I came across this YouTube video that was published in 2013 and found it to be credible in the manner it appeared on UK Television as it interrupted the regular programming with a voice stating it was the Ashtar Command with an important message for all of us on Earth regarding other Galactic civilizations.Take a look at it and use your own discernment.. you can also read the explanation that is posted with this YouTube video.

-Judi cochair The Media Group


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  1. Because they dont want us to know or believe there is anything else put there. They are mad with power. Narcastis and controll freaks trying to make you conform to his beliefs and do as they say. Whatever happened to making your own future and learning from mistakes you make. How are you meant to progress and become better people if we are not making are own mistakes. I need to follow the path and decisions i want to make or i will never truely understand right from wrong, or the true meaning ✌

  2. If this radio broadcast actually happened, then why haven’t scientists find any of those lights as real ships? 30 years is a while and none had found it?

  3. Hello, this radio broadcast took place at Southern Television in the U.K., 5.10pm on the 26th of November, 1977. The interruption came through the Hannington transmitter of the Independent Broadcasting Authority in the U.K. This type of interruption had not occurred with the transmitter before. It was immediately declared a hoax, with a hacker being blamed. Someone with a high level of technical know how could have taken a transmitter near this transmitter, located out in a remote, wild area, and done an over ride of this transmission. I point out again though, that this had not happened before. There was much talk in the media, and many who considered it to be real. Whatever the source, ground or up, the sender seems to have an uncanny grasp on what we are feeling or awakening to now.

  4. I showed this video to my prepare for change group and they loved it. Can’t wait until we hear disclosure through the T.V. someday soon. Many changes have happened just recently and the race is on for disclosure. The bad guys believe that they will be a mass exposure event where their crimes will be tried and defeated. After this they believe their gods will resurrect them and help them establish their coveted New World Order. So much going on behind the scenes it’s amazing. David Wilcock just put out some new info. There is new intel and updates that you are gonna love. His conference was done the 26th of this month I believe. Thanks for reading ya’ll. Much love to you =]]
    This is the link:


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