Micro-Algae: The Next Generation of Green Superfoods for Thriving in Toxic Times

6th August 2015

By Marc Gimbrere and Zhara Mahlstedt

Guest Writers for Wake Up World

The global food supply is heavily tainted. Even hothouse organics don’t ensure sufficient nutrition, due to the loss of nutrients in our soil and pollutants from our air, rain and water supplies. On top of this, we must consider the daily overload from toxic pesticides, geoengineering particulates, GMO toxins and other pollutants.

So how can we provide our bodies with the nutrition our cells require, while supporting our body’s natural detox processes at the same time?

A scientific development by Dr. Michael Kiriac (Ph.D, ND) from The Moldova Academy of Sciences may offer a solution in the form of four different naturally occurring micro-algae.

Recently made available in the West as BioSuperfood, Dr. Kiriac’s micro-algae formula is completely disassociated from major corporations; in fact, its development was supported by the Soviet Union as public research, backed by millions of dollars of government research funding over a period of almost 15 years. Over the years, Dr. Kiriac’s research and discoveries have been awarded and recognized by many Eastern European governments, officials and organizations. (See references below.) Not only is this algae blend been scientifically proven to provide all the nutrients and most of the detoxification support that the human body needs, but it also optimizes endocrine function to assist the body to restore itself from a very wide range of health issues.

The History of Dr. Kiriac’s Research

In the Soviet Union, 1973, a young man named Michael Kiriac entered The Moldova Academy of Sciences with a burning desire to learn science to bring health to his fellow man. From an early age he was assisting his family and neighbors with headaches, backaches and other illnesses through his knowledge of herbs, oils, poultices and bio-energetics. His family was plagued with a pancreatic cancer, which claimed five members of his family. His first son also died in infancy of endocrine cancer.

The grief Michael endured in his first 30 years fueled his devotion to find answers so that other people and their families wouldn’t have to suffer as his did.

After 3 years of studying anatomy, physiology and biology, Michael came to understand that cellular nutrition was critical to empowering the body and optimizing its natural state of health.

The formula was simple: Healthy cells = healthy bodies; unhealthy cells = sickness and disease. By keeping the cells healthy, the body is naturally able to repair itself.

During the 1970s, the Soviet government instructed that universities research cures for the pandemic of cancers that was running rampant in Eastern Europe and the (then) Western USSR – primarily in the livestock industry, but also in humans. The Moldova Academy of Sciences recognized that his focus on organic nutrition was extremely promising and subsequently sponsored his research. Over the years to follow, Michael was given superior opportunities and millions of dollars in non-profit funding to continue his work. [1]

Over the following years, his research brought Michael (now Dr. Michael Kiriac, Ph.D and N.D) to unicellular organisms called micro-algae, also known as microphytes.

What are Micro-Algae?

Micro-Algae: The Next Generation of Green Superfoods for Thriving in Toxic Times