Everyone I imagine knows this beautiful lady? She is one of 12 Wisdom Keepers who have taken important roles upon themselves in our liberation process. This lady was an integral part of my re-awakening in 2010. Studying her work led me onto studying other mentors among them David Wilcock so that I had laid the ground so to speak regarding information about the Shift of the Ages when Cobra arrived on the scene. I then knew enough to understand that “this man knows what he’s taking about – this is someone who has information not available anywhere else – this is someone who can teach me more”.

Keisha has been and is traveling the world with her message of love. I would guess that she has made millions of people aware of the fact that “we are the ones we have been waiting for”. Another important part of her work has been the placing in the ground of large beautiful sacred crystals at important leyline junctions worldwide and these crystals are being used to stabilize Gaia and the Grid of Light.

Her messages are always simple warm and loving and this challenge is no exception. Let’s all take her challenge on board and not waste another single day of our lives. Therese Zumi

Hello my dearest brothers and sisters around the world, my beautiful Tribe of Many Colors,

I want to share with you one of the most important things we each can do to make this world a better place. So many times i have been asked “what can i do to change the world?” Well the answer to that is very simple, love yourself and love each other. It really is that simple, but so many of us make it much more difficult that it needs to be. We think of all that is wrong with the world and end up feeling to small, to insignificant to make a change. However, the truth is, you the individual have the power. We are each droplets of water that make up the vast ocean, and when we move together we become a great wave. You have all heard me speak about love being the most powerful force in existence, and many of us are trying to live from love but how many of us truly love ourselves. This is so very important! When we love ourselves for exactly who we are, what we look like, our position in the world then we are free to truly live and love. We are each taking a journey here on Earth, taking a test, learning and growing, and yes some lessons are difficult but think of it this way – if we are never challenged what would we ever learn? Let us start focusing on the good in our lives instead of what is not, the first step in living in love is to be full of gratitude and positivity! Most of us who are trying to live from the heart believe that we are positive beings, and for the most part we are. However, we all have been trained to see the negatives before the positives by society, and for the most part we do not even know that we are being negative. I really wanted to explore this myself and so I set a challenge for myself, for two weeks I paid very close attention to how often my emotions or attitude was negative. Let me tell you, I was shocked at how easy it was to feel negative feelings throughout the day without even knowing I was doing it all this time! What is the first emotion we have when we hear the alarm go off in the morning? I have to laugh at myself! I have been starting my days each morning with a negative emotion, and I don’t think I’m the only one (: So my first morning of the challenge started like this: I head down the stairs to make some tea or coffee and I see all the dirty dishes left behind from my son making breakfast and his school lunch (he has used every dish in the kitchen to make toast). I can only find one slipper because our dog has made off with the other and after fighting the coffee machine for 15 minutes I realize we are our of milk. Looking out of the window I can see that there is so much to do, the grass needs mowed, the leaves raked up and the fence needs fixed but it’s raining so I head to the computer to begin work and there are 100 new emails to read and reply to. Then it dawned on me, setting there in my pyjamas, one slipper on and an empty coffee cup…. wow… I’m not as positive as I thought I was! So many of us in our day to day lives are not even aware that we are feeling the negative instead of the positive in life, and it’s so easy to slip into this habit! The good thing about this is how easy it is to change your thinking. Once I realized what I was doing I could then focus on shifting it, so the next morning I woke up and told myself, ok, here is a new day! I’m so grateful to be alive and to be here on planet earth, I walked down the stairs and put on my one slipper, reached down to pet our beautiful yellow Labrador and took a moment to be grateful for the joy and love he gives me without hesitation. I went into the kitchen and had a little laugh at the amount of mess my son could make in the morning and took a moment to feel how much I love him, how grateful I am that I could help bring him into this world and to be his mother, to watch him learn and grow into his own beautiful self. I looked out the window and felt so grateful to live in such a beautiful place, grateful that I have a home and a lawn to mow, leaves to rake up because there are such amazing trees next to my home. I sat down with my cup of black coffee ( who needs milk ) and looked at all the emails I had to work on and was brought to tears with gratitude that I can do the work that I do and how many of you have come into my life!! I am so grateful! By being aware of what I was doing, I could then shift it and all those little things that were literally bring down my energy and pulling me away from love and gratitude no longer mattered at all. Instead I became grateful for all the blessings in my life and I truly became a happier person. When we focus on the good and the positive we radiate that good and positive, we radiate love! This is how we change the world, because there is that beautiful thing called Earth consciousness! Earth consciousness is not just something that happens to exist but it is literally created by each and every one of us. Every thought, every emotion, every word and deed is an energy, and that energy feeds either love consciousness or ego consciousness. None of us want to feed the ego consciousness on our planet, but how often are we doing it without even knowing? The Elders are never wrong, and they are all saying “you are the ones we have been waiting for” we truly are the strongest of the strong because we are those who can shift ego into love. They are not asking us to do outrageous things to bring about the change, in fact they are not asking us to DO anything, they are asking us to BE. Be love and change the world. So I set a challenge for each of you, the same challenge I set for myself. For one week I want you to examine your emotions and your feelings from the moment you open your eyes to the time you close them at night. On that first day try to be your own witness and discover how often you have a negative thought or feeling and then try to find the positive. It was an amazing experiment, once I could find the negatives I could then stop myself and feel the good and the gratitude, it’s amazing!
Do not feel small, do not feel that you are only one or that you are small, because what you do, how you feel and your actions and emotions change the consciousness every single day. You sent a spark of yourself here to this amazing planet to enjoy being a human being, to experience and to love and learn. Do not waist a single day, be the greatest you can be, believe in yourself and the power of love! You are so powerful, you are the Great I Am, you are my brother and my sister, and I love you.

Little Grandmother ♥

I am only One….but I am One!
I can’t do everything .. but I can do something.
What I can do and what I should do…
By the grace of God, I shall do!

Re-Posted by Therese Zumi
16/04/2015 at 1136 AM

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