Russia Announced They Have Found a Ship in the Ice

The first class of Admiral Vladimir Prikhodko, who is currently the director of the secret organization of the Russian navy, said that powerhouses such as the U.S, China, Germany and even Russia, are investing million dollars in the outer space, to gain the ownership.

However, why we have to spend too much money and waste time to research it, if we could have a great investment in the underground to find out the true stories of our origins.
After the World War II ended, Russia has took many times to research and explore the subsistence of UFOs. Recently, they have found out some strange things like deep holes and caves which have ancient hieroglyphs and ship in the ice.

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  1. There is a photo of another interesting lightships:
    It is a short video and it shows, that somebody over there is and he/she is showing something to us.

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