Prepare For Change volunteer translators needed in several languages

We are at the moment in most need of volunteers for the following languages:

– Danish

– Japanese

– Italian

– Romanian

– Indonesian

– Greek (Hellenic)

– Norwegian

– Finish

– Japanese

– Arabic

– Farsi (Persian)

– Urdu (Pakistan)

– Slovenian

– Slovakian

The Community Leaders Brief is the priority now since it’s crucial for the local Event Support Groups to have the adequate documentation in their native languages, and have the most complete documental support for their actions at the time of the Event.

Needless is to say that the more languages get translated the more wider and faster will be the spread of all vital information and more likely is that dust settles quickly and brings about all the changes we wished for all this years.

Just as a side note the Community Leaders Brief site has 11 posts beside the main text, that we consider to be important for context understanding of unaware and unprepared leaders, and also has some guidelines for ESG’s.

After the Community Leaders Brief is done translators can translate too into their native languages.

Volunteers can apply using this link:

We would appreciate your help on this.

Highest Frequencies & Victory of the Light!

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