Orthorexia? GMO Quacks Claim Healthy Eating is a Mental Disorder!

Image from The Naked Avocado www.nakedavocado.com9
Image from The Naked Avocado  www.nakedavocado.com

GMO industry hacks and shills trying to claim that healthy eating is a ‘mental disorder’

(NaturalNews) We live in an age of pseudo-illness, from obesity to ADHD. These “diseases” are cooked up in the imaginations of doctors and psychiatrists who attach a label to any arbitrary list of symptoms. In the latest gambit of intellectual chutzpah, scientists at the University of Northern Colorado claim that people with a passion for nutrition may be suffering from a mental disorder.

The latest pseudo-disorder to take the academy by storm is called orthorexia nervosa (ON), which is characterized as “a pathologic obsession for bio-logically pure and healthy nutrition,” says Ryan M. Moroze, MD. In other words, if you strive to maintain healthy eating habits, according to these loons, you just might have a problem.(1)

The researchers deduced the “disorder” from a case study on the obsession of eating healthy. The psychologists behind the study insist that eating healthy can turn against you if you insist to know where food comes from, how it is prepared and what goes into it. Symptoms include taking extra time to prepare food and setting guidelines about what you will and will not eat.(1)

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/052748_orthorexia_nutritious_food_mental_disorder.html#ixzz3ySV6fKCD

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