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 I  hope you are all fareing well the grand cross has kicked a lot of light worker relationships into the can. Energetic attacks by astral parasites are triggering unusual reactions to minor situation in many. Best to remain calm and circumspect be patient and compassionate lots of people are over reacting as the cleansing of old and deep seated patterns are bought to the surface.
 The good news is the world wide family of people dedicated to peaceful change is growing. This site is not the only site trying to encourage positive uplifting actions and many around the world are waking up. You are already awake and fully functional so please help our sleepy family to get out of bed to greet the new day with a positive attitude.
Do not give into the energetic miasmas and despair. The endless desires and wants of the billions of misled people who let their attention be drawn to negativity must learn a better way to control their thoughts.
I am happy to share my latest interview with Ben Fulford. i have some great guests coming up like Cobra, Laura Eisenhower, Alfred LaMont Webber,
Pat Flanagan, Michael El Legion/Laura Legare and Frank Chile so enjoy this interview by going to the link below and be sure to sign up for my blog and e-mail list!
BEN Fulford Guest this week / coming up soon Cobra / Alfred LaMont Webber / Laura Eisenhower/ JJ and Desireee Hurtak/ Pat Flangan/ and more
Victory of The Light Radio Show with Rob Potter May11th Rob talks with Benjamin Fulford .They explore what bought Ben to be a voice for truth and his role as a whistleblower and insider in the worlds elite power struggles. Ben shares his take on various aspects of the worlds financial and political intricacies currently developing on the worlds stage. Ben clears up his some of his posts on his visit to the p2 lodge cult of pagans/ Vatican ??? His inside views of the Vatican and the pope ,the queen and even Kevin Arnett are unique. Rob supports Ben efforts and is not afraid to ask the hard questions and to offer his own opinion. They have their differences on the life of christ and ETs ,but it is clear Rob feels Ben is sincere in his quest to heal the planet. A Great Show.
Victory to the Light
Rob Potter
PFC Leadership

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