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The following article was submitted by Dr. Joseph McNamara. Using Cobra’s Tachyon technology, Dr. McNamara designed a room where this can now be utilized. This is just a precursor to the technologies that will be in our future. To read more on tachyon:



The Tachyon Chamber

The technology of the chamber at its basis involves tachyons. These are particles that move beyond the “speed limit” of 3D light, 186,000 miles/sec. Hence the term “tachy”, meaning rapid in Greek.

During the Cold War many scientists were hard at work developing exotic weapons to gain an edge on their perceived enemy. The Star Wars program was actually successful in this but, as usual, these energy and particle technologies were not shared with the great unwashed who paid for them, us!

However some scientists, such as Fred Bell, rebelled and sought to redeem themselves. After the Cold War ended there were even more Pleiadian visitations. So, advanced devices were developed under their guidance. Now, with Cobra and advancements made in commercial outer-space experiments, we have a way to manifest tachyons (which are ubiquitous in outer-space but not here on earth) through worm-holes.

The chamber involves a special arrangement of noble metals, sacred geometry, and crystals. The effect of the tachyons on us is completely benign. Einstein has told us that 3D is space-time where time is linear. When tachyon particles interact with 3D particles there are paradoxical effects because time is now a variable. The potential effects are massive, consequently. Out etheric bodies contain much of our morphogenetic information and this is where the chamber has its effect, i.e., on the energetic patterns. Thus, potentially, aging can be reversed, immunity improved, and, as well as a better balancing of the mind/body/emotions complex, the negative effects of electro-smog can be eliminated.

From my experience applying the chamber, there is usually an increase in baseline energy-level. The effect on neurological tissue seems to be the next most prominent. Degenerative symptom-improvement is usually the next most prominent benefit.

As always I caution people that this technology is not approved by The FDA and that each person should always have their doctor evaluate any condition at all times.

Our timeline is blessed in that a multitude of astonishingly-advanced technologies will be re-introduced to us soon. In the meantime we can have fun with the tachyon chamber!

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Dr. Joe

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  1. I visited this tachyon chamber and experienced exactly this effect on my etheric body. I hadn’t read this description earlier. I felt things changing in my energy body that are going to have a profound effect on the physical manifestations.

  2. Hi Lisa,

    The installations of the Tachyon chambers in the US and in Taipei were posted by Cobra more than a month ago;

  3. PFC,
    This is the famous tachyon chamber of Cobras design. I personally have yet to experience this technology. Cobra shared with me the details of this sytem in thailand in 2013 and this is the first system pictures shared by Dr Joe some short time ago when it was installed in Penn. The reports are very positive that this chamber is another positive supplement to the existing resonant therapies shared by our space family.Without rankle or offense I will make one correction to Joes atrticle in Regards to Dr Fred Bell. Fred never worked directly with any govt programs that were destructive. His early years were in the airforce and he was discharged in 63. He did however after working on gemini Saturn and appolo missions first under werner von braun at NASA and then JPL proceed to Rockwell. After retiring at 24 he started his own 10 million dollar company at 25! He had a relationship with japaneese firm he recognized as the best technolgy and he took advantage of that knowledge. He used foresight to corner a market in technology for a periosd of time. He owned the USA exclusive rights to sell the worlds best Osciliscope products.The secret govt space program wanted these products. This allowed him access to multiple underground bases and secret projects where his products were being utilized in testing so he would go in and run tests. He was peripherally involved in the pre cursor to SDI and star wars type technology and he was expert in Laser systems.He probaby had a better overview of the various programs because they were compartmentalized within themselves. he was able due to his technology knowledge able to enter as a private contractor with no govt control or oversight other than basic non disclosure. They did not control him in that way. It was precisely because he DID NOT involve himeself in these negative programs that he was being obseved guided and groomed for contact. He clearly like me spoke in a rebellious way against ignorance and stupidity and against govt corruption. However his rebellions within the airforce and later at NASA were not in any direct nefarious programs. The details are contained in my radio archives. I will say that he was not redeeming any actions of personal complicity in Secret govt. programs per se when he developed tha advanced technolgy you see on my site under pyramid systems. But it could be said to put it simply that he was an honest top notch scientist with a conscience. Due to his spiritual nature and natural abilities he was contacted by the GWB and then was directly guided in succession to various teachers Dwal Kuhl, Semjase , Lyra the Andromedan, Saint Germaine and others some of whom i met through the years. He alluded to contact with the blue lodge from sirius. I know Joe didnt mean anything negative in what he said but i wanted to correct the implications in regards to Freds “redeemig and Rebelling” as addressed here. Bells interaction the powers that were from my perspective fortutitous to be able to gather information and get a broader view on what was going on. I heard all of this directly from him. I know more about his legacy than all of his wives and daughters due to long term association. Frauke was also very involved being his 4th wife and running the company for 10 years and naturally the wives knew him more intimately in a certain personal sense but as far as his mission he called me the “Witness”. I miss him alot and loved him like a father unfortunately at his time of passing father and son were not communicating in the best possible way thats for sure. But through the 38 years we were friends there was enough love and respect to overflow the world. God Bless Fred Bell!


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