The Master Plan for The Event Will Not Change
Lightworkers Are Called To BE Their True Selves Now
50 Year Transformational Window 1975 to 2025
Untwine – Cobra – Corey Goode – Plea for Our Participation NOW

50 Year Transformational Window 1975 to 2025

During an interview with Cobra by Alfred Lambremont Weber in December of 2013 this subject of the 50 year transformational window was discussed. Cobra said then that “the Stargate, the time window for the whole process, started in 1975 and will be over in 2025. It’s a 50 year transformational window. 2025 is when the transformation needs to be complete.”
Alfred wondered “What happened in 1975?” and Cobra replied “It was the opening of a very important portal on this planet that opened on May 25, 1975. It was a flash of energy that started the purification process. This purification process actually brought to the surface awareness of the Cabal. Before 1975, the Cabal was doing the same things behind the scenes and nobody knew about it. After 1975, books started coming out exposing the dark and also highly inspirational books bringing in the light. So the whole process actually started then and it just accelerated.
Last year, in 2012, we passed a very important milestone. We are now {December 2013} in the most probable time for the Event to happen. We don’t need to wait until 2025. Now is the time for us to make the main breakthrough. “


The Transformation is Complete in the Year 2025


This is my understanding of the transformation process and I will start here by admitting that I have asked for some feedback from the Spiritual Guides that support me in my work to try to explain this information. I have absolute understanding that you the reader may not trust the answers that I have been given to questions, so all I would like to say is that you will no doubt feel if the information here gels with your own intuitive knowing.
If the transformation is complete in the year 2025 what does that complete mean? In my mind this means that all of the following {very short version} will have taken place by then:

1) The Event incorporating all that we already know so well e.g. the legal arrests of the cabal by an organised Resistance Movement, the introduction of the new financial system, and worldwide mass media clear proof of the truth of how we have been imprisoned etc. by the cabal.
2) All of the earlier repressed solutions for Free Energy and thousands of other stolen patented discoveries that will enhance our lives will be introduced as quickly as possible.
3) Healing modalities will be made available for people worldwide.
4) Cleaning of Gaia’s natural environment and healing of so much damage to Her ecosystem by the cabal.
5) When humanity is informed enough and ready to agree to make contact with some of our Galactic Family {and initially this will be with the humanoid groups similar to ourselves,} we will have what we call ‘First Contact’.
6) Development of new centres/cities of Light will explode and expand all over the globe.
7) A time of the 2nd Renaissance and a Golden Age of Gaia will commence
8) And when 5th dimensional energies have truly been anchored here on Gaia the Ascended Masters who so desire to walk among us again will return / visit us on the surface.

paradiseTo me the idea of ‘complete’ incorporates all of these areas, ALL of the above and much much more on so many levels will be in place by the year 2025.
So I asked my Guides if they could give me an average amount of time necessary for all of these areas to have been achieved by the year 2025 and I was given the timeframe of a maximum of 6 years for this process.
If that is the case then we would need to have The Event take place by the very latest the end of 2018 beginning of 2019.

Cobra has said of late that we are 15 years late! But then so much was unforeseen. Truly I believe that if we had been exposed to the entire bulk of information about the archons and their minions and their technological paraphernalia both on the surface of Earth, in our Solar System and on the etheric and astral planes {and we should not forget the plasma plane} surrounding our planet, all in one go so to speak that we would have given up the battle even before we started. We now know everything. There will not be any new surprises regarding ways that they control us.

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Victory Now ~ which aims to give a more detailed picture than The Event 2 page regarding the different groups working in synchronicity for the liberation + an overview of the many victories so far on our way to Victory of the Light – 2-3 updates need to be added to complete this overview;

Gentleness = A Key Word for All of Gaia’s Lightworkers Now

The Ascension process on this planet is in full swing. Some people are experiencing this very strongly and having clear proof of the experience of feeling – existing within – understanding first hand right now what the 5th dimensional living experience will be. They have chosen this role now to be able to inspire others. Many Lightworkers have chosen not to invite these ascension experiences in as they wish to remain grounded and to be the wayshowers in so many other ways. Everyone within the Lightworker community will eventually experience ascension at their own pace. ***. If we exclude the people on this planet who have chosen ‘darkness’ through governance and control using greed, war, torture, punishment etc. the bulk of humanity are also ready to ascend. They may not be ‘awake’ to the understanding that they are brainwashed or controlled like we do but they are decent hard working, good, kind, helpful people doing their utmost on a daily basis to take care of their families, economically – very often doing jobs they hate – and every way they can to the very best of their abilities. There is no reason at all to be concerned about being left behind or not being able to ever experience what this ascension process is all about. NO-ONE will be left behind in this ascension process. That message was strongly expressed by Archangel Michael this week.


The Light Forces have asked Cobra to wait regarding providing us with any detailed information about the Ascension process until after The Event. Any information that he could provide us with now to support the ascension process would be difficult to avail of because of the {for many still} unresolved earlier traumatic experiences that would need healing first and also because of the mind programming that everyone has been subjected to through the archon implant system. There are a few wonderful sites providing amazing support for people in clearing their old fears etc. and providing support in the ascension process and anyone with a true desire to work on their spiritual development and the ascension process will no doubt find their way to those Lightworker mentors.

At The Event

The Resistance Movement are fully aware {see The Master Plan} of the various capabilities of all Lightworkers and will at the time of The Event know who should be contacted to do whatever. As there is always choice involved in everything a Lightworker might then feel ‘No’ I do not want that job/role right now and simply say so and then someone else would be contacted. Many will not be contacted by anyone but they will inherently know what to do at that time. They will be guided clearly from within. So it would seem from our last update from Cobra that if we the Lightworkers of the world ‘keep our act together’ and maintain AT ALL TIMES focus on our inner peace, all will be very well when the day arrives. I don’t believe that we need any plan B. The other day Untwine reminded us {New Cobra Interview post – see below} that when you are involved the experience is very different. He gave suggestions as to how to become more involved.

Do you realise how busy you are going to be at the time of The Event? I recently spoke to someone that I know that has great knowledge as to the dangers of vaccinations from her own family’s experiences. This person does not have a clue as to what I’m involved in with this work. She like so many other friends and acquaintances are busy living in the matrix and are unaware of the real truth of what’s going on that people like Cobra and Benjamin Fulford and David Willcock provide us with to mention a very few. I have warned her that there will come a day soon when everyone least expects it, when so much truth will be revealed and that when people hear for example about the real truth behind vaccination programs from their already trusted TV anchors there will be much confusion and emotional feelings of many kinds and people needing support and I have explained how she will at that time be a comfort to many others around her with her understanding of just this one area.


Something Good has Definitely Happened Behind the Scenes in the Last Few Days

For a time period of about 15-18 hours on October 15th I found myself having bouts of uncontrollable crying. I did have some upsetting things to deal with on that day but they couldn’t possibly have been the reason for all of the emotion. My spiritual guides are saying that something very positive has just occurred related to our exit from the matrix and I have noticed unusual symptoms in others around me in the last few days. If this is an example of the type of reactions that people will be having at the time of the Event you can know guaranteed that we are in for a real roller coaster ride in the near future!
*** I will be posting an article in 2-3 weeks regarding the possible types of experiences that people will be going through at the time of the Event.

Untwine – Cobra – Corey Goode – Plea for Our Participation NOW

On the 14th + 15th, of October we received three pleas {the ones I am aware of} for active participation in the co- creation of transformation on this planet.
On an update {Oct 15th} by Corey Goode ET posted here yesterday October 16th by DaNell, after first discussing the “weakening secret earth governments {plan} to launch WWIII” Corey went on to say the following “They are now behaving like a spoiled child that will break a toy instead of giving it up or sharing it with the rest of the class. Right now more than ever they are using disinformation, misinformation, fear porn, infiltration tactics and the power of our co-creative consciousness against us (The true power of their black magic) to attempt to create a reality friendlier to their agendas. With all of the disinformation we are all sifting our way through currently I think we need to focus on becoming more Service to Others, Loving, Forgiving and focus more inwardly now than ever. We need to meditate and imagine a near future with a Full Disclosure, a full release of Data (Data Dump) and World Tribunals of those who have committed crimes against humanity. We need to co-create a future of peace and love that also releases the birth right of the technologies that have been hidden from us for over 70 years.”………to continue reading go here;

Untwine said on the 14th “Before the interview I have an important announcement to make.
Since 2013, the Light Forces, through Cobra, have asked the surface population to establish a worldwide infrastructure that will be ready at the time of the Event. They have their own structure and they will do a lot, but if we also participated more fully, the Event could happen quicker and in a smoother way. I think we all want that.”


Cobra said on October 15th

“As we are getting closer to the Event, the need for surface infrastructure that will be able to transmit the energies of the compression breakthrough is greater and greater. Many Event Support Groups and Sisterhood of the Rose groups need to be formed on the physical plane as soon as possible. Prepare for Change team has created an online platform where the groups (and individuals) can register and coordinate anonymously:”

For those that might not be aware of it we have direct links here at the top of the PFC site to both of the above mentioned groups. In saying this I might mention that it is the forming of these groups that are important. Should you for whatever reason prefer your group {be it two people or more} to work anonymously / silently that’s of course no problem. Your love is so needed and so very welcome so just follow your heart in this.

One reader here on PFC John John would like to remind everyone that “the more the people develop their inner abilities the sooner they will create their own reality.” This is something that Cobra has repeatedly made very clear over the past three years. Anyone who has attended the conferences worldwide can vouch for the importance of the spiritual aspect of his work. The conference material has been made available publicly and provides clear evidence of the ever so important inner work of the participants. Cobra has provided both at conferences and through many interviews information about e.g. the Ascended Masters etc. and the importance of our keeping our connection to Source. The conference in Konstanz earlier this year is no exception and here is the link to those notes: NB there are four parts and this is part one;

Jesus / Yeshua Has Something to Add

I asked our beloved brother Yeshua if He would like to add a word of advice to everyone at this point and this is what he wants to convey.

“This is not the right time to focus on who is right and who is wrong. We will all achieve much much more if we try in even the simplest of ways to increase the Love vibration. Showing a neighbour support, helping someone in need, any small act of kindness will add to the whole and spread like ripples of Light and Love throughout the collective consciousness. SUPPORT and GENTLENESS are key words to focus on. We will reach our goal of liberation for everyone by remaining impartial in our behaviour towards the many Lightworker roles and areas of information. There are many pieces to the puzzle and the more that you the Lightworkers handle your affairs in proper / respectful ways the more support will be given you by the Company of Heaven and all of the Light Forces. Working synergistically we will attain our goal quicker.”


COBRA – In-Depth Interview by Alfred Lambremont Webre of 12-11-2013: Here you will find both the audio and the transcript:


The Master Plan:




Therese Zumi Sumner

17/10/2015 at  1200 PM CEST


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  1. Thank you Therese. I understand your caution. But is it caused by your own feelings or by the reaction of people around you? You know, I have the same. You do things the best you can but if you’re wrong with expectations you are gonna be settled personally and feel guilty or responsible.
    I now read a book from Carlos Castaneda in which Don Juan explains the difference between a shaman’s attitude to life and that of etheridge humans. Shamans research their motivations before they make their decision to do something and after the decision don’t think about it anymore.
    I now do the same and the whole of written above isn’t there anymore. Very relieving. I find you a very careful person with nothing to blame. It’s clear that you only care. After all what’s happening now is for the first time ever for everybody. It’s easy to complain from aside:)

    And Jesus/Yeshua: welcome on earth. Very brave of you. How would you like to be called?

    • You see very clearly Maria and I would have to agree with you here. I shall take Don Juan’s shamans advice re attitude to heart indeed. so thank you for sharing that. Yes I have battled this life with avoiding criticism due to childhood experiences + murdered by hanging a couple of lives ago for speaking the truth. Believe me my Guides hear another side and I can swear ‘like a trooper’ behind the scenes! And Jesus/Yeshua says that he would like to be called Yeshua or Yeshi further up the road in case you might bump into him later Maria! Warm regards Therese Z


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