This topic is one of the hardest to discuss. So much that right now I’m thinking of not saying a word and go on with my daily life. Yet how can I go on when there are so many things I see, hear and experience that are bothering me? They make it difficult for me to keep my inner peace.

I know, I must talk now, so that I will not say to myself: “You coward! You could at least give it a try. What if there are many who think like you, who feel like you yet they are waiting for somebody ELSE to be the first one? Do your duty. Do your “bad” service to others, and be ready to be attacked. Be the Way Shower.” So. Here I Go.

You may have heard this before: “We are living in the most wonderful, the most amazing, and the most difficult times of all.” YES, WE ARE. People are waking up from the zombie state. They are searching for the truth and looking for answers.

Depending where one is on the spiritual/evolution path, one’s truth can never be the truth for others. More and more people are seeing the dogmas disguised under religion, patriotism, community duties, morals and commitments. They see it’s all just a well-organized mind control over the world’s population. When people “discover” a truth, it helps change their ideas/ideals, their points of view, their perceptions, and their dreams about the future.

Above all we learn that it’s time to exchange hate with LOVE. Exchange competition with cooperation and helping hands, envy and jealousy with friendship and good wishes.

It’s become a common thing to see how people are embracing the idea that BEING LOVE is the only solution for all our sufferings. Well, this is where I’m bumping into a brick wall!

I attend many spiritual, awakening events, and I meet beautiful people who are devoted way showers and are in service to all. I met people who are giving away whatever they can to those in need. Unfortunately, I also see many fake Love teachers, preachers, and students as well. You hear them saying, “Love, Light and blessings to you.”  “I am love.” “BE THE Love.” But an hour passes, or a minute and they forget what they preached. They go to their 3D mind controlled world full of hate, jealousy and competition.

A few months ago I was arranging an interview with a well-known person in the spiritual community. They asked me to send a little more details about the show. To my surprise I was labeled as “being impatient” by one of the organizers.  All I said was, “I’m helping you with the requests you asked.”

I received this reply from him: “I am a “Scientist of LOVE” for our group. Not the ‘words of LOVE’ but the “actions of LOVE.”

I couldn’t believe that somebody was saying that he  “was the action of LOVE” and yet be so rude. I used to shut my mouth and say nothing, let it go. But after a few days, I knew I had to say something. I felt that it was MY time to teach him how to be the LOVE.

So I sent him an email: “My friend, I think nobody can be a “scientist of LOVE” because LOVE is NOT a science to teach. It’s just there in your HEART in your SOUL. We are born with it.  Or we are born without it. And yes, I agree with you. If there is anyway to TEACH LOVE then that can be done ONLY by our actions NOT by our words. That means to show THE WAY. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for a long, long time. I am not doing it so people would LOVE me, praise me or worship me as a “scientist of Love.” It’s just who I am. It’s how I am. It’s the only way I know to BE. I do that because I LOVE being loving and in service. It’s what I have to do. It’s what my heart tells me to do.”

He apologized to me saying that I misunderstood him. I was satisfied. And then I let it go. People who know me (or who’ve read my comments on this and other sites/blogs) probably remember me saying over and over: “Stop talking. Words are cheap. Start acting. Do something good for somebody.”

Remember: One can NEVER be a friend to ALL. If you see something, hear something and it’s bothering you because you KNOW it is NOT RIGHT talk about it. Be ready to be labeled “the negative one,” “the one with the ego” or just a “show off.”

If you are not accusing, if you are not gossiping, if you are not lying, you’re just the WAY SHOWER. But please, do it nicely. Don’t be rude. Never hurt other’s feelings. Treat them the way you want to be treated.

I’ve always said: “I will never be completely happy if the people around me are not happy. I cannot ask goodness and abundance ONLY for me. I wish first for my friends and neighbors to be showered with abundance so when I get my share of blessings, nobody will be jealous of me.”

The biggest dream I have is seeing humans becoming HUE-mans. People living in LOVE, peace, harmony and friendship. That’s the only way to be united as ONE.

I don’t like competition with each other and with our selves. Competition is the BASE for jealousy, envy, greed, self-centeredness and it separates us.

We all want to live amongst friends who are on the level of higher vibes who PRACTICE unconditional Love, and are guided by their super consciousness/ Higher Selves.

I know we are getting there. One must be blind not to see the awakening happening worldwide. It’s just that I am (and many of you are) becoming more and more impatient.  We want to be in that new world as soon as possible and live where you will not be attacked for saying your truth.

The worst is almost over. Humanity is building a new, better Lifestyle based on LOVE and Peace. I have faith in NEW earthlings.

“Imagine all the people living in the peace….You may say I’m a dreamer, But I’m not the only one. I hope some day you’ll join us. And the world will live as ONE”.

Article written by HYE Angel

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  1. Greetings,

    I have recently stumbled across your blog and saw that you often blog about confirmation and spirituality. I find topics like this to be completely enlightening. I don’t know if you have ever heard of Kirk Nugent, he is an incredible Light Worker. He writes and lives the same spiritual lifestyle that you write about. I think you may find him interesting. Take a look at the video I have attached and you will understand how life changing he can be. Thank you for your time I hope you find Kirk Nugent as inspirational and life changing as I do. I’d love to know what you think about him.

    • Wow! My dear, I saw it right now, and the day is… March 7, 2015!

      Thank YOU so much for your reply and for the link. I will efenetly watch the video.

      BE blessed and Loved by the Universe!



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