victory To The Light!

2 thoughts on “Will You Help Gaia In Her Energy Healing?”

  1. I will meditate for twenty minutes, twice daily, sending loving intention to Her to help raise Her energy.

    If you have specific information for me to follow, please send it.

    I live in Butte, MT, USA on the Continental Divide of North America. Zip code 59701.

    • I just did today, and my Twin Soul and I were able to send Light to the ley lines and the grid. It lit up! Every bit of energy helps. Aloha and mahalos for your commitment to our Great Mother, Gaia, and for your Love. Peace.

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