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Dear PFC

I wanted to encourage you all to please do donate to our PFC site we do have costs for this site. Every little bit helps and we are running a little bit short this month. This site is going to be very helpful for many people sometime soon if all goes according to plan. I want to thank you personally who have donated your money energy to keep this site running.

This site has already been a calming and stabilizing influence on many.We would like to thank all of you for your content contributions as well. We encourage you ESG Teams to continue your meetings and to share any updates on what you are doing with the submission page or with this author and I will see to it that we can post it here for others to be inspired. Feel free to include pictures. I will aslo offer for any team to contact me via Skype and I will be happy to personally talk to your ESG during a live meeting! I have done this with several groups and it was quite a fun time.

We have located a glitch in our e-mail system and will be sending out e-mails on a more regular basis from now on. We also have found over 1000 people who have signed up and never recieved an e-mail!! We appologize for this we will fix this asap. However we will be manually entering your addresses one by one and it may take some time  you will be on our permanent list hopefully before the next E-Mail Newsletter update.

I also have a very informative Blog that I want to share with you. I hope you will enjoy this update below. Lots of good information to feed the soul.

Victory to The Light

Rob Potter


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