“It’s None of Our Business What Anyone Else Thinks About Us”

{ Being Ready for The Event NOW! }

The first time I heard this “expression” above it clicked with me as the truth. We Lightworkers / Lightwarriors all around Gaia are generally people who desire to be of assistance to others, to help everyone we can to feel hope for the future. We try to encourage others to learn to love themselves knowing that it is a vital part of becoming whole. All of us no matter where we might find ourselves right now on our own spiritual journey towards enlightenment / ascension have had the experience at some point of judging as to whether or not we are ‘good enough’.

We all desire to be the best that we can be. We all of us desire to feel loved. To that end we question whether or not we have given enough, helped enough, supported enough, taken care of enough, worked hard enough in a never ending effort to be enough – to be loved by God – by Source – by the Mother Father One. So what do we have to do or be to be loved unconditionally by God? NOTHING!

We are so loved by the very fact that we exist. Even if we just spend an entire life or many of them doing ‘nothing’ in others eyes we are completely, utterly, absolutely loved by God, and every aspect of God, every Divine being be they an Archangel, Jesus Christ, Commander Ashtar, Divine Mother or whosoever. We are so loved.

I AMWe need to love ourselves as we are loved by our Creator – totally, unconditionally and without judgement. Yes of course our conscience will tell us when we are less than our best self and in that moment we should know that we are so loved. We are all striving to be better, do better, speak /communicate more lovingly or improve our way of being in whatever way by releasing old patterns of feelings of rejection, feelings of unworthiness, feelings of ‘not being enough’.

There is no judgement in Gods eyes. When we know better we do better. We will not be judged – nor should we judge others.

For A Smoother / Quicker Version of The Event / Compression Breakthrough

We know that the Light Forces have made a plea to get as many Lightworkers / Lightwarriors to a place of inner balance and peace in readiness for The Event. We have been informed that this could guarantee a quicker decision as to WHEN. We know that as soon as all of the risks regarding implants connected to strangelet bombs etc. are removed there will be change. Now if we want that change to happen asap after the fact and that could be at any time we have to be ready NOW. The ongoing work of the RM and Galactic Confederation to take down this veil could be over any minute?! There is NO WAY that we on this planet could have liberated ourselves alone – no way. ARE WE READY NOW? One of the readers here on PFC has been making frantic attempts to get us to listen to the need of being ready NOW. That readiness has to be WITHIN not without.

Do you not get that the RM are not exactly going to tell us on Cobra’s blog “we have now deactivated all risks of bombs etc. and we are ready for The Event.” Do you really suppose that they will be informing the illuminati groups, jesuits, chimera etc. that they are about to be arrested?
The most likely reason that we have someone called Drake involved is that it has been decided that he would be the perfect person from ‘within the present system’ – albeit the Light Warrior/Worker part of the system – to present certain information to the public at the time of The Event. This is not Cobra’s role and I don’t think that he wants it to be either.

To Be Ready Now

All that we have to do is to be the person we are in truth. Nothing else is required of us. Life / Source / God / the Multiverse / the One or whatever other name you might choose to describe All That Is, supports us in who we are. We are all Divine beings and it’s absolutely none of our business what other people think of us.

Therese Zumi

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11/10/2015 at 1233 PM CEST

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  1. Do you somehow find Rob Potter’s interview on TPR?
    It seems not.
    Maybe a new tag ‘Rob Potter’ has to appear on PFC website in order to allow postings about Rob Potter which are missing on his TPR website. There are not few, there seem to be rather many.
    Kind regards.

    • Rob Potter is the person who did most of the groundwork on this site PFC. His writing is incorporated along with other PFC collaborators in the basic information here regarding the Event. Rob has earlier been very involved and active with the administrative group on PFC until he decided personally about 4-5 months ago to step aside {not leave the group} and focus on his own work with his website TPR, his interviews, conferences, etc. Rob has explained both here in newsletters and regularly on his information when he interviews Cobra once a month that all is very well between the PFC team and himself which it absolutely is. I can vouch for that having had regular ongoing contact with Rob since the Nov 2012 conference with Cobra in Laguna Beach. Rob has simply decided to leave posting, running of this site in the capable hands of those who desire to be involved and there is great harmony among the many working here. Many of those names are not so familiar as there is much technical, translation etc etc work to be done. As you can see here on PFC there is a direct link on the right hand side to Robs website showing everyone clearly his affiliation with PFC. Thank you for your concern John John. TZ

      • Thank you again for your detailed and documented answers. I am also accustomed with ROB, PFC and TPR.
        But this time I wanted to say that Rob forgets many time to load his TPR website with his own interviews.
        It seems to be also the case of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeYzvnzG7b8
        So we might help his valuable work be posting his videos which he forgets to post on his TPR.
        This may be the necessity of a section on PFC about Rob Potter.
        With kindest regards.


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