Event Support Group Teams World Wide

Dear PFC Event Support Group Teams World Wide,

We are very proud we now have over 550 meet up groups! congratulations to you all for being there and taking the time to meet with like minded kindred spirits to BE THE CHANGE and CREATE CHANGE! Whether it is just through a nice meditation meeting or actively finding solutions and working as a team to bring peaceful loving awareness to all in regards to making the world a better place.

Please do see this last post aboiut an important update to our site in case you missed it? https://prepareforchange.net/archives/important-update-for-pfc-website

Here is another picture from our ‘French Resistance!” I couldnt resist tee hee! Please ALL OTHER ESG Teams do send us some pictures of your groups meetings if you would like?? It would be wonderful to have more pictures china, europe, africa, south america, australia etc. “We are the world. we are thhe children trying to make a better day….”
Vive le Resitance’
Rob Potter


Hi Rob,
We were meditating on last sunday in the famous Chartres
cathedral.Here is the picture of our PFC group.






Groupe PFC a Chartres




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