Dear PFC Family,

Due to the overwhelming support of so many light warriors around the world who created “NEW EVENT SUPPORT GROUPS ON THE MEET-UP WEBSITE” we have been forced to remove the PFC meet up list from our site. For those of you who did not know our volunteers were copying every single new group on ‘Meet-Up” as it formed and posting it to our website here.

This process was quite time consuming and in the last month we have grown tremendously. In fact we have more than doubled our ‘Event Support Groups” and we now have over 544 PFC Meet-Up “Event Support Groups” world wide who are meditating for world peace. As fantasic as this is we can no longer copy the “New Event Support Group” to our PFC site. Some of you may have noticed that the list of Meet-Up groups is no longer visible on our home page and that the instructions in our participate section have changed. Most importantly we want you to note that we no longer are asking your to “Register” your new “Event Support Group”

The only place you can see the “Event Support Groups”, be they new or old from now on will be at the official “Meet-Up” website. You may go to this website to join an existing “Event Support Group” or to Create a “New Event Support Group” by clicking this link here:

To see all of the Exisiting Event Support Groups and they’re locations click this link here:

Victory to the Light

Rob Potter

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