There’s been recent talk about the coming “event” such as what is it? What will happen? Who is behind it? And more importantly when will it happen? Various sources have said it will happen very soon, some actually claim a date in 2014 but we (those who are awake and aware) have all heard this information before as early as the 1950’s.

The truth is no one on this planet knows when the event will happen period. All we should be doing is preparing ourselves but the sad fact is that a lot of people are simply waiting. They are waiting for things to happen, waiting to be told what to do, waiting for someone to save them. We have a beautiful thing called freewill but unfortunately it can also destroy us. If all we are doing is waiting, we will wait for eternity. If we do nothing for ourselves how can we expect someone else to do it all for us? How can we expect outside help to be the only way out of this matrix?

It’s time to help ourselves and each other. If you are awake and aware reach out to others who are not. Show them what you have learned – teach the next teacher. Stop eating processed junk that rots your body. Control your drinking and drug vices. Reject fluoride, reject poison vaccines. Eat real food not the GMO crap our government is shoving down our throat. Meditate daily, reconnect with Mother Nature, and cleanse your chakras.

In other words, if you are awake and aware you have no excuse to sit around and do nothing. We don’t have time for you to feel sorry for yourself; we don’t have time to wait for things to happen. This is where freewill comes in, you have two choices. If you don’t do anything to help yourself and humanity, go back to sleep. You are more useful if you go back to being ignorant than awake and waiting. Or you can educate yourself, help others and join a global movement. By helping each other we help humanity, by doing all we can to prepare ourselves we are showing other beings that yes we are worthy of their help because we don’t simply want to be saved. We want to be a part of the global liberation – together.

Sooooo when someone asks, “When will the event happen?” We should reply, “Today is the time because the time is now.” That is all.

With love from the New Renaissance Group of course!


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