Website Issues – Please Read (UPDATE – Transposh Now Disabled)

(See update at bottom of post)

We seem to be having a multitude of problems regarding the functioning of the website.  From the web admin side making Posts & monitoring Comments seems to require various work-arounds, and from the user/reader side the website appears to be taking longer to load than even just a week or two ago.

Given that we have not identified the precise cause(s), please send any emails regarding problems to [email protected].  My hope is that getting more clues regarding ‘symptoms’ from readers will help us diagnose and fix the ultimate problem(s).


Nova Biscotti

Update – Afternoon of December 2, 2014

We believe we have already found the problem.  It is the Transposh software which has been causing slow loading times and issues regarding making posts or comments.  The entire website should load much more quickly now.

However, this means that we will temporarily be unable to provide translations for any articles.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  We hope to have a translation issue soon.


1 thought on “Website Issues – Please Read (UPDATE – Transposh Now Disabled)”

  1. Quick update for Everyone: We discovered our Translation services have put a real burden and strain on our server. I have temporarily disabled the translation services and will be working on a new translation service for the future of PFC.

    The more people that wake up, the more energy PFC is going to receive. So all is well in a essence of understanding our problems that we are dealing with at the moment are associated with more energy coming our way! =)

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