The dark magicians came on the scene around 2006 (in my estimation.) What is their intent? They seem to each work the same MO – Each appears to have god-like powers, they all wear black clothes have black hair, they have all come on the scene about the same time, (the same time of great galactic evolution opportunity.) and they all seem to disrupt the psyche of anyone who even casually looks at them (even if its just an ad about their show.)

Who are these dark magicians? Here I will name a few of them I have observed: Criss Angel, David Blaine, Cyril Takayama, and one I have seen on ads (looks to be from India)

It appears while the dark magicians offer their distractions, more and more devastation meets this planet.

My observations of how the dark magicians operate: They freak out whoever watches them, then they put you off balance, juggle you while you are off balance and then amplify your weaknesses to subvert you.

Here are some comments I have made about the dark magicians. Please see more comments at my website.

Where is their power to stop things like the Fukushima terror attack?

“There is one magic show after another being presented for viewing while the global manipulations continue to restructure national, continental and hemispheric lines of demarcation. The structure of the world as you know it is being dissolved at its very foundations.”
“The Dark Magicians”,

“It involves the creation of a negative polarity universe/galaxy. To the perpetrators of this situation, you are not even small fry in the game. This is confrontational at the level of the Creator of this Universe/Galaxy. Have we made this up? Indeed we wish we could tell you that, but it is the usurping of your ability to make freewill decisions as to whether to cooperate or not that is the small key to the success of their plan.”
“The Dark Magicians”,

“If these are the parameters of experience, then you can begin
to perceive that the contraction-relaxation phase of your process
in this moment of planetary experience is not in a normal state.
It is very distorted indeed. Your intended freedom of thought
choice process has been violated. It is layers of thought distortion
experiencing contraction that has bypassed the restive point that
normally allows for the return to the expansive mode. Hopefully
you can now overlay this understanding upon the planetary expe-
rience. If so, you see that in order for the distorted plan to accom-
plish their moment of beginning, following use of planned chaos,
which is to be their field of opportunity to cause a change of
polarity, they must allow the restive point to be reached. Their
ideal is to attain this by overwhelming the greater part of the con-
scious awareness of this planet through a majority of its inhabi-
tants. This is to be teamed with the ending, or shifting of a major
Creative cycle in this Galaxy. There exists within their timing and
their methodology their greatest weakness. For the contraction of
awareness beyond the Universal norm, when placed in a momen-
tary rest point, sets up the opportunity for a reactive expansion
of major proportions. Carefully placed triggers within the same
contracted awareness can ensure this expansion. Welcome to the
winning side! Focus and manifest! Indeed!”
“The Dark Magicians”, purviancepyramid net

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