A Definition of Ourselves

Are we, or are we not? by TFJaxen ©2015

d81e4f87d22b8e9305d7e2bdf97ed96f (1)Where did we go to that was so far away from our inherent nature that the sense of right and wrong took a vacation of its own. One of the pieces that left with it was crucial to how each of us functions in a very dysfunctional world.

At the time of this inspiration the world consciousness was/is in a great deal of turmoil and uncertainty. And yes, even for those pseudo-self empowered who run/ran the world. No, this article is not about people or power bashing. This article is about the very nature that is in all of us and what makes it possible for any of us to walk away from or maybe take a leave from, our senses?

How is it possible that our nature, that is at the very core or each of us, would lead anyone and I mean anyone, to abandon, ignore or just outright deny that that nature itself does not exist. So much so to the point of doing great harm to the collective consciousness is ok. Is this ok? Have too many of us lost enough connection to our nature that even if we do no harm we do no good because we don’t want any more pain?

Even if harm is to an individual the collective, and I believe as many do, feels at some level the pain of that individual. When enough individuals feel pain then the collective consciousness has no choice but to follow. When enough of us feel enough pain as a whole, the whole itself becomes infected with pain. Think of it as similar to your own body. If one cell is infected with,? you name it, and health is not restored soon, then that cell will infect other cells until the whole body is in great need of medical attention.

Where does great pain, a collective pain, lead us? To more and more people losing touch with the very nature of who they are. Once that connection to our core is no longer on the radar of our senses then we too are capable of possible harm. Why would we do this to others? To protect our pain? I believe it is because we have gone so far away from our sense of right and wrong that wrong is right and right is wrong. Forget about the labels right and wrong. Forget about what is right for another and not for you. I am asking you to check back into the resort called self and there you will discover, for the second time in your life, the meaning of right and wrong. The first was when you, me and all of us started this journey called life.

I am not talking about the time any of us may have taken something without permission of the owner or when you forgot to open that door for the elderly or kissed another while in a relationship. I’m not even talking about those who knowingly, intentionally, without remorse do great harm to the collective whole. They do this because others say yes to their offer. It keeps them in business. I am talking about those who serve those who do great harm. I am talking about those who knowingly keep their jobs, even after they find out their leadership is causing great harm to all life. It is those, that for one reason or another, and I fear all too often it is about the money that can be made, that turn not only a blind eye but a blind sense of right and wrong who pick up new senses, or lack there of, new passengers on their journey, listed on the manifest as, coward.

When, where and how did these cowards become cowards? What journey did they take that lead them to abandon the very nature of who they are? What landscape, imagined or real, did these travelers see that would lead them never to see beyond a landscape of harm? What destination did they land in that when they arrived they did not even notice they forgot to pack their true nature?

It is this journey too many have had that lead to a 180 degree turn about the way we see life so intensely that I fear too many of those we call leaders only see life out of their assholes. Are these the people we want to continue to say they know what is best for us? How can they know what is best when all they have seen is how to take life?

It is these people who I call cowards. It is these people who are the ones who are really doing the most harm to the planet and all of life. It is the ones who work for the many companies, corporations or agencies, three letter or not, that knowingly keep quit and keep working while all around them whole societies are being harmed. It is those that keep any corruption or lie that harms the whole of humanity alive that are cowards.

And yes, I am talking about corporate leaders, politicians, lobbyist, educators, judges, mayors, lawyers, police officers, bankers, pharmaceutical companies, religious leaders and let us not forget about producers, directors and actors who would accept money to promote any, “for entertainment purposes only” productions that makes whole populations believe that pain is ok. Also included are the many individuals who work for any of them who say nothing. The list goes on and on. How about the many news agencies and their reporters who blindly inject humanity with mega-doses of scripted reality? How about the military personal who blindly take orders to kill or the pilots who spray deadly chemicals in our atmosphere? Where is your courage to stand up and question the reality of what you were/are ordered to do? You are cowards. Oh, don’t let me forget some of the biggest cowards on the planet. It is those of you who knowingly, physically strike a woman, child or helpless animals. What possible reason could you have for doing this?

If any of you have left the very nature of who you are, that nature that is collectively and naturally connected to the whole of the people you continue to harm can’t see the harm you do, then you are a coward. Eventually the whole will become infected. And…you are part of the whole. Do you not get this?

How long to you think it is going to take before your life is infected with the pain of the whole? Do you think those who employ you are going to play doctor once you, your cell within the organization, is infected? Isn’t this harm being done to you? Are you going to go out and do harm to another because it was done to you or you were ordered to by your respective bosses?

This is the height of being a coward. How? Rather than stand up and stop the harm being done to you, it is easier to do harm to another than to say no to it the moment it happened to you. And you know, we all know when harm is being done. How could we? Therein lies the dichotomy, the line in the sand. It is the very nature of who you are placing a person-to-person call from where ever you sent it, trying like hell to get your attention saying, hey, there is harm about to be done, let’s stop it. If you think you are not big enough or strong enough to do something about it, this is for you.

“If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito”. African proverb.

Those of you who are being harmed in any way, physically, emotionally, financially or spiritually, politically, religiously or legally, individually or collectively, by an individual or a group of individual’s, you can call them companies or governments, must be aware that most pain from those who would harm you is transferred pain. And when we as a collective can so easily transfer pain we begin to shut off and begin to protect what little we believe we have. It is in this mode of protection that cowards are born. Not being aware or our own naturally occurring sense of right and wrong is akin to being led around and around knowing we are being led and doing nothing about it. Instead of saying, enough of this, we just allow the transfer of that pain from the many destinations of careers mentioned above into the lives of others.

It is this constant, continuous transfer of collective pain that drives way too many individuals and communities to the brink of and war. Small battles or big wars doesn’t matter. The fact is that all of them started from a sense of pain that may not even belong

to you, me or the majority of humanity throughout time. Because of the lack of courage to stop it, the pain grows exponentially. When that much pain exist, real or imagined, it could be challenging to resist what could appear as a very charming offer to protect one self. In this act of protection we know that harm may come to another and rather than feeling a sense of wrong we get this sense of how right it is for us. By us I mean individually and collectively. You can see how the line has been blurred by the two. It is this obscured vision where cowards reside. Being right for “them” is better than the harm born out of the cowardice of being wrong.

Is it possible for them to see beyond taking everything they can, harms the body eventually? No matter if anyone thinks they are the head or the ass and everything in between, they as a coward, because they are too afraid to stand in their very nature, will eventually become infected. In order to stop the infection humanity must inject itself first with a healthy dose of that’s enough. The second round of medicine would be an aggregate of saying no to pain and saying yes to throwing down our arms that we have believed for so long will protect us. Protect us from what? From whom? Those bad people over there? What pain caused the illusion, caused us to believe that they were bad?

Lyrics from the song Highland Road, by Shawn Gallaway, www.ShawnGallaway.com says it in such a way that truly inspires the listeners to commit to doing no harm again. We must make this commitment.

“I will throw down my sword, I will not fight,
I will not war, I will not kill from pain anymore”. ~~~~~~~

“Now I pray the truth be my sword, Give me the strength to go to great lengths Protecting impoverished and poor”.

“Oh highland road take us home, tonight
to the hearth where these ragged rouges are released to the light of peace, alive in our souls”.

It is the light of peace alive in our souls that is the very nature of who we are where the sense of right and wrong is still intact. We just have to put down the many versions of our swords and commit to not buying a ticket on the coward cruise. It could end badly for those who choose to heed the call, all aboard. Once on board, it is easier to do harm than it is being alive in our souls. Isn’t it time for all of us to abandoned ship and surrender to the one true maestro who orchestrates our very nature? Isn’t it time to surrender to Love?

The next and final round of treatment and care would be being welcomed through the open door to you, to your very nature. Once inside you feel a great lightness, almost weightless. Then you remember all the baggage you have been weighed down with filled with pain. Upon entering the nature of who you are the pain from carrying too much pain is left behind.

This is how humanity will grow to a place where pain, collective pain, will cease. Once we accept that we have the courage to choose not to play the role of coward and say no to the transfer of pain, individually or collectively, then we will no longer have any need for those who are transferring the pain. When those cowards are gone then the transfer of community care based in a complete sense of right and wrong, built on a foundation of the nature of humanity, we can recycle all the symbols of pain and see for the first time the nature of who we are through nature’s eyes.

That is the journey and goal of this article. To expose cowards and encourage them to know it is easier to be true to our nature than loyal to even bigger cowards than themselves. Sense of right and wrong?

The only explanation I need is the answer to the question; when are you going to do something about it?

“The test of our progress is not whether
we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have little.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt – 32nd president of US (1882 – 1945)

What is the first and maybe the only step in doing something about it? It is standing up and making an apology to humanity and all who have been harmed in any way. That is the subject of the next article, An Apology to Humanity.

In Gratitude – Be Well & Stay Empowered TFJaxen – Joy is my highest purpose.

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