Joint SSP, Sphere Alliance & ICC Leadership Conference & Tour of Mars Colony on 6.20.2015

From the Sphere Being Alliance

In a post titled “Joint SSP, Sphere Alliance & ICC Leadership Conference & Tour of Mars Colony on 6.20.2015” Corey/GoodETxSG made some very interesting statements on his website,  Sphere Being Alliance, regarding a conference he was asked to attend on Mars as the Sphere Being Alliance Delegate. The trip was part of a negotiation process in which the diplomatic team was to visit the Mars Colony of their choice and bring back a family who resides there for a debriefing. They surprised the ICC Representative with a request to see a colony that they were not supposed to know existed.  Taking the Colony leaders by surprise did not turn out to be a good thing and as they were leaving they realized the terms of the diplomatic agreement had been violated by the Colony Leader and one of their team went to confront him about it, but that did not go well, as they were ordered off their craft and back into the facility. In Corey’s words:

“We were walked to a wall that suddenly had a double door where there was none before. They opened it and we were then walked into a detention facility that was conspicuously absent on the previous tour. As we walked back through the rows of cells we saw quite a lot of people in various psychological stages of psychological distress locked up. When we reached the back cell where Gonzales and the two other security personnel were detained I was relieved to see them alive. We were all locked up and left without a word spoken to us in the same cell.

Gonzales said that the base commander was a tyrant and a total megalomaniac who was not used to people challenging him diplomatically or otherwise on his base. He said that the recent attack that the rogue SSP Alliance Forces had done on Mars had come up in the argument and was obviously a point of contention that the base commander used to toss him in the brig. I asked what was going to happen and he said that from the way the base commander was talking it didn’t sound good, which then left all of us thinking the worse.

It wasn’t a minute later that we saw our blue/indigo orb friends zipping through the walls of the cell, one for each of us. They danced around for a couple seconds and the other SSP personnel who had never traveled this way backed against the wall. Gonzales explained how the transportation works and then we each followed the SOP and were soon back at the LOC room where I was transported at the beginning of this journey. Upon our unexpected arrival there was an intrusion alarm going off at the LOC and armed security came into the room very quickly. Gonzales told the SSP Alliance personnel to report to their units for debriefs. They left the room with the armed security teams and the door was closed leaving Gonzales and myself alone in the room.”

I quoted this part because what is next is most important. The Sphere Beings do not shoot first, but if their good faith is violated they demonstrate that they are not to be treated with disrespect.  The ICC has been negotiating in bad faith and this is now certain.

How will the Sphere Beings react to this display of deviousness and fraud? That they were able to so easily retrieve the Diplomatic Delegates from the secure facility must have the ICC upper level managers wondering what their  Colony Leader has gotten them into. This looks like a major mistake by their people.

Please read the complete post ” Joint SSP, Sphere Alliance & ICC Leadership Conference & Tour of Mars Colony on 6.20.2015 on Sphere Being Alliance

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