09-27-15 Dr. Dan Rogers: Successful Treatments for Cancer and Chronic Disease

Dr. Dan Rogers

Dr. Dan RogersWith almost 40 years of treating patients with non-toxic therapies, Dr. Rogers treats each patient with care, respect and understanding, using any and all modalities at his disposal. The timing of when a particular treatment will be started is a decision arrived at between the treating physician and the patient or guardian. The timing and the mix of treatments given an individual patient are part of the art of medicine and require experience to be done expertly.

09-27-15 Dr Dan Rogers:  Successful Treatments for Cancer and Chronic Disease


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Some but not all treatments utilized by Dr. Rogers:

GERSON THERAPY – Max B. Gerson, M.D., may be regarded as the Father of Nutritional Immunology for his many contributions in chronic and degenerative diseases, infectious diseases, and cancer.

In addition to Gerson Therapy the some of the following therapies (described in detail on the website)

are utilized:

  • Complete enzyme therapy
  • Daily PolyMVA
  • IMMERSION HYPERTHERMIA LAETRILE –Used with hyperthermia to weaken malignant cells.
  • GOVALLO’S VG1000
  • COQ10
  • LABS
  • Surgical removal


Contact Information
Dan Rogers M.D., N.M.D., Ph.D.


Tel & Fax Toll free 1.866.535.8886
Mail: PMB #485

710 E. San Ysidro Blvd. #A
San Ysidro, CA 92173


Tel:  +1.646.435.2818

Fax:  +1.951.493.8124

Website: http://gersonplus.com/about.htm

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FrankCousineau— The Cancer Control Society

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    Representing the Cancer Control Society (CCS), Frank Cousineau is the president, spokesperson and Emcee for the annual conventions.  His calm and well spoken demeanor is a credit to his professionalism. Over the many years of his involvement with the Cancer Control Society, he has learned firsthand about each of the local clinics and hospitals and all the doctors practicing there in Baja California that service many people from the United States and from all over the world that are suffering with life threatening diseases. These people are searching for a better way to overcome these life threatening conditions with cancers of all types leading the list. The name “Cancer Control Society” came about due to the pervasiveness of this disease. Frank works tirelessly to promote the Cancer Control Society. With answering just a few questions, Frank can tell people which doctors and clinics to check out first depending on what the person wants as far as care for a life threatening condition.

Let it be known that the Cancer Control Society has no ties to other large so-called funders of cancer research. The research has already been done and thousands of people are living examples that cancer and other diseases are something that can be overcome. The research and results stand alone. The proof is in the survival statistics. This is an organization that needs to be consulted by every person that wants to make an informed choice and be in charge of their own health and therapy. If we all paid more attention to our health then there would be less illness and more prevention.

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I encourage you to visit: http://www.cancercontrolsociety.com/.

There you will find pictures and bios for all the speakers at past conventions, helpful films to watch and in the bookstore; you can also purchase any of the DVDs or audio recordings of past presentations as well as books of interest. A good way to support the wonderful work of this benevolent group of dedicated people is to make a contribution to keeping the yearly conventions funded and also by attending yourself.

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