Some may be interested to know that I do an audio/video interview today with Sean Stone from Buzzsaw News. Sean believes it will air next Friday 10/23 on their website After my extremely busy trip to Gaiam TV,​ where we shot 20 episodes of Cosmic Disclosure and an episode for a new project that one of our producers started my wife and I flew home to recover from exhaustion and a stomach bug we picked up in Boulder Colorado.


It has given me some extra time to do a few tweaks to my part 2 article which will be titled: Ancient Earth Break-Away-Civilization Subterranean Council Meeting & SSP Alliance Debrief Part II – “Hall of Records & Uncomfortable Revelations”.


I have really wanted to look deeper into some of the raw data and research certain information and consult others I trust on what was shared with me about an influential author and researcher that the “priestess” mentioned by name. This person is no longer alive and cannot debate or defend their point of view so I want to be as fair as possible being that their work has been accepted and respected by so many in this field and many belief systems are firmly rooted in the information they presented as fact. I have never put so much into an article and this experience alone is one that was so profound in scope that some people would/could write an entire book on it alone. I am in the process of completing the article (part 2 of 3 it appears) and moving on to other data since there have been a couple of recent contacts and communications that have provided more data to this evolving number of physical experiences.


Some of the more troubling data has to do with the desperation of the Secret Earth Governments, Their Syndicates as well as their current and former allies. It appears that some of them are pushing for their agenda for WWIII. I was always told to keep my eyes on Syria even when everyone focused on the Ukraine and other regions. These negative groups are trying to make the prophesies about the destruction Damascus and huge displacements of its people prior to a world conflict and the rise of a great leader unfold before our eyes on television using our joint co-creative mass consciousness against us yet again.


Syria & Bible Prophecy About Damascus in the Book of Isaiah w/ Megyn Kelly –

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  2. It is up to humanity to not pay attention to the planted seed of fear and manipulation by the ones that speak the loudest. Ignore the fake and false leadership. Think on your own, create your own truth. Love, forgive and accept the other self as one. Love each other. Come together, put past differences that is a tool for division aside and create heaven for each other through our creative power to manifest a true reality that is a reflection of our beauty that is the creator. Shine the light on these false men and women of dillusional power, expose them by not succumbing to false perception of their artificial reality, because all they know is creating counterfeit notions of living. Be your own savior, look not to outside things to solve, or save yourself, meaning to preserve. Our power lies within our intention to create the life that we truly desire. The law of free will to all sovereign beings as natural beings with infinite possibilities and metaphysical abilities and more. The tru MASTER is you.

    I love you all and would like these words to serve you in any way you desire.

    I and you are one mind, one heart, one Logos.


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