Leadership Required Now and Up Ahead – Part 2

Yes this article has been written and compiled for you whether or not you consider yourself to be a leader. The basis of this article is a discussion that Steve Beckow of Golden Age of Gaia has had recently with Archangel Michael. For those that might be unfamiliar with the idea that you can have a discussion with an Archangel I will add that the channel for Archangel Michael is Linda Dillon who was chosen to be the channel for the Council of Love approximately 3-4 years ago. I can vouch for the quality of this channelled material. Why? Well simply because of the many occasions that I have found myself overwhelmed with the sensation of Love and also crying helplessly when I have listened to these conversations over the past three years. You ‘know’ you simply know what is high quality channelling or not by the level of emotional heartfelt truth that the channelling conveys. Anyone who has taken the time to check out the quality of Linda Dillon’s work over the past few years will agree I am sure as to the purity, sincerity, love, dedication, integrity, beauty and joy that permeate her work.

So now let’s move on to this discussion of paramount importance about leadership now and in the weeks and months ahead of us here on Gaia. I have to say that in the advice from AM that follows here there is ‘pure gold’ and not just concerning leadership but He addresses for example how we are feeling right now in this Third Wave of the Mothers Tsunami etc.
Archangel Michael addressed the concern among the awakened population and lightworkers in general that we too might make – ‘duplicate’- the types of mistakes in positions of leadership that have been made by the patriarchal 3D society leaders, i.e. the mistakes of control, greed, lust, authority and abuse of power. He immediately strongly refuted those concerns like this;

d81e4f87d22b8e9305d7e2bdf97ed96f (1)“My friends, there is not a chance above or below that you are going to duplicate. That is what you have striven to eliminate. What you are being asked to do is to step forth in the truth of your gifts, your abilities…some in a minor way, some in a major way, but each in accordance with your true mission and purpose on Gaia – not on other planets…in tandem and cooperation with your Star brothers and sisters, but not off planet…to bring forth this wondrous new.”

A little bit further on in this discussion He says;

And your humility, which is charming and a sacred virtue, is beautiful. But in that humility, do not fall into false humility where you deny the truth of who you really are.

It is time my beloved friends, to delve deeper. Yes, you have heard about your soul mission, your ray, your colors – all of this. But you have need also as a starting point in this discussion of mastery, to unequivocally without any fear, to look in delight, at who you really are and not deny – you have been given many labels, many assignations, some are Earth keepers, you my beloved brother {He is speaking with Steve Beckow} are a communicator…you are a warrior.
There are many in my legion of blue who are peaceful warriors, each acting in a different way; some are communicators, some travel with me in the dark of the night to the most horrendously dark places, some of you work on the home front literally and theoretically, some of you are transforming the ideas of wars between kingdoms.
Each of you has a unique piece of this puzzle, of this unfoldment of the Mother’s intention. And you carry, yes, the broad spectrum of talents, but also the very particular talents that you have mastery of. Stop hiding.
We need, yes need, our partners front and center. So often you have said to us, “Where is the Company of Heaven? How are they assisting us?” We are right here with you in this unfoldment, every step of the way in love – nothing else. Yes, the side effects, the elements of love, peace, joy, passion and compassion and patience and stamina – all of these are part and particle, subatomic fibers of love of the essence of Mother.”

So how do we lightworkers come into the fullness of our mission now? I will continue here with a question from Steve;
SB: Yeah, if this is my opportunity to jump in, Lord. First of all, let me speak for lightworkers in saying that we gladly step forward to serve in any way you require. We’d like to know from you what roles you require? And that will come; I’m not saying right here and now. But can you tell us what mastery is?
AM: You will be surprised at the simplicity of my answer. Mastery is the acceptance, surrender, and embodiment in form of you – as design, as love.
SB: Is that by a process of emergence, breakthrough? How does that happen?
AM: It is through the process of surrender. It is the process of elimination. It is the process of illumination into emergence. And that is where you are, most of you, right now. That is why we are saying if you are not there, do the elimination and come into emergence. We are here to help……..
……When you emerge and stay in that frequency, in that energy, then what happens is the whole tableau: the whole realm of understanding of what you think of as enlightenment or vision or wisdom opens up so that you are not seeking elsewhere.
SB: Can I tell you one difficulty I have in this, thinking about this whole topic, Lord?
AM: Yes.
SB: Well supposing we have thousands and thousands of masters and leaders. Who is there rowing the boat?
AM: The master oarsman is rowing the boat.
SB: [laughing] Okay. So masters on the oars, masters at the helm.

65623_10151355941781146_840435013_nAM: “Master cooks, master chefs, master caretakers, master nurturers. We are not saying, you have the expression, “All chiefs and no Indians.” That is not what we are saying. There are many, in fact the majority who have chosen to come in a service…and I mean in this sense, a practical service role. And then there are those that have chosen to be in leadership, in what you think of as a leadership role.
But part of mastery is knowing who you are and what you excel at and what makes your heart absolutely burst and sing with joy. And for some it is being in that role as oarsman, as the support, because that is what they want to do. That is the role they chose to serve the Mother….

…..But let us use your example of oarsmen. If the leader is not keeping the tempo for those oars to go, it is not then incumbent upon only the leader to keep the rhythm of the oarsman. If you are an oarsman and you are in your mastery, and the rhythm is off and the flow therefore is not occurring, then as master oarsman do you not raise your hand and bring this to the attention of what is considered the leader? Of course you do. And that is the importance of everyone being in the place of their selection…of their choice.”

The ‘oh so important’ EBB and FLOW in the New Leadership Paradigm

“It is not a matter of trying to fit everyone in a slot and saying, “Stay there,” because in the leadership paradigm that we are talking about, in the mastery paradigm, people ebb and flow. It is not a fixed, stratified structure because the mastery of one may be needed this week and the mastery of another needed next year. And there has need to be in the collective, in the unified field, the willingness to adjust to that ebb and flow. That is what the new community looks like.”

Archangel Michael now gives a brief description of what leadership looks like on Their side;

bed0bd57c94f18303bc0ab0fe1659020“I know that you turn to me so often, but think of it on our side; I do not do everything, of course not! Each of us has our primary role, but there are many other things that each of us attends to on behalf of the Mother and in service to the Mother, and we never hesitate to bring forth the help of others as we need it and require it because we know of our strengths and weaknesses. Only Gabrielle would never admit to a weakness.”

This last comment from AM regarding His Beloved Sister Gabrielle {depiction here left} who it would seem is the chief administrator in ‘Heaven’ in the Council of Love makes me laugh to my very core! Steve returns here with another question for AM;

SB: If we were in the fifth dimension, all of this would be totally known and totally natural. We would be operating in this way just continually. But I think we are probably in the fourth dimension now if I’m correct, and there are still traces of ego. There are still creations to be made, vasanas to be removed. Is there a transitional teaching that we can have that could get us to this period…developing and allowing this mastery to emerge?
AM: Yes. Stop thinking you are less than. Now I know that sounds like a very simple teaching, and yes it relates to core issues.
Now let us back up a little. Gaia is anchored in the seventh. So you have this saying, “Fake it ‘til you make it.” Put your feet in the seventh dimension of Christ consciousness and love. You are most certainly in the fourth, edging in the fifth. That is why so many of you are experiencing such rapid, and in many cases tumultuous issues of change including: the memory issues, the mental fogginess issues, some of the rapid ‘change in body’ issues.
Stop pretending. Stop pretending because it is not even real. It is an antiquated, outmoded belief system that you are in any way, shape or form, stuck anywhere or ‘less than.’
Now the transitional healing that is going on right now, this is the Mother’s plan to sweep through you. Yes again, stronger than ever…and lift you up into the higher dimension. So your transitional work every time something is coming up: is letting it go, surrendering it, relinquishing it and embracing that truth of who you are.
The choice is, “Do I want to be miserable? Do I want to be less-than? Do I want to be restricted mentally, emotionally, financially, situationally, environmentally? Do I want my freedom incubated?” And all of you are crying and screaming and declaring, “No we demand our freedom.”
And part of that declaration…your declaration not only the Mother’s…is that you are willing to step out of the shadows, not in an ego way, not in a way, “I know the truth. I am the light. I am the savior.” You have had enough of saviors upon your planet to last many, many billions of years.
Mastery, leadership is not about becoming an egomaniac. It is about becoming the shepherd. It is about becoming the gentle leader who serves his people – her people – and shows them the way. And if it is the way to the table, if it is the way to the boat, if it is the way to their heart, then this is your way, this is the choice of your divinity and your mastery.

So the lesson, the true technique is to love yourself. When you anchor in your heart, when you anchor in the seat of your soul filled with the energy of the Mother, can you say and bring forth into your being, into your consciousness, into your everyday action, “I love myself. I honor myself. I am alright. And if I misstep, if I take that misstep for a day or a week, do I forgive myself? Do I understand that I am learning something that will help the collective, that will build my compassion, that will show me, so that I can show others where not to go? Am I brave enough to share my missteps? Do I care enough about others to share my insights…not from a directive way, but from a way of compassion and humility and incredible patience?”
Because many of you who are on planet are masters, and part of that is you have a stubborn streak a mile long, and that is because you are sticking with it. This is a stellar quality, but sometimes you are reluctant to listen to the wisdom of others, so open your hearts and love yourself.
Love every aspect of who you are and who you have been, and then dive deeper and see really the truth of who you are. And if there is any trace vasana, core issue…surrender it. Let it go, because it is not of love. It has been a very powerful defence mechanism that you no longer need. It is time to co-create together. Are you ready?”

Archangel Michael along with our Beloved Sananda Yeshua and Divine Mother has a lot more to say on this subject of leadership. I will be returning to this subject matter in another article soon.
Here is the link to the previous article I have written on this subject here on Prepare for Change entitled Leadership Required Now and Up Ahead
Therese Zumi
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29/05/2015 at 1226 PM

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  1. This is a very loving approach of leadership. I did not see myself as a light worker until a couple of weeks ago. (God help me). Some event made that clear. So I started wondering how I could be of use for society. I’m tired, I need vacation. But who doesn’t.
    This article gave me a hint: ‘Mastery, leadership is not about becoming an egomaniac. It is about becoming the shepherd. It is about becoming the gentle leader who serves his people’. That made me cry, that made my heart jump. That’s how I’ve always felt. But God help me I can’t even keep my house clean at the moment.
    Let the power of love grow in all our hearts.

  2. Life is really miraculus, sometimes in deep darkness, not aware that answers are right beside you. Thats how I felt before I read these words. And now my hart jumps up again, with a feel of deep relief. And thats how it works, and it comes to consciousness. When you strugle with a problem the universe leads you to the answer (like this article e.g.)
    And so now I can say wholeharted THANK YOU !

  3. Thank you so very much. I am crying reading this and I am just so thankful to read these words. I am working on how to step into leadership without ego but with true confidence.


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