Important Pre – Event Operations of the Light Forces Now Taking Place

This article touches upon the following areas:

Pre – Event Operations of the Light Forces Now Taking Place
Some facts about Syria
A Unique Operation That Has Never Happened Before
Prosperous Times Approaching Fast
Importance of Loving Communication
The New Financial System

On the 18th of February we had a new situation update from Cobra and on the very same day Rob conducted the February monthly interview with him. The news is so encouraging and exciting and I feel that it might be good to do a recap of it here now:
Firstly, we have learned that regarding the biggest hinder to the Event actually taking place i.e. the strangelet /toplet bomb situation there is now a technique available to be able to remove them bringing us close to The Event. This work is being carried out by the Galactic Confederation and United Light Forces. Cobra: “Yes, absolutely, as soon as these are removed, we’re very close to the Event. There are some other technologies, but I don’t think they’ll be much of a problem.”
Cobra said in his update that “The dark are quite bold in their actions lately and the Resistance took some action on the physical plane.” Rob asked for a clarification by asking Cobra if he could speak specifically about which dark actions are being referred to here. Rob also took up the Turkish fighting along the Syrian border and the bombing of a hospital and up to 40,00 deaths in this area. Here in Europe we have heard ongoing reports about Russian bombs claiming the lives of civilians. My heart has said “no! this is more cabal propaganda” and Cobra confirms that here:

L4COBRA – “Yes, there are quite a few of those situations. The first one is the situation in Syria where you can see that Turkey and Saudi Arabia are challenging . . . actually, they are playing with fire, I would say. This is one of those situations…………….
…………Yes, I would say the negative alliance forces have attacked that hospital. They have framed it like the Russians did it, but the Russians did not do it. The Russian military strictly forbids attacking civilians and they are like 100% dedicated to removing the so-called “terrorists”, which are actually mercenaries backed by the Jesuits, because all of this is Jesuit creation. The negative military faction in US, the Saudi Arabian, the Turkish people, all of them are puppets in the hands of the Jesuits, and the Jesuits want to create as much suffering as possible in the Syrian area because it’s a very important energy vortex.”

Some Facts about Syria

The following facts regarding the situation in Syria were provided by Cobra on the June 2nd 2015

A picture taken on March 14, 2014 shows Syrian citizens walking in the ancient oasis city of Palmyra, 215 kilometres northeast of Damascus. From the 1st to the 2nd century, the art and architecture of Palmyra, standing at the crossroads of several civilizations, married Graeco-Roman techniques with local traditions and Persian influences. AFP PHOTO/JOSEPH EID (Photo credit should read JOSEPH EID/AFP/Getty Images)
A picture taken on March 14, 2014 shows Syrian citizens walking in the ancient oasis city of Palmyra, 215 kilometres northeast of Damascus. From the 1st to the 2nd century, the art and architecture of Palmyra, standing at the crossroads of several civilizations, married Graeco-Roman techniques with local traditions and Persian influences. AFP PHOTO/JOSEPH EID (Photo credit should read JOSEPH EID/AFP/Getty Images)

It is more disturbing that Islamic State, a Jesuit creation, is trying to destroy Palmyra, an ancient Roman city in Syria, and has already demolished statues related to ancient pre-Islamic goddesses:

Apart from destroying Goddess vortexes, the agenda of this organization is to conceal the fact that Israelites were an Arabic tribe living in the territory of Saudi Arabia and Yemen, and have never set foot in Palestine, and they are suppressing and destroying archeological evidence:

Here it is interesting to note that Palmyra was an important center on a major trading route for Arabian tribes and a lot of archeological evidence about the true history of Israelites lies there.
Current war in Yemen is a Jesuit attempt to erase all evidence about the true story about the Israelites. If that story ever becomes known, it will shatter the Roman Catholic Church into pieces.

To read this entire post go here:

So to recap there are three specific operations now on the surface physical plane of the planet that have been undertaken by the RM to warn the cabal about ‘playing with fire’.

Firstly, we learn in Cobra’s recent update that the RM has planted criminal evidence against the cabal into the computer system of major news agencies around the world and into the computers of private individuals. We learn that this will be difficult to find and require a good computer expert to be able to do so, but it’s there. This is something that has been done to warn the cabal about going too far.
images (1)COBRA – “It will be like a pop-up window, which will have a very attractive title, and people will click on this and they will see all kinds of evidence there. If the Cabal goes too far, this will be activated. This is in many computers around the world right now.”
This is something that will definitely be activated at the time of The Event but if the cabal go too far it will be used before The Event. Rob also asked how detailed this info is:

COBRA – “Yes. At the time of the Event of course all this will be active, but I’m speaking about the time before the event. It can actually happen today or tomorrow if they go too far……… It is very specific, very much to the point. It’s evidence about the Cabal’s crimes. It is disclosure related evidence with totals, with dates, with names, with everything, Secret space programs, ET Contacts, all that.”

A Unique Operation That Has Never Happened Before

Secondly this next piece of information I find to be very comforting to know and I am sure that you will all agree with this. Many readers in Europe have been very concerned about all of the chaos that is taking place because of the cabal instigated flooding of Europe with refugees. In approximately 16-17 European countries there are now some types of chaotic consequences to this situation. We are aware that the majority of these refugees are people seeking refuge from war but that the cabal have also managed to infiltrate this movement with those who have a darker agenda.

AnonymousWe have now learned that “certain armed Resistance agents are now on the surface and will intervene in many cases when innocent civilians are being attacked, preventing violence and abuse”. I am going to make a qualified guess that these operatives have beyond average abilities to ‘see’ the truth of any situation. In other words, these will be highly intuitive and fully equipped and skilled to handle these types of situations. Cobra did not want to go into details as to what type of advanced technology these operatives have at their disposal as then the cabal would start to plan a defense strategy however he did say that “it will be unexpected”

Rob wondered if this would be in specific countries like say Syria and this was Cobra’s answer;

COBRA: “It can be anywhere on the planet. It will not be expected. Those Resistance agents will be in plain clothes. They will be anonymous and nobody will be able to identify them. So if people, if the dark people intend to do any of their dark actions of violence against people, they can expect somebody to stop them. But first they will not be able to stop everything, but they will start stopping things. This has never happened before.”

The third piece of information about pre-event operations which is also very comforting to know is the following: “Resistance agents are infiltrated into the security personnel of the major Cabal players, all US presidential candidates and many key politicians worldwide that can influence the planetary situation.”

Prosperous Times Approaching Fast



Goddess energy has returned to this planet and is healing and nourishing this ravaged Gaia back to health. We learn now that fairies and angelic beings have returned and exist here in places in nature where peace and harmony can be found. They are looking forward to being able to interact with loving humans.



Let’s Use Our Voices for Loving Communication

If we examine the goals and standards that we have set for ourselves, then I am sure that we will agree that the only solution now desired here on this planet is one where everyone is taken care of. Never again will we be willing to settle for half measures or crumbs from the rich man’s table. It’s either all or nothing.

Our everyday small efforts to attempt to remain calmly in a love vibration and spread love to those around us is paramount. Clear communication is vital so that misunderstandings are avoided. We all need to work on this clarity in communication, showing who we are, being who we are. Its absolutely impossible for all of us to agree on everything, but we can try to ‘live and let live’ and accept one another’s differences. We all really want the same in the end to be loved and accepted for who we are. This morning when I awoke my mail included a message from Little Grandmother. Her words said exactly what I was hoping to convey to you so here is part of her message:

“It is easy to fall back on believing that we are only one of billions living on this planet, eating, drinking, breathing, going to and from work day after day, but I want to remind us all that as we live day to day, we are actually, literally, creating the world we live in. You have been given a great and powerful gift by Heaven above. You have been given one of the most potent gifts of all creators great and small. You have been given the gift of speech.

LoveI want to remind us all that the gift of the spoken word is not only a gift but a precious and powerful way of creating. When you speak of love, you will receive love back; when you speak of hate, you will receive hate back to you. I want to remind us all to focus on how we speak to each other and how we speak about ourselves. Most of the time we are so caught up in our automatic way of speaking that we forget to really take a close look at what we are actually creating with our words………….
…………. Our words can be used to create or destroy. The power of speech is one of the greatest gifts we have ever be given as human beings. Not only can we use this great gift to express ourselves in an array of emotions, insights and intuitions but we can also use it to heal ourselves and others. So I am setting a challenge for each of us to be aware of the words we use. When we say, “Hello, how are you?” do we really mean it or is it an auto pilot reaction for a greeting? When we respond, “I’m good, thanks,” are we being honest or, again, using our auto pilot? Be mindful of how you speak about yourself and others. When you become aware of the words you are using you will become aware of the life you are creating. I am taking this challenge with you.”

Let’s all attempt to take this challenge with Keisha and create warmer relationships with everyone around us.

The New Financial System

Some days ago I reposted an article here called the ‘New Financial System’ which Cobra provided us with in April of 2012, barely a month after his first blog article. I have heard him give the same answer on 15-20 occasions as to when the Reset/ Reevaluation will take place and the answer is always the same – at the time of The Event. These days there are many blogs with information regarding the ‘any moment now’ arrival of the day of the reevaluation of the Financial system. Some of these blogs have been saying similar things for at least two years. You need have no doubt that the Jesuits are involved everywhere – infiltrated everywhere – attempting every way they can to hijack the creation of the new financial system. So I don’t read any of these blogs which at best have some true facts with a lot of speculation and at worst contain lies. As far as I’m concerned anyone claiming that they know when the ‘Reval’ will take place is merely speculating.
Manifestation2Cobra has explained how there are ongoing changes being made behind the scenes to the structural aspect of the financial system leading up to The Event. My Sources say that at least 95% of those who have been truly devoting much time and energy to the creation of the New Financial System are working incognito.

There will be no such thing as drastic devaluation of any currency. When the time of Transition is upon us there will not be any worthless paper money irrelevant of the countries seeming worth/value etc. People who are deeply involved in the area of the stock market will be among those humans who will have the most difficulty in accepting the transition to the New Financial System. There will be no such thing as a stock market after The Event.

The Event and the Reset / Reboot of the Financial System will occur at the same moment in time. Never again will one group of people ever be allowed to usurp control over everyone else.


Therese Zumi

02nd March 2016 at 1029 AM CET

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      • Again… sorry, ;-)! But, i have a question… the Apollo 20 mission was real? It was real that they found a alien girl in a ancient extraterrestrial ship? Forgive me for make this question in here…

  1. I wonder what would it happen if such thing doesn’t take place in… let’s just say… 10 years, what would it be the excuse?

  2. On is mentioned that the Sphere Being Alliance will prevent the Event from happening if there is not a grassrootmovement on Earth. It is not clear to me where this comes from, but it has created shockwaves through the commun ity. What does Cobra says about this?

    • The Blue Avians or Wingmakers as they are sometimes referred to do not have any intention of delaying our liberation longer than necessary. Without their interaction with / protection of this planet we would all of us have been somewhere else right now as this planet would not have been inhabitable. There is a strong grassroots movement that was attacked in the 90’s by the cabal – check out the article on the Portal called ‘The Great Forgetting of 1996’ – the group grew stronger again after this attack around 2003 and since then has been growing and developing. Its now a very strong movement growing stronger by the day:
      You might find some general information about the Central Civilsation and many other groups working for our liberation of interest in case you have not seen it before. I have gathered this info together on a page called ‘Victory Now’- which also has a detailed recap of all of the victories so far towards Victory of the Light. The progress that we have made over the past 2-3 years is almost unbelievable considering how our situation has been. Warm regards TZ :

  3. Great recap article, I’m looking forward to bring the Event to fruition and going beyond it, so we can welcome the learning about our true history and how integrate the suppressed technology in a peaceful, loving, responsible way.

  4. As always, Therese, thank you so very much for taking the time and effort to present and / or review this valuable and timely information. I personally am motivated to watch what I say more closely; to more accurately portray the feelings of love and light I feel within my heart. Blessings to you, Little Grandmother and Cobra with the Resistance Movement! <3


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