This ended up being a very short interview, unfortunately.  There were some technical difficulties, but you can hear me speaking with Ashtar Sheran starting around the 15:50 mark at the link below:

From my person experience, it is impossible to skip ahead when listening via Smartphone.  When listening to it via PC, I was able to find that I could easily skip to the point above…but it was necessary to listen to the entirety of the advertisement first.  To click “Play” or “Pause” one most go all the way to the very top of the webpage…the advertisement plays as an entire video in the middle of the screen but it is impossible to affect the playing of the audio from that part of the web page.

Happy Listening!

Update 12/28/2014 – At Ashtar Sheran’s Request, here is the link to his website:


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  1. Do you somehow know about the Cobra’s interview for december? Dose it took place on 22nd December? Do we have it at least as a new year gift?

  2. Thanks for interview!
    But, please explain in a few words about the subjects concerning Russia, rubles, usd.
    It was hard understandable for nonenglish speakers.
    Kind regards.

    • I cannot remember exactly what I stated, but I believe I was getting at the fact that the United States (corporate) government was engaging in economic warfare with Russia.

      It is difficult to explain precisely how it occurs, but my understanding is that it is possibly to drive down the price of any financial instrument via what Jim Willie calls “Naked Short Selling” – which is selling an asset you do not even own.

      Not only do you not need to own it, but you can sell it an unlimited number of times which artificially creates a huge supply relative to demand – resulting in the decrease in the price of that instrument.

      This is easily done via High Frequency Trading of derivatives such as currency forwards/swaps.

      Putin countered this in a couple ways:

      1) Increasing the Russian interest rate to 17% from 10.5%.

      2) Engaging in a larger currency swap facility with China.

      An additional financial ‘weapon’ will be to demand that products sold in Russia also be manufactured there…this is easy to do because Russian labor has become ‘cheaper’ through this monetary warfare, and any businessperson looking solely at the bottom line would want to increase their market share in Russia while also taking advantage of the ‘cheaper’ labor costs.

      Yes, this is a very callous way of looking at ‘business’. But this is how very powerful businesspeople/CEOs as well as politicians make decisions which affect the livelihoods of billions.

      This kind of behavior will come to a stop after the EVENT, because derivatives will likely be outlawed except in the case where a person is trying to hedge against the value of an asset they actually have – such as a farmer selling grain.

      Hopefully this explains it a bit better.


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