You are very possibly, not actually who you think you are.”

This is a statement that can unnerve even the most hardened of folks. In this article I will be exploring precisely how the experiences of your past create your present understanding of not only who you are, but what you believe you are capable of as well.

In the course of my work as an intuitive strategist and life coach, I will from time to time come across both new and existing clients who have 100% bought into the persona, story, experiences, and baggage that have defined them as the central character of their past. One of the dead give-away signs that this is what the client is experiencing is when they are able to very fluently explain exactly why their past dictates their unhappiness, frustration, and ‘stuckness’ in the present.

They speak in broad, unyielding absolutes such as:

“This is just how (or who) I AM.”

“This is how my life has always been.”

“This is why I can’t…”

“Life has been unkind.”

“There isn’t anything else apart from what I know.”

There can also be a distinct sense of the client having completely stepped out of his or her power in such a way that they believe that life and its various misfortunes somehow just ‘happen to them.’

Even the best of us can be prone to a momentary belief that we are out of control in determining the overall quality of the experiences that make their way into our lives. But what I am referring to here runs much deeper.

When you have inadvertently become so strongly invested and embedded in a diminished belief about who you are, it can feel like an internal battle when you consider the possibility that there might actually be another, more aligned and easeful way.

As painful as your old story is, it is all you know, so it is important to recognize that in spite of it not serving who you ARE, it has become a comfort zone which feels safe and which very effectively protects you from the unknown. Over time, as you become more and more associated into your comfort zone, you inadvertently adopt its corresponding (and often limited) range of experiences as the underlying fabric and truth of the entire spectrum of your awareness and understanding of yourself. When this happens, it isn’t difficult to see why the mere suggestion of there possibly being another way of being, doing, and living might send you reeling from sheer uncertainty and fright!

Built into the consideration of letting go of all that you know, no matter how dysfunctional or toxic it might be, is a fundamental understanding that you might feel naked, overwhelmed, and exposed by what is nothing short of an emotional homecoming to your REAL Self.

It is not uncommon at this place for you to experience grief over the sense of time that has been ‘lost,’ or as you begin to see that there might have been another way of doing, being, and responding to the people and situations around you all along.

Showering yourself with self-love and forgiveness here is the key, realizing that your journey as a Spirit in this physical lifetime has its own inherent wisdom, timing, and pace. You simply couldn’t have come into this awareness and understanding before everything in both the seen and unseen realms collided to bring you to this precise place.

Also built into the consideration of letting go of all that you know is the realization of your essential nature in this lifetime as alone. No matter how many people or how much activity you surround yourself with, you are the person that is most aware of and connected to the REAL You – your passions and strengths as well as your fears and soul-level needs.

Being able to truly know and embrace your real Self requires a soul-level acceptance of absolutely ALL of who you are. And even if you don’t know exactly what that means, as a first step it requires a definite willingness and commitment to see, have, and behold the possibility that you are actually more intuitive, capable, and wise than you know.

The idea of deliberately choosing to put yourself in a position of having to actually feel your essential nature as alone is one that requires deep personal courage and bravery to face. If you are at this place of contemplating just that, it is imperative you recognize that you are receiving a deep inner call – no matter the story and confines of your past – to step into your power in this present moment of NOW.

There is no getting around the fact that stepping into what can feel like the ‘abyss of the unknown’ is one and the same as honouring and allowing yourself to arrive more fully to who you really ARE. 

And what I know beyond a shadow of a doubt through my own personal experience and that of many of the clients I am privileged to work with, is that as much as this call towards greater happiness, alignment, and peace is an inner one, it is an outer call too. This means that you have not only the inner resources necessary to create the complete shift you want and need, but because the universe wants this for you, it will bring to you precisely the outer support and resources to help you do just that as well.

What Are The Secret Ingredients That Will Enable You To Harness Your Desired Life-change?

Intuition and self-trust.

These are the qualities that energetically and emotionally enable you to expand and move into a whole new realm of possibilities for yourself. Together, following your intuition, honouring your TRUTH, and trusting yourself to take decisive action create both the vehicle and the path that will move you away from where you currently are to where you would like to be.

The power lies within you. 

If you are at this place, realize you are being called to feel into and ultimately step into your real Self NOW.

This is a pivotal place in your journey. Seeing there is a certain dynamic at play that keeps you stuck presents you with an opportunity to consciously choose a new way of being. Even if you don’t know HOW you can possibly be, do, or act any differently from who you presently are, at this stage it is your TRUST in that deep inner call for healing, growth, and change that will unlock these very same things for you. It is important to be aware that this is also the place at which you can inadvertently end up turning your back on your inner voice and relegate yourself to a pre-determined future of ‘sameness’ – more ‘stuckness,’ frustration, and pain.

Willingness to open yourself to an expanded range of inner and outer possibilities combined with a resilience, determination, and courage that surpasses your humanity and comes directly from your soul enables you to accept your fundamental nature as alone. You must be willing to let go of the shadow life or ‘crutch’ that has been limiting your experiences and thereby the extent to which you have been able to truly see, know, and enjoy your real Self and fashion the life you truly deserve.

There is no one else but yourself to rely on in this moment but as you get ready to step into the unknown, you will also likely begin to sense with every fibre of your being that when you make this commitment once and for all, your Spirit will finally be FREE.


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