Website Help Needed

Dear PFC Family,

There is an urgent need for some website help needed on my website ThePromiseRevealed. This is to be a paid position; I cannot afford a very high hourly rate. I will hope you can be available immediately. This will be a wonderful way to contribute for the right person who has advanced skills in website development. You will need to very knowledgeable in plug-ins, embedding files, graphic design, and many other technical skills.

There are not a lot of funds available for this job, but there is a budget! I hope you will consider helping out for a nominal fee. I have approximately 5 days of work available for the person with the right skill set. I AM OPEN TO TRADES AS WELL!

I ask that you contact me at [email protected] as soon as possible with helping me on my website.

Thank You
Victory to The Light
Rob Potter

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