Cathar Music – Visions of Paradise on Earth

Here is a Cathar song in 432hz, performed by Consolament Ensemble, that holds codes of Light for the listener.

I and all the people i’ve shared it with have had such powerful experiences with it, creating visions of paradise on Earth, opening up the feeling that the shift is finally here, assisting in downloading soul codes, in connecting with our higher self, that i have decided to make a special post for it.

The Cathars started in the middle ages in south France, in the region where Magdalene landed, thanks to information that was passed down from her through generations. In the middle of so much obscurantism, they were reviving truth : women and men were equal priests and priestesses, sexuality was not repressed but considered sacred, etc. They prophetized the shift coming around this time, and have worked to prepare for it and make it happen.

 You might wanna pause your activities for this, get comfortable, close your eyes, and allow yourself to receive this blessing and feel the golden age coming to this Earth. What previously seemed unattainable is finally arriving !

Enjoy !

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