Let’s Approach Sunday Liberation Meditation As If it is the Final One Preparing Us for Laying the Foundation for Change = Forgiveness Reset on March 17th

This just might be the final weekly Liberation Meditation. Last week I suggested that we now approach every Sunday’s meditation as if this is the case. Cobra has asked us all to prepare now to do an inner Reset in the innermost chamber of our heart and dedicate Tuesday the 17th of March to forgiving as much as possible in readiness for The Event.


Each time we sit as one huge group worldwide united in a process of seeing how the old is falling apart and being absorbed by the Light Forces and then seeing and feeling the experience of existing on a beautiful clean Gaia surrounded by joyful people living in harmony we are anchoring this vision for the collective. We are telling Divine Mother/Father One that we insist upon the very best and this inner dialogue with Mother is an integral part of Her decision to give us the very best.

By telling Source now in the innermost chamber of our heart – the pinprick point of light where we connect with the Heart of One – that we are ready to forgive the past and move forward we are absolutely laying the perfect foundation for change at this time. There is nothing more powerful than forgiveness in moving forward. The quicker this forgiveness process takes place the quicker the new will arrive.

The sense of total harmony that we experience when connecting from our innermost heart to the Heart of One is comparable to the type of harmony that we will experience after The Event on Nova Gaia. Each time you connect to Source you increase your own sense of harmony and then you spread that harmony everywhere you go.

The Breakthrough is near! Let us be the change we want to see.

Therese Zumi


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