A CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE EGYPTIAN, SIRIUS 8:8:8:8 | sangeeta handa | LinkedIn

Sangeeta Handa has written some great articles and books,and this latest article gives some insight into the upcoming portal beginning July 26. James Guilliland had introduced me to the vibration of the Feline and Lion Beings and Sangeeta writes more about them in this article…  read the Article on Linkedin.com.


The planet Earth indeed celebrates (each year) its birthday on July 26th, when our Sun enters the Constellation of Leo.

At this junction, the constellation of Leo aligns with the Pyramid complex at Giza. But that is not all. This only explains the Earth’s alignment with our solar Sun. However, there is another major alignment that occurs during this leonine period, that which is of unparalleled importance.

Star planet Sirius is the mother Higher Presence of Earth with Orion its father, or masculine energy parent. Now, Sirius is not just a Star System but is the “Great Central Sun” that serves as the Head Quarter of God’s Light; its distribution and course plotting throughout the entire Milky Way Galaxy; of which we are a small part. In this period of July end to August mid, Sirius aligns in a major way with our planet.  (continue to read here)


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