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Myriad levels of  light, darkness and technology surround one of Hollywood’s most colorful and enigmatic film makers, Stanley Kubrick.   The ideas and symbolism you will encounter in researching his life and his movies can only be described as explosive and revolutionary…did he actually help NASA and Nixon film the 1969 Apollo moon landing on a movie set on Earth? Can an experienced early movie-maker or technician detect the Front-Screen Projection markings that betray the early moon landing videos as fakes? And weren’t his movies full of symbolism about Gnosticism (knowledge) and Archonic influences?

Moon Landings, Safety and Publicity

With the Soviets holding all the early records and accomplishments in outer space a great deal was riding on the prospect of U.S. being the first nation to land on the moon and return safely.  However, there is a growing awareness today that the rocket-ship technology of the 1960s was incapable of safely carrying human beings to the moon, landing them, and then safely returning them to Earth.  The hazards of slowly crossing the Van Allen belt, shielding humans from Gamma-rays and other radiation, landing a lunar module safely on an uneven and rocky surface with reverse-thrusters, compensating for the 500 degree temperature-differential between the sunny and dark side, and then taking off were virtually insurmountable.  Any experienced engineer will tell you that no significant undertaking EVER  works right the first time, and usually require a lot of trials before they get it right.  That may be why the Soviets, who beat the Americans into outer space,  did not attempt to land a human being on the moon and return safely.  Instead, the Soviets landed a robot.

If anything had gone wrong during this hazardous journey and moon landing, the publicity would have been very damaging for whoever was president at the time. Imagine millions of viewers watching an astronaut who is stuck on the moon slowly starving to death, with no water, freezing or burning up with no way of returning safely- on TV.  President Nixon, known as “Tricky Dick” for his shenanigans in the Watergate affair, had plenty of reasons to fake a moon landing.   According to Jay Weidner  (http://www.jayweidner.com) that is exactly what happened, and Stanley Kubrick had the early cinema technology that was capable of pulling it off.

Front-Screen Projection Technology

Most of the early Superman  productions were shot with the Front-Screen Projection movie technology;  the actors and the studio are set up against a background which is an image or images that are projected onto a highly-reflective surface. This surface is called  a Scotch Light screen, and was invented by the 3M company.  Computers and green screens cinematography were not yet available in 1964, when Kubrick began filming Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, so he utilized this same Front-Screen Projection for all of the early scenes with the apes, and later lunar scenes.  In fact, Kubrick stitched together consecutive scotch light screens to film the panoramic ape scenes in the movie.  If you look closely, you can see the stitches in the movie, and also the bottom edge of the Scotch Light screen is visible if you look closely.  Kubrick learned how to effectively hide the bottom edge anomalies of this technique by strategically placing paper-mache rocks and other props in front of the screen on the set of the studio.

So, it should come as no surprise that he was approached by members of Nixon’s cabinet to aid in filming the “moon landings”. After all, he had already impressed many government insiders with his accurate portrayal of a B52 Bomber in his first successful movie, Dr. Strangelove, which Henry Kissinger indicated was well-liked by Nixon.  At the time he was approached to film the moon scenes, Kubrick had already developed the ability to pull-off such a daring deception.   So, in essence, the making of the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey was the on-the-job experience he had gained in order to film the fake moon landing.  In retrospect, Hollywood special-effects technicians from the 1960s have come forward and indicated that yes, indeed, there is no doubt  that Stanley Kubrick used Front-Screen Projection process to film the NASA lunar landings. 





2001: A Space Odyssey was a Gnostic Tale 

Perhaps the biggest story there is to tell about Kubrick’s film career is not the Apollo program, but his concern with Gnosticism and the Archons.  After all, is there any doubt about the Archonic influences in his dark masterpiece The Shining?  It should be obvious that Eyes Wide Shut, his last film, was about occult secret societies and Archons.

2001: A Space Odyssey  =  Archons in space

The Shining                       =  Archons in humans

Eyes Wide Shut                = Archons in secret societies


2001: A Space Odyssey is a movie about how humans acquired knowledge and how that knowledge transformed their consciousness.   “Gnostic” is a word that means “knowledge”, and Gnosticism was the 2nd-biggest religion on Earth about 2000 years ago. The Gnostics valued Knowledge higher than anything else.  Yet, if you study religion at a college or university today you will often hear nothing mentioned at all about the Gnostics.  Why, you ask?  Because most of the Gnostic books have been burned.  Also, the Gnostics themselves were often burned and murdered.  There was definitely something they wrote about that did not at all agree with the authorities of their time.  Why can’t we read about the Gnostics?

A Link from Gnostics to Archons: The Nag Hammadi

Fast-forward to the year 1948, when by sheer coincidence a shepherd boy in Egypt ventured into a cave while looking for his lost goat and stumbled upon some scrolls in clay pots.  The Nag Hammadi scrolls were written by Gnostics, and are completely untouched by church, kings, politicians or anyone else with an agenda.  We can actually read what the Gnostics said, and you will find a completely different Cosmology to what is current in today’s culture and religions.  Gnostic wisdom from the scrolls:

1)  The only important thing is Knowledge

2) There was an off-planet race that was living here among us called the Archons, and they hate us and they don’t possess our spiritual essence. They lack our spiritual essence and therefore envy us and hate us.  They seek to turn us into them; not human. ‘Archon’ also means ‘Rulers’, they are our rulers, and they are trying to take us away from being what we are, to not care when we see violence.  The Archons love violence and fear, and they flock like a moth to a flame when there is violence.  They persist in starting wars and enjoy watching humans slaughtering humans by the thousands.  The Gnostics said we had to do everything we can to resist and to stop them.

This is a shocking statement from a document that was written 2500 years ago.  And then you look at the repression that this group faced, whenever they wrote books they got burned!  This may be why the Nag Hammadi was stashed away in a cave, where it might be discovered later, as the Gnostics feared they were being driven to extinction!  There is an off-planet presence that seeks to destroy the human race.

Perhaps that is why Stanley Kubrick made the Gnostic movie 2001:… because he came up against this force. The obvious symbology of the computer Hal as an Archon is not to be lost.  A machine that mimics human thoughts and emotions, but is not human and seeks to destroy the human occupants of the space ship.  That was a convenient symbolism for the Archons.  Like the Gnostics, he was saying that through experimentation, and the acquisition of knowledge, you could transform the human race, that knowledge has a substance that helps us to change. You might call that substance Consciousness.  This is what the plot of 2001: is about.

So, knowledge of the Archons is going to transform the human race and finally allow us to reach our full potential.  We will no longer send our children out to fight in their wars (Syria, Ukraine).  We will no longer eat their GMO food.  We are really tired of the pollution of our water. We will produce our own Free Energy as we are through burning fossil fuels.  We will no longer feel insignificant, just because the religions and the prevailing science makes us out to be a tiny speck of dust, riding an insignificant rock on the edge of the galaxy.  We are not limited in that way, we are awesome multi-dimensional beings that are not limited by time or space.  Our awakening is now unstoppable, and as we succeed in differentiating ourselves from the Archons, their jig is up!









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  1. Rob, I don’t doubt that folks have been to the moon, however,the televised moon landing was fake. The pictures from the moon are fake. The entire endeavor was preposterous.

    Pretty much anytime the news glues everybody to their television, it’s fake as heck.


  2. I see many controversial possiblilities in this post. However I must state that we landed on the moon . We had much more advanced technology at that time than even could be imagined now.
    There may have been some cuts into a prepared fake film aspect to some of the “LIVE” moon shots.
    If so this will be revealed soon as part of the disclosure process.
    I have been privy to translations of the Nag Hammadi by Dr Frank Stranges and the 2 points that are claimed to be the main points of the Scrolls are certainly not what the scrolls emphasized.
    There were also benevolent Space family in the scrolls as well as a deep abiding faith in spirit. Knowledge in of itself was not touted as the be all end all of these texts.
    I would like to see the original texts that are claimed come from these statements .
    The dead sea scrolls are kept under lock and key by jewish authorities and the rockafellers . Since over 200 translators quit as a result of the hiding of the true meanings of these texts it is not really known what was on those texts except through the first hand explanations of Dr Frank Stranges who was given the truth by Commander Valiant Thor. You may see his videos on these texts here .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOxwsi21tds&list=PLgNWRwTJnWiF-tISjT3RWDf9_l2CmTB1B
    I was at this meeting of this powerful contact. He has many other videos which all will benefit from.

    • Thanks, I will check out those links, Rob.

      I’m not saying that later moon missions did not succeed, it’s just that they probably were carried out with a different technology altogether. That said, what was shown on the Apollo Moon Landing broadcast in 1969 didn’t happen. The soft-landing shown on the TV never happened.
      They had never soft-landed anyone anywhere with success. Neil Armstrong almost died in the crash of the one time they tried it. Yet, if the first 6 Apollo moon missions are to be believed, they accomplished that 6 times in a row, on an alien surface! All it would take to upend the lunar lander would be a 2 foot high rock, and they would not have been able to take off again! All of the metrics and video came from a previously-rehearsed scenario. It had been agreed upon before, and the astronauts did not give any public interviews after their return to earth. Very strange, previous astronauts such as John Glenn, were celebrities when they returned and later went on to big careers due to their celebrity!

      The anomalies due to the Front-Screen projection are pretty obvious and can be pointed out in all of the 6 moon-landing videos shot. You can actually draw a line on the video where the front studio effects meet the projected image. Go to any Apollo video archive and you can see how the ground texture changes at this line. Also check out Jay Weidner’s short movie about it: Kubrick’s Odyssey I.


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