(Update 12/13/14 – This is commentary which has been added from a Google Email group of which I am a part.  I think these comments are spot-on and have included them as a result.)

J:     “Reset?”

G:  https://eclinik.wordpress.com/2014/12/11/u-s-treasury-survival-kits-financial-reset-imminent/

“Quote from EClink:  We could not find any other reason for these personnel to have a need for SKs other than, at some point in the near future, they might need to work long hours inside their assigned banks, and each team might need    to perform tasks that can’t be suspended until its completely finished.”

D:     “OK…I guess the staff never heard of an overnight bag. But it apparently means that when they need these survival kits they will have NO notice at all…then must work continuously until done. It does sound like the Event, or reset…what else could impose those conditions on the entire organization?”

J:     “That’s what I thought also.”

G:     “I can’t think of something different than the reset, D.  Have you heard of the SMS alert the US gov sent “by mistake” to some people?


          I’ve read that they done it twice, I guess it was Kentucky and Missouri. Since it is in beforeitsnews I can’t tell if its legit or not.”

J:      “Spot on G!  Did you notice the first comment on that site?

This is interesting. I am in Australia and last week, I received an email from my electricity supplier stating that the message contained “important information about my power supply”. It then went on to say not much at all, other than the power can go out occasionally due to car accidents, weather events, etc (something we all know already and not something that is usually experienced for minutes to hours at most so unnecessary to prepare for imo). The crux of the email is that they recommend that I prepare for a power outage just in case. One of the headings used was “What to do when the lights go out” which you will be aware is a popular tag line for a shtf or scenario. Now I asked if others had received the same email and interestingly one of my friends in another location did receive a similar letter but she is with an entirely different power company. Most people obviously saw this as just a regular marketing or advice letter and they may be correct. But I can only go on instinct and it felt like a covert warning to me. ”




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  1. So, why do the kit require latex gloves, and masks?
    Not buying it…these are for the same reasons the rest of us have been told to have 3 day survival kits….

  2. One thing I’m sure of is it doesn’t mean anything good for the general population we won’t get any benefits from the the survival kits. Now if your going with the event coming sooner angle before collapse and all the cabal rats in the Treasury dept. are running before, the ship gets ordered to be docked and moored by the light forces than I would agree. I would like to hear your interpretation of this whenever you get time, I always like to hear the opinions of others, to see if I can gain perspective.


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