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Welcome All! I invite you to add your most desired wishes to this list. Anyone of any age can enter a wish here.  It can be something just for you or something that would be good for all…..just keep it positive. This list isn’t just wishes that you hope will come true! You will make them come true!

We are the embodiment of miracle workers! It is time that we take our power back! We are mighty spiritual beings having a human experience! This list is to give us all practice at being that mighty spiritual being that we are destined to be once again. What we put our attention on we bring into manifestation. There are some “must dos” in order to bring this about.

1.  Set aside a few minutes each day to meditate. The way you meditate is up to you. Just sitting quietly and deep breathing while listening to soothing music is one way.

2. Visualize what it is that you want. See it as already existing. Use all your senses: see it, taste it, hear it, touch it and smell it!

3. Choose a time of day to meditate that is best for you. Try to keep it consistent each day (i.e. upon awakening in the morning or bedtime, etc.).

4. Please limit your requests to 1, 2 or 3 wishes. If you ask for too many things all at once you dilute the energy. As you manifest your desires you can replace it with another wish.

5. Know that it is not up to us to decide when your wish will manifest…….it happens when the 6. Remember to add in your meditation that you wish for others on the wish list to obtain their wishes also. Combining your energy with that of others only strengthens the outcome.

7. Please give the information requested on the wish list form. Add your name or nick name… whatever makes you comfortable. Your state and or country can help others connect with you and your wish.

8. It is important that you take a step in the direction towards the fulfillment of your wish. What can you do in the physical that will help you to manifest that wish? i.e.: If your old car is no longer reliable and you want to replace it; you could take on a second job dedicating the money earned from that job to be saved towards the purchase of the new car. The universe will see that your intent is to get another car and it will help you to fulfill that intention.​

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Angel Eyes
PFC Healing Leadership

DIVIDE AND CONQUER:The techniques are quite simple: short circuit the natural tendency of people to cooperate for their survival, and teach them to form teams bent on domination and winning (sounds like reality shows).Now let’s list some of the teams we all “play” on and see how this definition of divide and conquer affects us all.

  • Religions – ALL have a “I’m right, you’re not”. (see Guru) It Fits.
  • Family/Tribe/Country – mine/yours, rivalry, war, etc. It Fits.
  • Game Shows/TV – win/lose, victim/abuser shows. It Fits.
  • Sports – All sports – Winners & Losers It Fits.
  • Politics – All Political parties – Winners & losers It Fits.
  • Government – Master/Slave (see truth, patriot) It Fits.
  • Truth movement – Someone knows, Some don’t It Fits.
  • Preppers – I will survive – you may not It Fits.
  • Patriots – (See Politics, govt. & preppers) It Fits.
  • Conspiracy – (see truth movement & patriots) It Fits.
  • Education – Grading, competition, win/lose It Fits.
  • Businesses – Competition, survival, win/lose, profit It Fits.
  • Heterosexual/LGBT – right/wrong, divide It Fits.
  • E.T. community – (see conspiracy, truth, govt. etc.) It Fits.
  • New Age Guru’s – (see religions, truth, business) It Fits.
  • Financial System – winners/losers (see truth,conspiracy,education,business,preppers,patriots, government,sports,family and religion. It Fits.

I could go on but ask each of you to see your own life – your own interests, your own clubs you belong to, your own gadgets & gizmo’s. Where do you spend your time and attention.
I’m saying that this society is set up to keep us – humanity – in the divide and conquer lifestyle, mindset, belief and energy – over and over, generation after generation, century upon century. One of the main symptoms of that “Divide and Conquer” is slavery. Slavery?

slavery |ˈslāvərē|


the state of being a slave : thousands had been sold into slavery (knowingly/unknowingly).

• the practice or system of owning (working, trading, using) slaves.

• a condition compared to that of a slave in respect of exhausting labor or restricted freedom : female domestic slavery.  Sex Slave, sex trafficking, sweat shops, etc.

  • excessive dependence on or devotion to something : slavery to tradition, beliefs, addictions.   Lacking freedom, will. 

One of my favorite “freedom fighters” is Mark Passio.  I took some notes  from the #147 podcast that can be found at:  podcast #147

Slavery – The Human Condition – Coercion, Kidnap, imprison, harass, steal, rape, kill – if not done directly, it’s done in news, media & movies.

Correction – Seek the truth, speak the truth.  No Rulers, No Masters, No Slavery, natural law, education, healing, ACTION.

What are the psychological causes of slavery.  We can’t change the world unless we understand the behaviors of humanity that cause our behaviors in our societies in this world – we need to understand what is going on in our own mind because the mind manifests the reality we live in.

Why are people so asleep they refuse to live in harmony with natural law, they do not see the evil in their midst and they choose to willfully & passively participate in such evil?  Is it all due to mind control?  (no).  Some is caused by:

Tree of all evil 1. Willful ignorance, 2. Not owning Self Responsibility. 3. Self loathing due to lack of self respect.  4. Parental Abandonment Issues.  5. Cosmic Abandonment Issues.

Imagine a tree with leaves (see image below).  The leaves – Willful ignorance causes slavery, violence, chaos, destruction, cognitive dissonance & denial.  Underneath that willful ignorance is: Fear of owning Self Responsibility (small branches).  Childish notion of wanting to remain irresponsible.  Never growing up psychologically, emotionally & spiritually. Psychology of obedience.

I just want to obey (do what I’m told), not be responsible for my actions.  Under that fear of owning Self Responsibility is Self loathing/unworthiness (larger branches of tree) – Most people on earth hate themselves & others (most is subconscious).  We (society as a whole) doesn’t have true self worth and self respect and so we tolerate & perpetuate slavery and abuse.  Underneath Self loathing is the psychological Parental abandonment issues (roots of tree), whether physical, psychological or spiritual abandonment by parents toward children.  This abandonments gets buried in the subconscious mind which is 85% of your personality.  Humanity and most humans have NOT been nurtured or protected.  The subconscious mind tries to protect the conscious mind (15% of your personality) by repressing trauma.  We are carrying around these abandonment issues.  Underneath the parental abandonment issues are the CosmicAbandonment/Separation from God issues.

This Subconscious mind holds these 5 areas out of our waking consciousness.  Long term effects on humanity is not dealing with our past & present trauma’s and allowing it to continue.  Those traumatic experiences are not healed but repressed – we are still a traumatized individual/society/humanity – which is easily controlled.

We get and stay in the abuse/victim cycle.  We either become an abuser . . . or a victim.   Humanity tends to become an abuser victimizing others (& self) – or becomes a victim and is victimized by others (& self).  This works for direct experiencers and those who witness the trauma that is taking place (via family, NEWS, T.V. Media & Movies).  This is for individuals as well as countries.  Podcast continues with other great observations and solutions:   podcast #147 – listen and learn.


In Conclusion – can you start to see the connections to the Divide & Conquer technique to what Mark Passio is saying about slavery.  This Divide & Conquer is so prevalent in our societies and is one of the things that keeps us from working together – keeps us in our teams, feeling right about ourselves and judging other people and possibilities as wrong – and keeps us slaves or perpetuating slavery and poverty.

I personally feel it’s been planned that way.  We have been kept from truth and knowledge – and we are finding this out more and more each day.  We are connecting the dots of trauma, who’s been the abusers/perpetrators, who are the victims this time around and how to stop the insanity.

There is that last crucial step to take to Heal ourselves/humanity, so we can work together, taking action for the good of all of humanity to help heal the divide between us as individuals, groups, religions, sports teams, genders, nationalities, governments.

Please take some action this week to read and listen to Mark – look within, take responsibility for your life, for your words and thoughts and for your actions – make corrections when needed.  Speak up by talking, blogging, join a positive movement, call into a radio show, teach this to school children, educate yourself, enter local politics or attend city/county meetings, be more kind and gentle to yourself family & friends, encourage someone, give donations, volunteer, etc. etc.  DO SOMETHING POSITIVE FOR HUMANITY and THIS WORLD. 


DaNell Glade 

Greetings Everyone,

This is Judi, Co-chair of the Media Group.

We are almost at the end of October and this month has brought in powerful new energies and much change. I have shared with you before insights from Anna Merkabah, and today I want to share her latest message which comes in the form of an exquisite inspirational message put to music and nature footage.

It can be experienced watching the footage or by closing your eyes and letting the energy flow through every cell of your being to propel you into a higher awareness of love.

“There is nothing that can stop you from achieving that which you came here to achieve, for you are truly divine….Remember where you have come from, the source of all that is.”

“You are an eternal being of light and love.”

Here is the link to her page at where you can experience the video entitled, “YOU.”

Another messenger whose revelations I have shared before is:


Mike Quinsey – and he brings messages from one of the Galactics named SaLuSa, who now says: “The whole Universe waits for the Human Race to move on, and it is a far greater moment in your evolution than you can probably appreciate. There will be much joy following your Ascension, and old friends and associates from many incarnations will join in the celebrations. We of the Galactic Federation who have closely followed your adventures will at last be able to show ourselves and meet you on Earth. We have much to do together in the near future, and we shall help speed up your arrival into the higher dimensions and assist you to settle in. These are exciting times regardless of what is taking place on Earth, as the New Age is emerging quicker than ever before.”

Click on this link for the full message…

I hope you have been enjoying the wonderful video work by my co-chair Smaly7. He has translated the lyrics of the “Voices of the World” video into many languages, so it is exciting that positive and inspirational messages can reach through the media around the world. The Renaissance Group will be featuring a new video in this newsletter entitled Power of the Sun.

Wishing you all an exciting concluding week of October. Hold on to your hats, it could be full of miracles…As always, keep your eyes to the skies.

Warmest Aloha Wishes,
From Judi and Smaly 7, Co-chairs the Media Group.
PFC Media Group

PFC Renaissance Group Transmission


Greetings everyone from Dov and Raissa of the Renaissance Group.

The New Renaissance promises to be a stupendous era, as the internet and global communications communicates images, music, art and so much creative endeavor and also because our mythological and spiritual icons such as the sun and wind are stepping up to also become the source of energy and power, thus adding more importance and prominence in our lives than at any time in the past.

Let us take for example Germany, who earlier this year drew — nearly 75 percent — of the country’s overall electricity demand by midday. Germany’s impressive streak of renewable energy milestones should be an inspiration for all other countries.

Let us enjoy the Power of the Sun in this new video that Smaly7 put together to DOV’s recording of his song… It has the words so you can sing along if you like!

Have a great week full of sunrises and sunsets, and enlightening experiences…

See you in the New Renaissance
PFC Renaissance Leadership
DOV / Raissa

technologyheadernewsletterNews on infinite energy that everybody expects are not yet many. I fell that a lot is happening on the back stage. Lots of big companies are considering switching but in secrecy and trying hard to keep control over the world. Something like “let’s give people what they want but always put a counter in the middle”.

The same example can be seen on E.V. (electric vehicles), they did electric vehicles but along with that they came with all kind of stops or tricks to keep control on the owners and never let them be really free. So we have electric vehicles but NONE has at least one solar panel to recharge while the car sits during the time you are on the job, let’s say. You bought the car but you are obligated to pay a monthly tax for the battery!?!

On the household appeared new govern-ment sudden regulations about using solar panels by private house owners. Meaning, we can tax you for the light coming from the Sun!?! You buy the panel that is homologated and approved for sale, you own it, BUT to use it you need to pay taxes. How cool is that?

There is still a project that is developing at sight of everyone and is expected to produce results. It is still on the half path towards freedom but once you build a piano, you still need to get through the tuning stage which is not at all an easy stage. Teams around the world are exchanging information and data about several builds, and they still are just a few, because they are expensive. The quest for OU is openly on track and running. It will happen sooner or later.

Here is the latest updates video from QEG Canada in an interview with Kevin Blundell and Evens Abellard. I strongly recommend this video, especially for the ones interested in OU matter and for the ones are doing their own research home projects to stay updated, as it comes with some fine explanations and overall course of research and development at this very moment.

We can keep the positive thinking – even if sometimes is hard to do so – and think at the moment when the concept of OU will make part of our living. We can also envision how life is at that moment.

Love and Light in your lives I wish you,
PFC Technology Leadership
Energy Kool


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