At this moment the Sun, Moon and Earth are as one. The fusion of their energies is a new beginning. All the past is now a foundation for a new future.

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When the Moon occults the Sun, it is a new moon eclipse, and since the beginning of human societies it has been regarded as a pivotal event in the measurement of time and social progress.

In primitive societies it was seen as an omen of ill will for the leaders of nations. In those times the leader was compared to the Sun, whose light gave life to all the world. To have it completely blocked during the day was an obvious indication that something bad was happening with the leader. Often this was a signal to those in opposition that they could move against him with success.

In modern Energetic Astrology the New Moon Eclipse can be understood as a reset of the Sun/Earth/Moon energy system,  particularly the frequencies of consciousness shared by Earth, the Moon and the Sun.

All objects in space can be understood to be surrounded by scalar fields that extend away from them like ever enlarging spheres, their own individual deformations of space. At the same time each of them can be understood to have a direct connection, a line, between them and the larger bodies they orbit and those with whom they have a reciprocal gravitational relationship. The combination of the direct line between the bodies and the alignment of their scalar fields allows a sharing of energies between them, an equalization of consciousness occurs, signifying a new evolutionary benchmark.

In the Earth Moon system the regular orbit of of the moon triggers the cycles of adjustment within the personal relationships each person has with all the solar bodies, their natal charts are based on this alignment at the beginning of life.  Whether personal or societal, the transits of the moon are a major key to understanding the shifting perceptions of humanity toward the world around them.

When the Earth, Moon and Sun all align during the New Moon Eclipse a far more important shift in perception occurs. For this to happen, the orbit of the moon around the Earth, its orbital plane, must coincide with the orbital plane of the Earth around the Sun, removing for a few moments the individuality of the Earth/Moon and unifying it with the Sun’s solar field, whose dominance is for those few minutes total.  The astrological implications are well known, and astrologers from the beginning of its practice have all agreed on the idea of a changing of the patterns of consciousness, regarding this moment as the shifting of energies that explains the difference between ages.

As the moon travels around the Earth it varies in its distance from the planet. The apogee and perigee are the locations in the path of the Moon where it is at its most northern and southern points.  In March of 2015 the New Moon Eclipse comes just after the perigee of the moon at it closest approach to the Earth. The gravitational field and the tidal forces greater than usual, tugging forcefully as the Moon moves into alignment between the Earth and Sun. This is the Supermoon eclipse, a powerful moment in time and consciousness, a time when the concentrated focus of a major portion of the population can tip the scales  in favor of spirit and truth.

The New Moon Eclipse is, for astrologers, a reset.

The New Moon Eclipse is is total at 29 degrees 27 minutes Pieces. The Sun is a full degree and so the exit from the occultation is into Aries, the equinox and the beginning of a new cycle. It is an extremely auspicious New Moon Eclipse.
In Tempe Arizona, the eclipse maximum occurs at 2:31:46 on March 20, 2015. The New Moon Eclipse is is total at 29 degrees 27 minutes Pieces. The Sun is a full degree and so the exit from the occultation is into Aries, the equinox and the beginning of a new cycle. It is an extremely auspicious New Moon Eclipse.

The occultation is the time when the Earth and Moon unify with the Solar system, their three energies merge into a new foundation of consciousness for all life. It is a reset for all conscious beings.

But as for all the important events of consciousness, one must intentionally embrace the stillness and the restarting of the new cycle for it to be most effective.  Meditate during the occultation, find the quiet inside of yourself and be secure. This is important, be aware that during this time the direction of conscious entities is unbound and leaving yourself unprotected is unwise. Secure your space with the pink egg meditation as it actively projects a surrounding barrier based not of fear but on good will and the presence of loving intent.

Wait until the occultation moves off center to project your positive intention. For best effect you should prepare in advance a set of words to repeat that sustain the visualization you desire to project.

When the time is right, express your intentions for the future of your life and society. Visualize the wave emanating from you around the planet like a spreading color until it completely surrounds the planet, continue to project, imagine turning the wave of color a deeper shade until it turns back to a white light.

What is projected now will feel the power of Uranus in Aries within this cycle, for as the moon moves into Aries it applies the trine to Saturn over the next two days, a time pregnant with the actions of change. And in the next two weeks builds toward the Moon’s conjunction with Uranus when it will leverage the energies of the square of Pluto and the trine of Jupiter to fullfil the intent of the New Moon Eclipse.

The energies of consciousness are the realm of beings of light. Our connection to source is deep within and through the stillness we allow it to emanate forth, infusing all that we intend. From the inside out we affect the universe, for this reason it is more effective to sustain your focus on the positive intent for as long as you can. We are filling the deepest layers of being and they must overflow to the layers that enclose them. The longer you focus the more energy of love fills the ethers and affects the world.

The New Moon Eclipse of March 2015

The activities on planet Earth are at a tipping point as the forces of the status quo find themselves under constant attack from the gathering opposition. For the powers that be the skies are filled with dark clouds and the rumble of thunder shakes the ground around them. What is to happen, what will begin the final end of this long decline?  For many who should hear this loudly it is but a faint murmur from inside their secure quarters. It cannot disturb us, they believe. They have insulated themselves beyond the reach of both reason and fear. But around them are the many who have not lost reason, and fear does not fill their hearts either. They are invisible to those who would be giants stepping on ants. And those around them see them and know who they are, and they are not insulated from justice, for every word they have said and deed they have done is known and will be told. It is not vengeance but truth that comes.

jfkThe existing power groups have manifested a gloom of darkness these first years of the twenty-first century as they sought by intimidation and stealth the conclusion of their effort to conquer planet Earth, begun a hundred years earlier. Secrecy and stealth gave them success for the first hundred years, but as their  goals neared it became more difficult to hide their intentions.  Although their murder of John F Kennedy gave them unopposed control of the US,  the failure in Vietnam kept them from victory by 2000.  At first, they thought of it as a delay, but the unprecedented rise of technology, cell phones and the  Internet allowed their opposition the unexpected ability to communicate the truth, loosening their grip, their absolute control of the media and with it the the ability to sell lies as truth, exposing their every effort to finish the job they thought was just a mop up by nineteen ninety-six.

By denying them the victory over their domestic enemies, we, their opposition have delayed and subverted their efforts to lock-in their global conquest, but they have not conceded defeat. Using financial control based on the corruption of the global banking system they have found eager supplicants around the world, allies they have cultivated for forty years, and now they have armies of mercenaries they label “religious fanatics”, but their only religion is money and violence.  These are people of weak character and little strength of heart. They gloat in the death of the innocent and take pride in being ruthless. Faced with armed opposition they hide and run, knowing they cannot be paid when they are dead. This is the end result of the effort to buy the world with guns and assassins, they cannot defeat those with their heart in the battle. Brave men and women defending their homes will route them and the world will witness their defeat, and take back the approval won with deceit.

The presence of the union of the father and the mother yields a light so bright that no shadows can remain, then like the brilliant light that arrives before the sound of thunder, the Victory of the Light will occur without warning.

So all who would intend this to be true need focus at the time of the eclipse, to still the impulses of their material being and be as one with the source within.  Wrapped in the cocoon of energetic protection and filled with the calm of the creations origin express the deep longing for peace on Earth as in the heavens, and when the momentary connection to all begins to ebb, extend your sphere of protection away from you like a wave of love in the world’s ocean of consciousness ’til it meets itself on the other side with a concussive completion, a note of planetary bliss.

Like Eduardo  has said, “It is time”, and it is.


By Dane Arr

March 15, 2015.

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  1. This is a really nice commentary for those of us who were wondering what should we be doing and when on March 20, 2015. Thanks!


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