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Lots of changes in the world today that we’re going to talk about today with Cobra.  Very interesting stuff.  We didn’t have time, again folks, just so many questions from so many of you I couldn’t even get to last month.  I went over a little with Cobra today.  I snuck in another 10 minutes before he shut me down.  We did some rapid fire questions, some interesting stuff.  I hope you’ll enjoy it.  The general theme is things are progressing well.  As you know, I don’t really focus on the world situation so much, but the response from you listeners who have interesting questions.  I’m going to say this again: I get a lot of questions from a lot of you out there that are repeating and you ask:  What does Cobra think about this person or what is that.  Cobra does not, will not and should not comment on other people’s work.  If you have a specific question about what that person’s work is, if you can phrase it that way.  If you ask:  i.e.: what do you think of Alfred Lambremont Webre  calling Putin the anti=Christ (He did not say this.  This is just an example).  Cobra is not going to comment on that type of question  because it is a personal judgment on Alfred Lambremont Weber or Alexander Putin.  I get so many questions so please don’t ask him to comment on a post or blog.  Be very specific with that information (& questions).  That will help a lot. Keep in mind.  Keep the Love.  Don’t fall into fear with Ebola or all these other things going on.  There are some very interesting things taking place on the planet but  behind it all is truth and a better world.  We need to keep coming together as we are all family.  You will hear all of Rique’s music in the end, enjoy that.  Remember where to go on my web-site later.  Without further a due.  Thank you, Blessings.  Listen to the Cobra interview coming right up.

Rob – Yes, we have another Victory of the light radio show.  I want to thank Rique

Seraphico for that nice music we had there and of course DaNell Glade for her ever present diligence and attention to the (translation) transcription process.  Also of course the super talented and creative Smally7 who does a lot of the you-tubes for Cobra and is taking care of this one for us here today on our interview.  This should come out hopefully before the first of December for you folks.  Once again Cobra, thank you very much for coming on the victory of the light radio show.  A lot of things are happening in the world and we’re very excited and grateful for you to be on my show once again.  Thank you so much.

COBRA – Thank you for your invitation.

Rob – It’s always a pleasure here.  We have a lot of things to catch up on.  I wanted to comment on some of your last posts here.  You talked about some things taking place and the victory of the light recently that could reveal after certain things.  It sounds like in some of your cryptic posts, for those of you who are sometimes confused, by “top egg” and the clearance and these different posts that have coed meanings.  They’re not for us.  They’re for members of the resistance movement on the surface of the planet to receive updates on certain conditions that are going on.  Is there anything you can share with us in regards to some of this recent victory with the clearing of the, I guess you call it, the egg post.

COBRA – OK, off course I can not make any comments about the egg post.  I would just say there is a certain operation of the light forces going on and one phase has been complete and it has been successful.  That’s all I can say at this moment.

Rob –  OK.  #2 I’d like to help support you and remind people that you are heading to Egypt to kick off the window of opportunity coming up.  There are still things available and people can sign up and check that out, correct?

COBRA – Yes, there is still space available. I would like to ask everybody and invited everybody to join us.  And those who can not join us in person can of course support this activation from their homes or from their individual locations wherever they are on the planet and both aspects are important and both aspects of this can actually help us in the next push towards liberation.

Rob – OK.  Also folks, for those of you who are familiar with my work and new to this Cobra interview and information,  you can check him out at:  It’s a wonderful site.  Lots of great information there.  There’s a book called “The event” that will really bring you up to date with lots of different information.  I would like to make a special appeal.  I’ve looked at some of the beautiful youtube videos that I believe Smally7 has made on various subjects on the window of opportunity.  For those of you who translated German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Czech, Polish, Croatian, Slovenian, and Japanese we would be very grateful at   If you would check out  We do have a request for translators on some of the important documents there, the community leader’s brief and some of the main things.  We would very much appreciate you reaching out to us or to me at [email protected] or or anything else.  Without further a due we’re going to get into some other questions.  We have quiet a hodge podge from different people.  We’ve had a lot of people from different countries and folks,  a lot of information that comes through Cobra and through the intelligence of the light force movement is focused quite a bit in the West and sometimes in the Russian and Asian communities.  Many of you in other areas of the world have asked for some updates and certain things going on.  We ‘re going to ask Cobra to comment on some of those countries.  Many of you have made comments and II’ve decided to ’ try to get some answers here form our beloved emissary of light here.  Got some interesting stuff and first question is: In  Alex Collier he said something in the range of 20 billion year hologram was his answer to this question.  How old is the Universe.  I guess I would say the physical aspect of creation.

COBRA – Well, the current estimate is 13.7 billion years and that’s quite close to the real value and we’re now speaking of this cycle, of this cosmic cycle.  Of course there were previous cosmic cycles.  This one we are now in is very important because it will finally resolve the situation with light and darkness.  This polarity will be cleared and healed and removed.

Rob – That is rally great.  Someone asked a question:  in the beginning of creation, did Source make it’s first extension of itself that we know as the God and the twin Goddess.  This is obviously, is there this dualistic thing.  Was this simultaneous aspect of creation.  Is it a mother/father God or is this kind of a step down situation

COBRA – You could describe it in this way.  The first projection of the One into many facets in the universes was male/female polarities on a very high level.

Rob – OK.  Another question.  Some people want to get a metaphysical gleaning from the Biblical texts and they would like to get a meta physical understanding.  What is the Holy Ghost in Universal or ascension terms.

COBRA – It is actually that aspect of the source that is beyond male and female polarity, which actually includes both aspects in itself.

Rob – OK.  In the bible also, it says a New Jerusalem city descends form the sky.  Is this a reference to a particular mother ship that many people have talked about called the New Jerusalem.  Is that something that was known about in the Biblical times.  What is the New Jerusalem reference in the Bible.

COBRA – It is a code name for the mother ship, yes.  If you read a description of that mothership actually you see there are 12 different layers of the mothership with 12 different energy aspects and the revelation was actually a vision which is about, around 2,000 years old and it actually describes the times we’re entering, the times of the first contact and the times of the completion of duality.

Rob – Yes.  You mentioned 12 layers, it’s very interesting because JJ Hurtak in Keys of Enoch mentioned that there are 12 major areas where he says that very large mother ships will descend upon the planet and I can mention 2 of them that I can remember off hand, well actually 3 of them.  One is The Tacal Machan (?) basin, the other is SLC and the salt flats, for anyone who’s been out there that can certainly take a very large mothership, as well as the head of the Dove down there in central America.  There’s supposed to be a large ship that may hover over the land.  Is that the reference to the New Jerusalem meaning of the 12 levels of energy.  Different types of ships in different places.

COBRA – Basically the new jerusalem is a code name for one mothership but you have this 12 pointed star patterning on different layers of creation and the whole planet will be part of that 12 pointed energy patterning at the time when those motherships will become visible.  So this is at a certain point in the future and that will be part of the plan.

Rob – Yes, and as we’ve discussed before privately and if you can confirm this:  I was feeling that this will be quite some time after the event when we actually have this type of landing, correct?  This would probably would be 2 or 3 years at least, yea?

COBRA – Yes, there will be a certain time frame which will need to pass between the event and those types of manifestations because the mass consciousness of humanity needs to be ready for something like this without being too stressed out.  Actually Humanity needs to be able to absorb this transition in a way that will benefit his consciousness.  It will not just be a show it will be actually a transition which will include a transformation of the consciousness of humanity.  That’s why it needs to take some time for this to be the most optimal way to be aligned with the divine plan.

Rob – Yes, many of the questions that people ask in regards to the event that are coming up here, have to do their feelings of the way things are now but, at the time of the event, and you have mentioned and I’ve always stated, this is the beautiful part of your work Cobra is that: the new revelation of explaining the Chimera scalar wave technology, which works with certain satellite programs as well as a etheric type technology which is jamming the human consciousness field.  There will be tremendous change at the time of the event.  This scalar wave network and this electronic fence as I like to call it, will be taken down, is that correct.

COBRA – Yes, they will be taken down and yes this will result in a drastic improvement of energy conditions around the planet.  Human beings will definitely be able to feel that improvement, quite, quite intensively.

Rob – Yes.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a very dramatic change for those who know nothing about E.T.’s or anything.  Even the average person will feel a strong energetic shift correct?.

COBRA – Yes, they will feel like something is going on.  They will feel much better, much lighter, much more optimistic.  They might not initially understand why but they will definitely feel that something big is going on.

Rob – Very good.  Let’s see, we have some other questions here.  I’m personally curious, Dr. Frank Strange has denied this information to me but Billie Meyer has a book called The Talmud of Emmanuel.  A lot of people have questions in regards to the personality of Jesus Christ or the ascended master.  Here’s a question:  Was Jesus Christ the real birth father an archangel or an ancient celestial being, and if so, do you know who this being was.  Some people said it was Gabriel.  How was Jesus Christ born, was it an immaculate conception or did she have sex with an E.Tt?

COBRA – No.  It was  a natural birth process like everybody like us.

Rob – Who did Mary have sex with?

COBRA – There is a certain person who has been erased from the Bible.  You see, a lot of information, I would say 50% of the information about the life of Jesus has been fabricated.  It has been taken from different mythologies that were prevalent at that time.  From Mythriism, from Apollo cult, from Egyptian mysteries.  I would say the other half was a section of his life that suited the programming cult of Christianity at that time, so you can not make conclusions about his life based on bible if you want an accurate perception.

Rob –   Yes, that will probably upset some fundamentalist Christian people.  I’d like to support you and reiterate folks, that there are priesthoods and there is misinformation there. This being, let’s talk about him, was this an E.T. being.

COBRA – He was a star being like many star seeds, light warriors and light beings now on the planet.

Rob – OK, so I understand at the time she was part of an Essene family, Mother Mary was, and that she was one of the Oracles and it was determined that she would bear the Christ.  How was this known at that time.  Was there a type of communication that was shared with certain members who were preparing for this incarnation.

COBRA – Actually, there were quite many prophecies at that time and of course his birth was expected as was the birth of many prophets which did incarnate in that time frame.  He was not the only one.  But he was the one who had a very important message and that is the message of unconditional love which is something that this planet is evolving towards.

Rob – OK.  is Jesus Christ, in some people’s opinion, Dr. Bell’s and Rays of Truth, Crystals of light, He says.  “Jesus Christ is the highest possible incarnation of a being on the physical plane”.  He says and that’s just simply a fact.  The Ascended Master Jesus Christ , is he a leader of the Ascended Masters.  Does he hold a special position in relationship to this planet.

COBRA – OK.  I would say his mission is very important because his mission is the distribution of the energy of unconditional love among humanity which is one of the most important aspects of the planetary liberation and he has been dedicated to that mission for the last 2,000 years and preparing humanity for this transition which is happening now.  That is quite important.

Rob – We’re going to go into some other questions.  I’ve got a few more biblical questions I tossed in here this month.  We have lots of questions folks.  I apologize if your questions don’t get answered.  We just don’t have time.  I have also many questions from so many people, we may get 1 or 2 of some people who sent many questions.  So please don’t be offended.  I’m doing my best to get all your questions in there.  Who was the dark group of beings knows as the Anchara group.  Was there a peace treaty in place to stop Galactic wars.  Was there a peace treaty.  Who was the Anchara alliance.

COBRA – Yes, there was a peace treaty that was signed in 1995, and as you all know the next year was the big invasion, the Archon invasion that happened on this planet.  Because not all races and not all beings were happy with that treaty.  Actually one large segment of negative races have crossed into the light as a result of that treaty and the other ones who  did not sign the treaty were very unhappy with that treaty and they decided to invade the planet and that’s what happened in 1996.

Rob – OK.  Here’s an interesting question.  I’ve heard various takes from various various different people and I’d like to ask you.  Is earth and other planets that orbits our sun in our solar system, are they all hollow and do all of them have inner worlds that are of the higher dimensions?

COBRA – OK.   Every planet in the solar system, not only in this solar system has cavern systems in their crusts.  I’m speaking now of the solid planets, the gases planets have a different structure. On the higher dimension every planet has a certain light and a certain higher dimension structures that transmit light through the planet.

Rob – O.K.  I was given one explanation by a physicists.  In the creation of the physical solar system there is a gaseous central sun that has eventually, as it starts spinning and it slows down, I guess some drops of the sun, I guess is the description, are ejected and they don’t go too far.  They stay within the magnetic influence of the gravitation pull of the sun and they start spinning, kind of like a geode, I guess there’s been some indication and some people have theorized that there is a small, tiny piece of the sun in the center and that there is a hollow chamber in the exact center as well as the crust.  Is this true or possible.  Is this theory correct in your understanding.

COBRA – The first part of the theory is correct but the 2nd part is not exactly correct. because In the center of each planet, yes there is a star gate, but it’s not a sun as some people understand it.  It’s a little bit different.  It’s a very dense matter which emits a lot of energy due to various physical processes.

Rob – Yes, that corresponds with what Fred Bell told me when I asked him that question so that’s consistent there.  Thank you very much.  Here’s an interesting question that some folks may be interested in and I’m pretty much aware of this and I knew this whole thing is a scam.  They have actually, literally criminalized the old form of light bulb here maintaining that they’re more eco friendly and energetic and will save energy.  I believe this is false, in fact I’ve been told that there’s mercury gas in those new light bulbs that have the spirals.  Some people are maintaining that they have a fatigue.  Can you comment on the intent of the ending of the incandescent bulbs and the replacement types that seem to be more toxic.

COBRA – Yes, of course this is, along with the poisoning of the foods, the chemtrails and other inventions of the Cabal.  They want people to be constantly suppressed with different chemical substances.  And yes, those bulbs are a little bit more dangerous for your health. They are not as innocent as they are portrayed.

Rob – Thank you and I’ll ask people to listen there carefully.  Cobra said chemtrails.  I constantly get people who are talking about the chemtrails and we’ve addressed this many times.  We’re not going to go into it today.  I just like to reiterate what Cobra said many times before;  yes there are chemtrails.  They are not having the results that they’re intended but there still are areas of heavy spraying although the intensity has slowed down in certain areas folks, we absolutely recognize.  I’m here in Mt. Shasta.  There are periods where we will go through repeated spraying of chemtrails from 3 am in the morning all day long.  We will have intense blanketing but the level of this has slowed down.  Cobra, at what point will this finally end.  Will this be at the event that we finally see the end of the chemtrails

COBRA – Yes, at the event.  Yes, you see all the activity of the Cabal will continue until the event and until they are arrested.  They will not stop by themselves.

Rob – OK.  This is from a friend of mine.  He’s actually one of your healer’s there.  He said in one of your last blog posts, but it was some time ago. I couldn’t get this in earlier, we’re so far behind in questions.  He says: the evidence of the Brookhaven lab as the source of the light beam that destroyed the TWA flight that had not before been explained, although many people have talked about a flash of light coming from the Brookhaven labs that probably took out that TWA.  This person wants to know generally speaking, how high in the US government ladder does the decision to murder so many people on the flight go.  Does the president know about this type of thing.  Is the green light given by the higher ups.  Was this by military officers or is this strictly chimera.

COBRA – OK.  The initial decision for things like this sometimes comes from Chimera but they don’t often intervene in our surface situations.  Most of the decisions for the situations like this come from the Cabal.  The majority of them come from the illuminati factions, like the Bushs’, Kissingers’, Rumsfeld, Cheny and people of that caliber.  They are the ones who are making the decisions of that nature,

Rob – OK, so these are just absolute rogues.  And they just do that kind of folks. That’s how they consider you. Someone asked that you mentioned the replicator can reproduce food such as a tomato, which is a living thing.  So, He was wondering;  can you replicate a living creature.  We know we have cloning, but is there a replicator technology that could do that.

COBRA – Basically what a replicator does it replicates a tomato which is not alive any more.  It’s not a plant.  It’s that part which is already dead.  The replicator can create a body but a living substance needs to enter into that body, and yes the light forces have technology that can make that happen.  So, for example, if you need a new body,  the replicator will create a new body for you and then you will enter that body as a soul with a certain technology that allows you to adjust your vibrational frequency to that other body.

Rob – Yes, it corresponds to some interesting info that I heard a few years ago and I’ve spoken it people.  Is it true that some of the races of beings, who in their native condition on their worlds perhaps, have different gravities, different atmospheres.  They actually, as spiritual space family/light family have the ability to disassociate their consciousness from their physical body and I’ve heard that they can kind of hang their body up in like a suspended animation state while they exit their body and they take on an earth body to appear like us so that they can interact in our atmosphere and gravity,  is this correct.

COBRA – Ummm. . It is a standard procedure for some races but this standard procedure is not practiced very often on this planet because this planet is considered to be quite dangerous to interfere with.  So, it could happen that a being could leave their original body, incarnate here and got trapped and this is not something that they would like to experience.

Rob – Right, without incarnating here they could leave their space body and appear in a earth base and then come to the surface correct?.

COBRA –  They could but it’s a dangerous situation, especially in the last few decades.  it was quite dangerous and it was considered risky and not many beings did that as a result of that.

Rob – OK.  We’ve asked this question before about chakra’s.  Some people talk about  a single chakra or multiple chakras.  You said there are hundreds of chakras throughout the body which is obviously clear.  Many vortex points that we call the nadis, or the nodal points of the etheric and physical bodies on the body.  Is there anything in the future that will be changing in regards to the basic structure of the chakras?

COBRA – Not really because this structure is quite efficient and it is aligned with the physical body as we have it now.  There is no need to change it.  There are many new age teachers that are proposing those changes.  I would say, no, before ascension, the basic structure remains the same.

Rob – Right, that’s what I was feeling as well.  I keep getting some of these repeats and sometimes they ask for a little more clarity.  Here’a a question that’s kind of obvious to those of us.  I’d like you to give  a lot of people hope and they struggle with addiction which is due to the electronic fence and a lot of programming and hopelessness that is present.  Simple question:  Will the human race be able to overcome addition easier after the event.

COBRA – Much, much easier because Most of the addictions are chemical imbalances that can be easily resolved with a new technology that will be given.

Rob – And will this new technology be given very soon after the event.  How quickly will we be able, will the E.T’s release through the white hats in the military before the human population even knows that the ET’s are involved in the event.  Will this be made available very quickly?

COBRA – Yes, those types of technologies will be available very quickly, as fast as the distribution network allows.  I would said, In a few months this will be pretty much spread throughout the planet.

Rob – OK.  Here’s a funny one.  I thought it was kind of cool.  Will we get to hang out with Jesus some time after the event.

COBRA – The answer is yes, it might not be a personal experience but yes, he will appear to groups of people when the time is right.  (Very good) Also the same with the other Ascended Masters.

Rob – There’s a question here:  is there an option B in terms of the event where the galactics themselves will announce themselves prior to the event if the delays continue.

COBRA – No, It is a logical sequence of events that need to happen.  First the event which includes the removal of the Cabal.  Only after the cabal is removed can the light forces from other civilizations make themselves visible to humanity.

Rob – Other contactees including J J Hurtak says that this process that we’re going through, although unique on the earth due to it’s location in the galaxy and the many portals and the different races that will be effected by the earth if it were to explode has brought attention here.  Many people have indicated that this is a process of liberation.  Generally speaking it’s been repeated on many worlds that have been taken over by the Chimera and I guess we can add the Anchara group.  Is that correct?

COBRA – Yes, many planets have been liberated and usually this is a standard protocol to liberate the planet, but here on this planet it’s a little more complicated.  One of the reasons is that humanity has been brainwashed much, much more deeply.  There is not enough cooperation from the surface population, that’s why it takes longer and it’s more complicated.

Rob – OK.  Very good.  there’s some things we’re going to switch around here – so many questions trying to organize them which is a little tough usually.  There is a referendum in Switzerland about the gold standard.  There’s been some supposedly positive individuals trying to reveal things.  They had an interview in Switzerland.  They didn’t take the main person, they took 2 of his underlings and he said they did quite well.  Can you talk about this Swiss referendum on gold.  Does this require the people’s referendum in Switzerland or is this at all related to the white light forces.

COBRA – It is actually a very good idea because people now have a chance to involve themselves a little bit more directly in the transformation of the financial system. Yes, this has been organized by the light forces which are behind that. I would say they are actually White Templar groups in Switzerland that are behind this.  They are trying to do whatever they can so that the result of this referendum will not be manipulated by the Cabal, because of course there is also still a Cabal presence in Switzerland.  You have both.  If people choose in the right way, this can actually assist light forces and the transition phase for the financial system to be more aligned with Gold.

Rob – Very good.  This folks as Cobra’s mentioned many times is a temporary transition as humanity is healed and the post event revelations come clear.  The laws of creation and people’s healing takes place, the understanding of the use of energy and credit will change to a cashless system.  Ladies and gentlemen, This is kind of a long winded post.  A lot of people have asked me to ask Cobra questions on different things.  He doesn’t have time to read all these things.  There was one in particular that someone sent me.  I asked Cobra before our interview if this was true.  It actually had about 19 bullet points which actually contain somethings in regards to the event. In fact, I have a feeling it was taken directly from Cobra’s information in regards to the event.  Some of the bullet points are:  establish new presidential congress elections within 120 days after the NASARA announcement.  It claims that late one evening in March in 2000 a written quorum was hand delivered by a Delta force Navy Seals to 15 members of the US senate and US House who were sponsored and co-sponsors of NASARA .  They were immediately escorted by Delta Force and Navy Seals to respective voting chambers where they passed NASARA.  These 15 members of congress were the only people lawfully allowed to hold office according to the 13th amendment.  It goes into certain stuff which is kind of true.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Cobra has indicated that this did not take place.  Although, some of the information in here enables the release of over 6,000 patents, establishes peace throughout the world, ceases all aggressive US Military forces world wide, restores financial privacy, eliminates the Federal Reserve.  All this stuff is correct.  This was posted on former White Hat site which has been quite hostile and is actually a combination of several individuals, one of which allegedly passed away in mexico after kidnapping his child, but there are other people that have filled in the breach.  This is probably a mis-information dis-info.

COBRA – OK.  I will explain here.  Most of this info comes from the light forces but it has been . . . .  certain aspects have been infiltrated into that post.  I would say the general intel about the NASARA law is correct but there are certain facts that are included that are not correct.

Rob – Yes, that is the dis-info, that was what I was alluding to.  Thank you for that.   I will not glorify that web-site at all.  Another person, one of our French followers has mentioned:   The French identity cards contains a microscopic solenoid chip hidden behind the photo. This is standard in America and I think it reads a lot of information.  Someone asked: in France they say it is place in front of the throat on the picture.  I’m not sure if  that is consistent for every person.  They would like to ask you if there is any significance to be placed in front of the throat or is it simply just a microchip that contains data on that individual.

COBRA – It is simply a microchip that contains data.  There are more and more microchipped cards for different purposes being spread around the planet by the Cabal.   It is simply another aspect of control.

Rob – Yes, and many people are aware, through Edward Snowden of course.  Those of us who have been awake have known this for years that the govt. has very advanced electronic and monitoring capabilities that they could use with this chip.  As I understand it, if they were really serious and wanted to get a hold of you, they could send down beams in certain areas.  If you were carrying not only your cell phone and your laptop which is obvious folks, but if you were carrying your license and your credit cards, they could actually track you through this technology.  Is that correct Cobra?

COBRA – There are so many tracking technologies that they basically need to cover the whole planet.  Especially the chimera group wants to cover the whole planet.  The main purpose of this surveillance is they want to make sure that there is no E.T. contact.  This is number one motivation behind all this surveillance on the planet.

Rob – These do these little chips on the credit cards, how do they monitor the E.T. surveillance.

COBRA – They do not, but this is the most primitive way of surveillance.  There are more sophisticated methods.  Every individual is checked by many of those methods combined.

Rob – Right. and for the average person folks who’s paranoid about certain things, the Cabal themselves and the chimera, they’re not individually monitoring people who don’t pay their taxes or whatever, who may be super paranoid.  This type of monitoring is really not used in the average person’s daily life even if they’re criminal.  It’s really more for the heavy duty people like Edward Snowden or someone like yourself if they found your identity, they might be using that technology, right?

COBRA – Basically you see – they basically gather data and that data and it is being stored and forgotten.  I would say more than 99% of the data they gather is just left somewhere sitting on the server somewhere and being forgotten.

Rob – Ok.  One of your followers, I guess, has really enjoyed some of your graphics about the astrological and energetic windows.  You have talked about a window of opportunity.  They’re kind of curious about why you’ve stopped posting some of the energetic astrological conditions or its just been awhile since you’ve done that.

COBRA – I haven’t stopped.  It simply was just that there wasn’t anything worth mentioning enough to post it.

Rob – OK.  Very good.  Some sources talk about the earth splitting into 3D, 4D or 5D and different time lines and people continuing on between 2015-2017.  Can you make any comments on this.

COBRA – I do not agree with that information.

Rob – Thank you.  Would the event enable planet earth and all humanity to rise to 4 or 5D easier.

COBRA – Yes, of course the event will make all this transition much, much easier.

Rob – OK.  It seems kind of crazy but someone asked a question.  Will some people choose to remain in a 3D consciousness.  No one would actually choose it if they were aware of it correct? , if the could raise in a higher frequency.

COBRA – Some people will remain on the physical plane.  Many people will remain and people incarnating but in conditions w/o duality, w/o wars, w/o destruction and without the cabal.

Rob – What happens in deep dream state that we don’t remember anything.

COBRA – Actually what happens is that the soul together with the astral body, leaves the physical body and is just connected with the physical body with a little tiny thread.  And then the consciousness is put into rest because it needs to integrate whatever happened during the day.

Rob – Yes, Thank you.  There’s more information on folks  in Rays of truth & crystals of light by Fred Bell.  That is very much Echoing that information there.   Here’s an interesting question.  It’s kind of interesting to me and it’s in regards to money.  We’ve heard a lot of talk about the petro dollar and the U.S. dollar and everything and it seems there’s a kind of a question for those of us who are not super knowledgable in money situations.  Can you explain how the U.S. derives power form the use of the dollar as the international reserve currency.  Which difference does it make which currency is used by international transactions if they all kind of relative to each other.

COBRA – The petro dollar is, I would say, is a form of financial system which is supported by the Military power of the U.S. through the planet.  There are many military bases around the planet and basically the governments were forced through that military power to use the dollar as the international reserve currency and if a certain currency is used as an international reserve currency, it gives a lot of power to that particular country.  U.S. dollar was a reserve currency after WWII.  Before WWII and in the previous centuries there were other countries which had their own reserve currency as a planetary currency and this gave them a lot of power. For example the 19th century was the British pound was the reserve currency.  This gave England a lot power.  A lot of expansion with many colonies.  One century before it was the French who had the primacy of the reserve currency and it was the expansion of that country.  For example in the 15th or 16th century it was Spain and the expansionism of Spain with the new world with the conquering of central America and South America.  If a certain country has a reserve currency as a planetary currency it gives that country a lot of power.  This is what was happening to the U.S.

Rob – OK . I’m not going to say the persons name, but there’s a blog called; freedom for humanity.  I looked at it.  It’s well intended.  They learned about the Chimera through you.  They personally feel they are in contact with Chimera and they said that they have surrendered.  Which I obviously think it is clearly not correct.  Can you comment.  Has the Chimera surrendered?  A lot of people asked this question. This blog got a lot of press.

COBRA – Obviously they haven’t surrendered because the big change hasn’t happened yet.

Rob – Thank you.  Another question: Is the leader of the Chimera group a person or being named Seth.

COBRA – The answer is No.

Rob – OK. Thank you.  We have other questions that there is a theory that time flow is now faster than before.  Is this correct.  I understand dimensions have different time flows where if you go to a different planet it’s on a different plane.  You can spend a year there and it may be very short here.  Is time, in a sense speeding up here.  Is there any validity to that.  It’s all relative to us isn’t it.

COBRA – OK.  there are 2 things.  The first one is the psychological perception of time is speeding up because we need to integrate and process more information each day than we had years ago.  The information flow has increased.  The other thing that is happening is the dimensional shift.  The dimension shift does change the structure of space-time continuum.  It’s an objective happening which could be measured and will be measured when the science of this planet will allow and acknowledge the existence of of higher dimension then this could be measured.

Rob – Ok, An interesting little tidbit of information. Where did the Anasazi’s of the southwest disappear to.

COBRA – They went underground into the Agarthan, I would say, the American aspect of the Agarthan network.

Rob – Could you talk about your opinion of monatomic gold powder or Ormus.  Does it help raise your vibration spiritually as a super conductor and work in higher consciousness states.

COBRA – Yes, of course it helps along with other, as well as other platinum group metals in monatomic states.

Rob – Was this possible the reason for the Annunaki and the mining of gold on the earth.  Is that the reason why they valued it so highly


Rob – OK.  Someone named Ed Dames has reported in October on Coast to Coast that there is going to be a kill shot from either a comet or a sun spot.  I give it no thing, but I did have several comments on this.  Is there anything you can talk about the solar flares.

COBRA – Well, there be be continual solar activity but there will no drastic cataclysm in this time frame.

Rob – Right.  Someone has asked a question and I believe this is mind control and maybe you can confirm this. Some people say; The pilots are unaware they are spraying chemtrails.  Someone says:  how can they be unaware and will there be repercussions for them or are most of them mind controlled and under threats.

COBRA – Sometimes pilots really don’t know what they are carrying on their plans.  Some of them are bribed, some of them are threatened and some of them are mind controlled.


Rob – Very good.  A question:  have you ever communicated with a person named Drake and do you have some of the same intel connection with Drake

COBRA – Yes, I was in communication with Drake.  I would say, his original contact was somebody from the resistant movement.  An agent from the RM inside the positive military and then Drake dis-connected from that contact and now he is having his own intel sources which are not the same as mine.

Rob – OK.  Very good. Here’s question about death experience from The tibetan book of the dead.  “Remember the white light, the pure light which everything in the universe comes and everything in the universe returns, the original nature of your own mind, the natural state of the universe un-manifested.  Let go into the clear light, trust it, merge with it.  It is your own true nature.  It is home.”  Is this a valid idea at the time of transition to death in the Tibetan dead or is this just a little bit of misinformation from an ancient scriptural text.

COBRA – This is very good guidance actually and a helpful description of what to do to focus on your true nature, in your true inner light at the time of death.  It’s actually a way to escape the Archon traps when you die.

Rob – OK.  Someone asked a question; the  young codex in the Nag Hammadi manuscripts.  Are they all accurate.

COBRA – To a great degree yes, but not completely.

Rob – Here’s another question about the bible and christ.  You’ve kind of answered who is Jesus Christ.  The Urantia book maintains that Christ is God incarnate and it seems that the Phoenicians and Valiant Thor consider Christ very important so the question is:  Is Christ the person who the Bible states it is and the Urantia book is Jesus Christ kind of a god incarnate.

COBRA – I have already answered this question.  But I will say, every being on the planet has a spark of the source inside and I would not make any distinctions here.

Rob – OK.  Thank you.  There’s another person when we last spoke and you talked about people being sensitive to learn things.  This person gave quite a long scenario that they are sensitive at night and her husband and friends might feel she’s a little paranoid.  She’s trying to figure out a reasonable explanation. She feels she’s psychic and sensitive.  When it’s a little darker in her room she is seeing different things like Gargoyles or something and she feels there’s different beings in the room.  Is it possible that this is still going on and could be happening to her.  She’s not sure she’s going crazy and wants to forget the whole experience.  She feels very confused by this and was kind of curious about that.

COBRA – Yes, of course things like that can still happen especially with the sensitive people.  Sometimes they can feel or see what is happening on the etheric plane.  Etheric plane has not been liberated yet.

Rob – Very good.  This brings us to another questions that I passed up earlier.  I wanted to seg-way into there.  Someone has been using your meditation you described in our last interview and they said it really works – invoking the light of protection.  Could you possibly speak a little more about that for these people who are feeling in the moment stress or emotional attack or dissonance in their body.  Could you once again recommend what a person can do.  This is always a helpful part of our communication.  People really enjoy this positive information as well.

COBRA – There are many ways that you can protect yourself – One of them is to connect to the galactic central sun.  Another way is to Visualize a pillar of light coming from the sky going through to the center of the earth.  Another one is to go in nature or surround yourself with brilliant white light, or blue light or pink light, whatever is your own personal preference.  What is also important is for you to remove the source of stress from your life.  If you have any attachments to dysfunctional relationships or anything that is lowering your vibration.  That is also an entry point for the other forces to interfere with your life.  Take care of those as much as possible and you will be more protected.

Rob – OK.  At the time of the event will certain diseases. . . .  will people be healed immediately?  For instance:  A question someone is asking is if we wear glasses or contact lenses, would this be healed immediately or will we just have technology that individually people will have to buy to return to natural eye site.

COBRA – It will be a process.  It will take some time.  First the most critical cases with terminal illnesses will be taken care of, and then gradually everything will be transformed.  All illnesses will be healed and that will of course involve individual participation of every individual.  Their own inner transformation and also the assistance of technologies will be disseminated throughout the planet

Rob – Someone asked about childbirth and menstruation is a kind of a burden for the females and an inconvenience and kind of a painful thing for many of them.  Is this a natural process.  Will this change after the event.  Will humanity, or females eventually evolve in a different way in regards to menstruation.

COBRA – Menstruation does change when the woman reaches a certain vibrational frequency then it is actually ceases to exist.  It is a very high frequency that is not happening long before the ascension.  It is something that will happen shortly before the ascension.

Rob – Right, but after the event it will be less painful, probably will be much more understanding and balanced chemistry.  It won’t be such a painful process for women, is that correct.

COBRA – It does not need to be painful.  It is pain only when there is certain energetic blockage in the energy bodies and also in the physical bods.  When those blockages are removed the menstruation itself does not need to be painful.

Rob – Ok, the Dogon tribe, we know you mentioned about the spaceship that landed and Credo Mutwa ( and some of the ancient things.  You did mention that there was communication with dolphins at one point.  It says here that this Dogon tribe supposedly believed that the cannabis or marijuana plant was gifted to this planet by a priestess form the Sirius star system.  In their culture they have a year long celebration of the cannabis plant every now and then.  It relates to dogs who are our canine companions.  The question is:  Is there a connection, because animals seem to really have this unconditional love feature and very closely bond to humans.  The first question is Is there any truth that cannabis was seeded here by E.T.  It certainly has a lot of uses besides the heavily touted one of recreational changing. We’re finding more medical and industrial uses. Is this a gift from any ET race that you know of.

COBRA – Yes. Actually, many plants were seeded as a gift from many different races.

Rob – I have heard also folks, according to certain sources, the Venusians have given us ants, bees and corn, so I’m sure the earth is a landing pad part of the process of that.  Here’s another question someone asked:  what are Elohim.

COBRA – They are actually arch angles, beings of light that descended from the source and are guiding evolution in various solar systems.

Rob – OK. After the event, how soon will we have healing technologies.  Will there be a positive star dust technology that will be available for humanity to heal in a general way, unbeknownst or will this all be kind of open and transparent to everyone and go through the series of releases of the patents and stuff that have been suppressed.

COBRA – Yes, positive star dust technology will be released to humanity very shortly after the event.  The only determining factor is how fast can humanity integrate those changes.  I would expect the first few months after the event there will be a drastic release of those technologies and a lot of healing will take place as a result.

Rob – OK. Someone has recently posted and I think it might even be on one of Alex Collier’s sites.  I’m not sure, I’ve been trying to reach out to Alex Collier.  Ladies and Gentlemen, He’s a great brother who revealed a lot of information who was very important along with David Icke’s work on reptilians to plow the field so to speak for Cobra’s more advanced information on details on certain aspects on these, lets call them hostile tyrannical groups that will be arrested at the time of the event.  I’m not sure if Alex actually said this:  he said, there is, according to the Andromedans, there is a satellite that runs on it’s own.  I’ve heard this from many sources.  This is not a new technology folks.  It’s been reported that the Gani meade (sp) is an ET ship that goes around Jupiter and of course the ET’s have very advanced technologies.  There’s super cultures create Giant mother ships we couldn’t even possibly conceive of.  Many miles and length and diameter.  But I don’t doubt that  what he said of the black knight is basically, he describes it as an ET department of highway transportation that maps the galaxy for the various stars and planets and it kind of runs on auto pilot.  Now, I don’t doubt that, but there is a recent post on youtube that some individual maintains he couldn’t show this from his work station at NASA or JPL or wherever he is, and he videoed it from his cell hone and he maintains that there is something behind Saturn which is even bigger than Saturn.  Cobra, can you tell people what you told me about that.

COBRA – Again, I would not support that information.

Rob – Would you support the information from Alex Collier that the E.T.’s do have, let’s call them automatic, automatic, artificial, self operating drone intelligences which map the galaxy and are part of the multi-dimensional alliance of free world’s of the confederations mapping systems for interstellar travel.

COBRA – Yes, I would completely confirm that.  Yes, they do have probes like that.

Rob – OK, so ladies and gentlemen, until I hear from Alex Collier if he’s confirming that video.  It may be an over zealous person who may be taking Alex Collier’s information to coincide with this particular video.  Let’s not jump to conclusions here until we hear from Alex.  Ladies and gentlemen,  He is a great brother and he has done a lot of work for the light and on my radio show talked about the death threats he’s received from the NSA.  He’s under a lot of surveillance and financial hardship.  If you can please click on the donate button of his web site and help him out, it would be greatly appreciated.  The gentleman deserves a galactic federation medal of honor.  He’s under tremendous stress in his personal with and his family.  We have a couple more questions here.  Actually a lot more than we can possibly get to today folks.  Someone wants to know – the question is:  The person’s found them selves into finding.  They’re not into priesthoods, religions but they found great comfort in their personal life by practicing the spiritual practices of Hindu and Buddhist text and he wonders to what degree have these religions been tampered with or distorted as a result of the negative forces to mask or manipulate the truth of the matter that is not in accord with the original teachings of the awakened teachers, of the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, the maha Barata the ___  & other books.  Can you just basically talk about the Hindu and Buddhist text and the priesthoods and their manipulation.  Has there been much.  They seem to be probably a lot less than what we call Catholicism.

COBRA – There was a certain degree of manipulation especially regarding concept of Karma.  One great portion of those teachings are still aligned with the truth.  Of course the original teachings were present thousands and thousands of years before those texts were written and of course each generation has added a little bit of distortion.  The general core is still quite there and each individual needs to use his or her own discernment to see the truth.

Rob – OK.  I have a very interesting question that I’ve wanted an answer to.  It was supposed to be released by the Vatican.  I’m pretty sure that Fatima was E.T. positive group related miracle.  They  Basically blocked out the sun to have a space ship dance to appeal to the people at the time.  Can you tell us what the Fatima prophecy was

COBRA – Yes, it was a UFO related event and a certain craft appears in front of the group of people.

Rob – Yes, and what was the intelligence that it talked about, some people said it talks about a pole shift or a possible cataclysmic event… or Is the reason it’s been kept secret is it denounces Catholicism and the Jesuit relations to Chimera and their end times.  can you tell us what that prophecy that was given that has not been revealed.

COBRA – Yes, it talks about the real story behind the Catholic church and the programming and it talks about the disintegration of that programming at the end times.  This is the reason why the church is suppressing this.

Rob – We have a couple questions from people around the world here. You can probably take these pretty quickly.  The first one of course is from our neighbors in Canada.  Looks like they have some Cabal member named Steve Laney.  They’ve been pushing for tighter powers because of Ebola and terrorist act, they call it crisis act.  Kind of seems like again, the patriot act in America which gives them super normal powers to arrest and detain people in Canada.  Can you allay their fears.  I’m pretty sure that this isn’t going to take place.  Just like the patriot act, it’s been 12 years and they haven’t been able to round people up in FEMA camps yet.  Can you talk about this action going on in canada.

COBRA – The situation is quite similar as U.S.  They have a law on paper, but as you said already, people don’t need to be afraid of mass arrests of good people.  FEMA camp situations will not happen.

Rob – OK.  Some people have asked.  Can you talk about Slovakia and it’s position in the world’s healing, in terms of spiritual awareness.

COBRA – Slovakia is part of central Europe and the whole region of central Europe has a purpose of balancing different opposing forces.  We have Anglo America situation in the west and we have the Russian-Chinese and central European area.  It’s purpose is to integrate those two polarities and anchor the energy of balance and Slovakia is part of that region.

Rob – I’ve had that same question.  People asked about their beloved Hungary, Serbia, Poland so that’s going to answer all of you.  People have asked in regards to So. America, as well Argentina, Chili and Brazil.  Can you recommend anything for the light workers down there.  Obviously the world focused on the heavy powers in the west.  the manipulations behind the behimous.  Can you talk about the progress of the liberation movement and what’s going on with the Cabal in So. America.  These people seem to be reading news from so far away and they feel left out from some of the information, not necessarily from you personally, but from a lot of the spiritual liberation messages.  It seems like some of these countries have been left out. Can you talk about So. America.

COBRA – Basically what is happening is a strong conflict in those countries.  The light forces are very strong and the other forces are reacting quite strongly.  There is a very strong network of light workers and light warriors and they need to connect more and network more, but the level of awareness in So. America is way above planetary average.  When the event happens, that part of the world. . . . I think they will have the easiest transition from the whole planet.

Rob – Oh, really good, that’s great to hear.  I’m sure they’ll be heartened by that.  Someone asked in regards to reincarnation and the soul contracts and the chimera groups and nodal points and manipulating reincarnation.  Can they push a soul into a specific gender or does a soul have any choice on that gender.  Do they just take what they get or is the gender being manipulated by the Archons.

COBRA – It depends on the individuals.  Most individuals have an opportunity to choose their gender and to chose some of their life circumstances but many of those things are given to them, so I would say human beings have limited options of what to choose from.  Those limited options are given to them by the Archons.

Rob – Someone has a dear family member who has Huntington’s disease.  It’s almost 100% fatal.  Very painful disease along with fibromyalgia and some people consider suicide.  At the time of the event, will there be cures for these types of diseases.

COBRA – Yes. Yes.

Rob – Don’t go suiciding yourself folks, if you can make it to the event, we may be able to turn things around pretty quickly here.  Another question that I get quite often and people want to know what is the situation with the Fukushima fallout now?  I’ve heard reports from some people saying that the galactics are clearing it.  It’s not having it’s effect.  How much negative radiation is really getting into the pacific ocean and in the food chain there.  Is that a major concern or are the galactics mitigating this.

COBRA – No, no, no.  It’s not a major concern.  In reality the situation is being improved.  There is other situations which are a little bit more of a concern than this one.

Rob – Can you speak a little bit more about that technology and process to relay people’s fears of how that’s happening other than just saying that.

COBRA – I can not release any details about this.  Yes, there are light forces that are managing the situation quite well.

Rob – Very good folks and I’d like you to know your soul has the power to manifest this quite well too, if you’re advanced enough.  If you go to my website on the right hand side there’s a link to a book called : The nazi grand conspiracy.  A book by Alexander Putney and the last part is about the sensitive powerful spiritual woman who was able to clear up radiation in a government experiment which they were sacrificing her to see if she could do it, but she was able to actually do this.  She replicated the ability to negate radiation in her own body which  was proven after Hiroshima.  There was a Buddhist saint who was very close to ground zero who had no effect.  This is very unique for an individual is it not Cobra.

c Yes it is.  We’ll have to finish up quite soon.

Rob – (ha ha.)  I know folks, I went a little over and Cobra caught me.  It’s been real interesting.  Folks, I want to thank you all for again coming here for the Victory of the Light and to my web-site.  We’re very appreciative.  Cobra has given another wonderful series of informations here. He’s answered your questions for you.  And we have gone a little over.  Thank you so much Cobra and God bless you all.  I have lots of questions to still get to ladies and gentlemen.  Please be patient.  We can’t always answer your questions some of you have answered before.  Thank you Cobra again.  Victory to the Light.  Is there any message or positive hope of recent developments since your window of opportunity posts that you might share with people.  A little tidbit of some progress that you can leave us with.

COBRA – We.. . . I  can not release anything concrete yet, but yes, a certain operation of the light forces has been completed.  This is actually very good news but it’s still behind the scenes.  The result of this completion will be felt everywhere.  I would say the future looks brighter now because there is one quite delicate situation that has been resolved happily and this is very good.  And I will be able to release, slowly, step by step, I will be able to release intel about this but I still have to be careful.  There is progress and quite substantial progress at this point.

Rob – Ladies and gentlemen, Cobra has agreed the Dec interview to be Dec 22 interview.  Sounds like we may have a Christmas gift for you for another interview for you next month.  Keep an eye on my other radio page.  I’ve interviewed Benjamin Fulford, (  American Kabuki ( and Kauilapele (  Those will  coming up and I have some wonderful new products on my site too.  Keep in touch there.  Remember (Cobra’s site) with Cobra.  Keep tune ladies and gentlemen.  Victory to the light.  Thank you Cobra, God Bless

COBRA – Thank you everybody.  Victory of the light.



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  1. Hi, do anyone know where I can find more information about this which was mentioned in the interview?

    "A book by Alexander Putney and the last part is about the sensitive powerful spiritual woman who was able to clear up radiation in a government experiment which they were sacrificing her to see if she could do it, but she was able to actually do this. She replicated the ability to negate radiation in her own body which was proven after Hiroshima. There was a Buddhist saint who was very close to ground zero who had no effect."

    How can I get in contact with Mr. Rob Potter? His website linked to here is down… Appreciate your help.

  2. Question for Cobra next interview – dec 22 2014, –
    may you allow to ask some important discussion themes:

    1 – How will our society look like in 2025?
    If classified, may Cobra release as much as possible to understand the general lines of this issue:
    How will the human body look like? How will humans be living and how will they die? How will look the DNA and how long the life span of middle aged nowadays people?
    Will we have any kind of ascension? (at least more octaves of 3rd density, if not the lowers of 4th density?), What happen if the plan will not be completed till 2025?

    2 – What does the end of duality consist in??
    As is known nowadays, we learned about a so named ‘illusion of duality’, about which we may understand that is a metaphysical phenomenon by which a conscience (self conscious entity, having thus an ‘ego’) perceives itself separated from a whole in which he is part of. Isn’t it?
    Does the ‘Duality’ consist in something broader than this? As we know there is an absolute duality and a relative duality, ego and soul extension separated from Source, and the ego separated from all.
    How many degrees (levels) of duality does exist, or as case may be imposed? (Many questions are already raising about these)

    Until a supposed blog or forum moderated by RM or PFC will start, please indicate us in which section of PFC website may we start a discussion on these issues?

    3 – I have to point more exactly that we need more intel about the ascension process.
    And, as well as Cobra claims there were already a few peoples who where ascending it seems to be of nowadays interest, even before the Event.
    We do not ask Cobra about calendar dates, but rather about the ascension process itself.
    It is thus of more interest this subject rather than asking day by day when the Event will happen or when the RV or the GCR, isn’t it?

    On the other hand, Cobra confirmed us in a way the validity of the Ra material.
    In the Ra material we are told about the ascension that it may occur into both a positive and negative 4th density. Therefore we have the right to ask more about and to be well informed.

    4 – Another question for Cobra’s interview:
    We were told many times by Cobra that peoples who would not cross to the light, or who would not be able to accept the light will be sent to the Central Galactic Sun.

    What means ‘not be able’? Who will appreciate this (humans or ETs)? Will it be a trial?

    But what does it mean?? Will this be a new kind of death sentence after the Event which will replace in a more human way the electric chair?

    Who will be these people who will be sentenced to be burning in the Central Sun?
    What will result?
    Will be many common people who will be sentenced in this new way?

    May Cobra take into a broader discussion this problem with the burning in the Central Galactic Sun?
    What will be the result? On what level will work this burning (i.e. embodied soul, soul extension, higher self, so on). What level of the self will survive after this?
    May Cobra consider to answer what will happen to the supposed twin-soul of somebody who is sent to the Central Galactic Sun? And what also happens to the soul family of that one?
    Who will advocate common peoples in order to prevent them to be sent to the Central Sun?

    Please may be understood the importance of a detailed answer.

    Kindest regards!


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