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This upcoming Sunday night (Western Hemisphere) and Monday Morning (Eastern Hemisphere) we will have a vital opportunity to bring peace to our home planet.  This is the 6th of the seven Uranus-Pluto squares over the years 2012 to 2015.  The last one occurred at the first IS:IS Activation on April 20-21.

We did not have a large amount of participation then, and this resulted in only a partial success:

Given this, I urge everyone to take a half-hour of their time to focus their intention on the activation at the critical times.  Please see the following links regarding information on how to participate:

1. Therese Sumner – Important Update Regarding IS:IS Activation Pt 2



To the extent that you are multilingual, please post this information on other blogs.  In the second of the three links above (literally, #2) to 2012 Portal, Cobra has provided videos in twelve different languages describing the meditation/activation.

Additionally, we have a guided meditation on the Prepare For Change website which corresponds to Cobra’s instructions on the final of the three links above (#3):

The section of the mp3 which aligns with the activation starts at the 6:20 mark.

Lastly, Cobra has a clock on his blog which counts down the time to the IS:IS Portal Activation Part II.

This is located in the upper right-hand portion of the front page.

Victory of the Light is near!
Nova Biscotti



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  1. Who knows any results of the portal activation on 15th Dec?

    Hopely may also Cobra do not forget the heaps of intel he told us one month ago:
    “heaps of intel will be released in a few weeks and especially after mid-December”

    Kindest regards for all efforts concerning the portal activation.

    • News! “This portal activation was a partial success in a very unique way. A detailed report will be posted in less than a week.”

      Unfortunately, in less than a week we are hopeing for “the leaks of intels” and the 22nd dec. Cobra’s interview.
      May Cobra be successful in performing all of this!
      With kindest regards for Cobra, RM,PFC, TPRs.

  2. Therese Sumners wrote:
    “No excuses are allowed for any light pillars unless you have some physical handicap that does not allow the rotating movement of the body. If so you can visualize taking part in this way.”

    Are we humans with handicap or even worse in wheel-chairs, can only ‘visualize’, but what’s about the pillar?
    Same request in case: the human sleeps at the time of activation (in some regions it’s quite early, or for some other reasons).

    • I did a visualization myself at the IS:IS Portal Activation Part I on April 20. I was attending a concert for which I had purchased tickets months in advance before I knew the specific time of the activation.

      I concentrated as much as I could and believe it was successful. I actually visualized myself standing up much like the person in the Cobra video and rotating around.

      Honestly, it is probably not quite as effective (my attempt in April). I think given your circumstances, I believe the intention and concentration involved in your visualization will be enough.

      Even with my limited participation at Part I in April, I was able to feel a surge energetically like nothing I’d felt before. Hence, I believe it worked to a substantial degree.

      Good luck tomorrow(Monday?)!


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