The Global Abuse of the

Creation of Money


Doing it Otherwise

By P.S. Offenbach


The author would like to hereby present ways that can resolve this: “The Just Monetary


The Just Monetary System provides a cure and alternative to the false abusive monetary

system exposed here, starting out with a foundation of sound just premises and properties.

The Just Monetary System is a coherent concept of how the monetary system can be

shaped in a just and selfless manner, fully geared towards enabling the establishment of a

more sound and benevolent system for humanity. It is a compilation of the merits that have

shown to be of value throughout the last centuries and it has integrated beneficial aspects

of the mentioned practical examples. These merits and practical examples are merged with

newly designed ultra-contemporary ideas, components and solutions, and thereby forged

into a modern beacon of sanitizing Justice within the monetary and financial arena.

The Just Monetary System therefore consists of a New Template and Standard that allows

for the Economy of a Nation to transition its way into having a New, Sound and Just

Monetary Basis.

The Just Monetary System has similar components as NESARA, but also has some other

further developed components. Therefore it is a more extensive compilation of remedies to

the issues here described.

As with everything it will need further fine-tuning along the way, but it does not have the

“false start and unnecessary unlawful inhumane manipulation-enabling enslaving economyruining

properties” of the current fiat-money monetary system.

It is presented here through its website161.

The Just Monetary System and its website hope to be a coherent platform for Nations

providing guidelines, options and templates on how to implement a Just Monetary System

so it can be made operational for their benefit and that of its people.

To make this work in a fully optimized manner a new template for a just working society will

also need to be implemented. The release of the book is being worked on and will follow.


Download the first 4 pages to preview, then order the 96 page e-book.  So many great detectives have uncovered the truth of our fiat money system and we understand more and more how it got to where it is, but this is an excellent place to start for having solutions to this complicated problem.  Thank you so much for this information P.S. Offenbach

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