Keshe Investigation By The People
March 4, 2016

The following is a report we put together to help guide individuals through a body of disclosure information about the Keshe Foundation and its technology. We have divided the report into steps to make it easy to follow. This report will take several hours or a few days to go through completely as it contains links to large amounts of footage. We ask that you review all the information for yourself to come to your own conclusion. We have done our best to maintain a factual point of view in the presentation of this material. Opinions or conclusions drawn by the author of this report have been compiled in a separate document outside of this report.

Step One:
Please watch the following 2 ½ hour video “The Peoples Free Energy Show Episode 3 Show me the Plasma”. This video is a presentation put on by the Fix the World Organization that covers Keshe Technology basics in the first half and then Keshe’s business practices in the second half.
Link to Show:
Link to the PowerPoint Presentation for the Show:

Step Two:
Read through all these links and documents that were mentioned in the presentation:

Keshe’s Arrest Warrants in Dutch and English
Belgium Police to Mehran Tavakoli Keshe – Kortrijk – 11.4.2014 (2)

English Translation Belgium Keshe Arrest Warrant

Answers to call out for links to Keshe devices that work

Form to submit your measurements of your Purchased Keshe Magrav Units

Ten years Keshe Foundation – a review
The German Website has published an interesting review of the Ten years anniversary of the Infamous Keshe Foundation, checking over the various claims disclosed by Keshe during each one of these years.

DOWNLOAD THIS zip file to view and view “index” file only

Keshe Fact or Fiction?
Important article from other teams of energy engineers and scientists in the “free energy” arena. Very telling body of information.
Relevant Facebook Thread from Aaron Murakami about Keshe Foundation Fact or Fiction
Keshe timeline of lack of success

Customer receives Keshe Magrav, initial output is same as input

Keshe, Fraud, Fraud or super-plasma-coated Fraud?
Keshe Wife Carolina threatens FTW with pedophile associations
Threat from bogus Keshe legal Dept against FTW

Step Three:
Watch this video testimony (4 hours) of eye witness Keshe Whistleblower:

Keshe Whistleblower Sousan Alexander from Hope Moore on Vimeo.
(the video is also available for download from the site)

Keshe Whistleblower Sousan Alexander
Sousan followed Keshe for years. She invested in the tech. She became a student of the Keshe Institute. She then invested her own money to travel to Italy to see the Keshe operation for herself.
She found a proxy operation and has exposed Keshe as a Fraud. She has come forward to give her testimony to help prevent others from losing hundreds or thousands of dollars on Keshe products that will never arrive and don’t work.
Her testimony took place over 4 youtube videos, mixed in with other conversations.
We have condensed her testimony into one video here to make it easier to follow and hear the information she has to share. The audio is a little shaky in several places, but it clears up shortly.
This is original footage created by “Circle Healing Network”. The links for the original videos can be found on youtube, we have provided them in the description.
This video has been created for educational non-profit, fair use purposes. Our intent is to help disseminate public information and testimony that uncovers fraud and corruption protected under the Whistleblower Protection Act.

Step Four:
Watch this 1 hour testimony from the QEG family.
It covers business practices and personal experiences with Omega Quantum (one of Keshe’s distributors). QEG worked with this group just prior to becoming Keshe distributors, this provides a history of behavior patterns.

Link to video:
Alex/Soheil skype conversation

Step Five:
Listen to this leaked recorded phone call. It was posted on “anti-Keshe” facebook groups by a disgruntled Ex-Keshe worker.
The conversation is between Soheil, the CEO of Omega Quantum one of the major distributors and manufacturers of Keshe products, and head of Keshe Foundation China.
This call reveals:
• The admission that both parties know that Keshe’s energy products are fake.
• In spite of the fraud both parties still want to make money and get out fast.
• The admission that Keshe never tests his products, and that they know that people are making them on their own.
• The admission that Keshe will collect pre-order money on products that have yet to be developed, tested and manufactured. He then constantly seeks manufacturers to make something fast so that he will have something to send to people even if he knows it won’t work.
• The admission that the disclaimer he makes people sign is an attempt to write off accountability of any kind for sending a bogus product.
• Reveals the sentiment that the governments don’t care.
• Reveals that Keshe does not invent any of his products but rather just takes ideas from others, and then promotes them for pre-order sales without ever developing or testing.
Link to mp3 recorded call:

Here is a document that shows screen shots that as of 3/4/ 2016 Omega Quantum is still selling Keshe products on their site.
Omega Quantum Still Selling Keshe Producs as of March 3 2016

Step 6 What you can do:
If you wish to take action in some way here are a few suggestions.
A) You can write to Keshe asking these specific questions:
• Please provide proof that you refunded all of the money for all of the deposits and pre-orders from customers who purchased from you and never received anything.
• Please provide proof that you have had all charges against you dropped from the Belgium Federal police and that you are no longer wanted for Fraud and Human Experimentation.
• Please provide proof from reputable third party testing that GANS, especially the GANS that you are instructing people to make on their own is safe for humans and has no proven short term or long term deleterious health effects.
• Please provide proof that you have re-established an account in good standing with paypal who shut you down for fraud.
• Please provide proof that you have tested your products by a third reputable party before selling them to unsuspecting customers.

We ask that this proof be published publicly for all to see in a manner that is clear and easy to understand and properly translated into several different languages to make it accessible to all.
If proof is not provided, it can then only be concluded that you are guilty of the above accusations and have knowingly committed theft and fraud on multiple occasions and have also been guilty of conducting experiments on humans and endangering public health and well-being with untested illegal products.
Contact Keshe’s wife Carolina De Roose on Facebook
Contact Keshe’s “Legal Department” :
Sandor Kakasi
Mobile phone: +36-70-260-3307
[email protected]
Contact the Keshe Foundation through the contact form on their website:
B) File a report with the Dubai Police Department online:
C) You can share this report with someone who works in a form of law enforcement to see if they would like to assist in the case.

Original Link:


Therese Zumi
04th March 2016 at 1855 PM CET

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  1. I was sold the so called maggrav generators to reduce electrical consumption and was told fanciful stories of an ice cream factory in Poland that is at zero energy consumption, and was raided by the electricity board and police on suspicion of stealing electricity. I am now sure it was a sales lie to get people to buy these blackened wire coils hooked up to my mains. I bought five from someone making them in South London and put them in different rooms and saw absolutely no change in the bills whatsoever, in fact it increased a bit. I used the fake devices for more than a year and when I complained I was told that my ‘energy’ made the ‘field’ reverse and I had to do some elaborate tuning work to get the desired results. Absolute rubbish. Don’t waste your time and money on this non sense, it is only powered by hype and hopes for a better world, nothing more, unfortunately.

  2. Keshe is convicted as fraud by belgiun court. So he is a scammer and he has stolen money from his followers that now they are vere upset with him and dissapointed because everything was a fraud. Good comments to him are from people who earns money like Keshe as well. Please, do not send any money to that foundation, it is clearly showed that is a FRAUD!

  3. I have bought the pad for the back pain and worked very fast .I have bought the health pen and the plasma bags and are incredibile.With the pen I treated a pain in the throat and others problems They went away very fast A my friend doctor tested the plasma bag and said that is amazing and very powerful .So I don’t believe a word because for me are important the facts and not the gossips .Mr Keshe is a very enlightened person!

  4. We are only scratching the surface here. Unfortunately, the rabbit-hole goes so much deeper. Gordon Duff wrote a very revealing article on science, free energy scams, cults and the new world order. Though, it might come in as a surprise to some of the Keshe bashers here.

    • I’m now reading Gordon Duff VT 3-5-16… “VT Science: Free Energy, Scams, Cults, and the New World Order” (and a bit about Keshe) and it’s in sync with the personal story Mr. Keshe is sharing in this video:

      Some weeks ago I felt drawn to study the work of the Keshe foundation and began to dive into it. Not easy!
      I believe in the authenticity of Mr. Keshe’s research and work, after looking at the video in the link above, plus patiently studying some long videos with workshops, trying to understand what’s it about.

      The Keshe foundation recently lost an audio-technician and due to having an inexperienced person on the workfloor, the audio quality is quite troubled, with many pauses in long distance communication. I must be honest, I haven’t been able to grasp how the Keshe technology works, for I haven’t seen anything used in practice, seeing a result.

      I do know that one of the principles allowing it to work is the joining of one’s skinflakes or a drop of blood, with the fluids in a device. A joining of one’s own life force energy with whatever is being generated with the device. It reminds me of the discovery that scientists have made, the effect one’s consciousness has on the outcome of certain experiments related to the Quantum theory. The mere act of observation affects the experimental findings and that’s what seems to play a part in the Keshe technology.

      It’s mindboggling, how Mr. Keshe’s life story weaves through time, after hearing him talk about the tribulations and attacks of all sorts, on himself and his family. He seems to be a man with a very strong sense of justice and a mind of his own for sure.

  5. The Keshe Foundation is loved and “over lighted” by the Galactic Federation and Mr MT Keshe is a man of Peace and a Way-shower.

  6. why hopegirl do this? i though hopegirl give us the hope when QEG broadcast blue print to everyone. But one thing already past two years the QEG still working well. Why? and now they came out with this investigation. If they really help the world they should fix the QEG and get it up and running. It is because of they worry of Keshe Plasma Technology, because Keshe is more user friendly, cheaper and easy to build, can be home made and can be made by anybody including a mother, grand mother as compare to QEG need high technical background and costing… this the reason????
    if true this mean they killing our hope…..or they have agenda behind??
    Hopegirl already change??????

  7. It never really rung true for me and I never really trusted this Indian man – and now it looks as if my intuition was right about it all! Ah well better out than in with this information before more damage will be done.

    • for the rest of the story:

  8. Last November I wrote an article called “With a coke bottle reactor to the stars – Is Mr. Keshe for real?”

  9. This is ALL bogus in my opinion! Mr. Keshe is of the light getting all these technologies out to us so we can survive and have much needed abundance in our lives. He is a wonderful, spiritual man that is giving to humanity that we once should have had hundreds of years ago. The cabal did not ever want us to have these technologies for we were their slaves tied to the system for their benefit. I believe the end is very near with disclosure on the cusp of many many announcements where the REAL TRUTHS will be coming forth. We shall all enjoy the wild ride until then.

  10. Good God, We used to think the world was flat, and it would be nice if we USED TO THINK that the sun was hot. Don’t ask people to wade through hours and hours and hours of the BS Keshe has magically managed to live through. (Many other scientists and medical researchers have been and are being killed off. This makes you wonder about the obvious strength of plasma. Why haven’t they managed to kill him off? I know they have tried). We, the people, are in survival mode right now and don’t have time for BS. If you want to make your health units work, your power units work, your food units work, realize you are working in matter energy to facilitate the flow of plasma energy for your benefit and you just might have to learn to KNOW HOW PLASMA WORKS. After all, plasma is how your body was built. how our planet was built, how the universe was built.

    Of course Keshe can’t do anything “right”. PLASMA IS DIFFERENT. Why is it so important to kill off something our minds are too scared to comprehend? Give me a break, Prepare for Change! What has happened to your heart? My change is to not have you in my inbox anymore. I will help humanity without your support. This is a final decision.

    Goodbye and gratitude to you for helping me to actualize my truth.
    Nikki Darwin

  11. I saw your PowerPoint presentation named “Show me the plasma” that can be seen here:
    and you were doudting if copper gets nanocoated inside the wire. I have seen proof of that in the 97th Knowlwdge Seekers Workshop starting at; 1:32:15. Please go through the video and correct your powerpoint accordingly and make an announcement to let people know.

    On page 7 of your presentation your explain what is the plasma wich by a scientific point of view is correct. But, the plasma involved in the Keshe technologies is not the same thing. Another word should clearly be used to define that energy. This plasma refer to the Torsion Field, the infinite energy present everywhere in the Universe, the Zero point Energy, the same that makes the QEG being overunity, if it is.

    On your page 15 of your presentation you ask for proof that the Magrav generate extra wattage by installing wattmeter before and after the Magrav to measure the energy provided by the unit. This is not an efficient way to measure the savings as the wattmeter placed before the Magrav is also subject to the plasmatic energy making this scientific experiment not a good one to measure the energy input by the Magrav. We need to measure the wattage consume at the Electric Company meter to have a reliable reading.

    There is also plenty of testimonilas of reduced electricity bills on the Blueprint pages of Keshe Foundation web site for you to check.

    On page 30 you mention that PayPal terminated their account. One thing you need to know is that DHL, the courrier company deliberately remove all the coils from the pain pen before delivering to the clients and all his books ordered were literally not delivered to the customers. Who’s fraudulent ?

    On page 32, Interpol arrest warrant. M.T. keshes is not hiding and he never was, and he is still free. How come he wasn’t arrested if there is an arrest warrant ?

    On page 42 you mention that GaNS is nanoparticles that can go through the skin barrier and it is not a good thing. I agree with this and so M.T. Keshe. This is why he often mention on his talks and the video that nanomaterial is toxic, never to ingest GaNS and ALWAYS wear gloves to handle nanocoated material.

    You clearly not had made your homework at studying Keshe technologies and you deliberately seems to tarnish his plasma technologies for no apparent reason exept maybee that you have been payed by the Cabal to do it. I have made my homework, I’ve been studying ZPO technologies for more that 10 years and was looking for easy technologies that can be replacated in a kitchen by an average person. Keshe technologies answer to these criterias. I have search for proofs of this is being a working ZPO tech and I have found them. On the other hand, I have waiting years for the QEG to issue a working units, and I’m still waiting, correction, I’m not waiting anymore. I just lost confidence in the “Free the Wold Movement”.

  12. Ive watched and followed Keshe from the time he held an ambassador meeting inviting every ambassador from every country. Gifting each ambassador who showed up with a piece of Magrav technology as a way of starting “World Peace”. That is what I most remember Keshe for. Yes he was selling technologies that had very many skeptics behind it. But what he most wanted, was to teach the people the technology. To give the knowledge back to the World of peaceful people in which it belonged. To create a device to give us the means of providing for ourselves again. To no longer need to depend on the society, on the “matrix” as a means of living.
    There are people in this world with the working technology. They developed it themselves with the teachings of Mr. Keshe. In the United States, you are so entirely blinded to the truth of the world. There is no way that any mass of population would ever be told about something great like this. That is why you have never heard anything of it. Remember Love, Light, Peace.
    And Listen to a Video of Mr. Keshe…… Then a video of an Interview With Cobra. Hmmmmm….. not a very accent I must add.
    The way I see it, he was attempting to start a grassroots peaceful revolution in which we evolve to peace and love and a new universal age.
    And remember Belgium was the country with the most desire to Kill Mr. Keshe. Kill I say, for attempting to release this information of free energy. So when you see these “Police warrants” or arrests or anything to do with this governmental police force we have. Question it. That’s the first rule, question everything.
    And Love and light to all. Don’t break us apart. Remain together we are strong

  13. Finally This man get exposed I had a suspicion about him when he was talking about Planet Nibiru will destroy the planet I post many of his Fraud videos about his so call inventions Justice will show what he deserve

  14. (*) (*) (*) ? is this a smear attack from QEG technologies?!?! we are here to work together not separation! UNITED WE STAND divided we fall!

  15. Sorry, i do not like OBSCURE info from keshe. “who can pay, does not fear de answer”. QEG is god but not with easy way to buy or do homemade. I try to teach and search LABS to help me for the “BASIC NEEDS” to the world.

  16. If we want real answers, why not contact the individual yourself?

    Contact Keshe’s “Legal Department” :
    Sandor Kakasi
    Mobile phone: +36-70-260-3307
    [email protected]

    Contact the Keshe Foundation through the contact form on their website:

    B) File a report with the Dubai Police Department online:…/english/e_services.jsp…

    C) You can share this report with someone who works in a form of law enforcement to see if they would like to assist in the case.

  17. This is nuts Theresa – I completely disagree with you – I could be wrong, but I have been following for 2 years, let alone been listening to every workshop since before magrav blueprint and tinkering with GANS, Nano Layers, & Plasma – the technology works, but the technology is NOT the part he is teaching, he is teaching how our bodies work through tools for visual identification of Jedi training in a sense.

    If anyone needs any more proof for them selves, please visit

    It is easy to find all the bad when one seeks for it – at the same time, it is even easier to find truth within.

    I respect your opinion, passion, and many posts here Theresa , but this particular subject is only beginning to blossom and few can see where its going.

    Many seem to want all the answers without learning for themselves. The only thing this post does is create more fear and possibly hurt another soul for helping bring together a strong community of volunteers, just as PFC has done.

    A strong community with the same vision – working together as one planet, one people. Putting our heads and hearts together to bring fruition to help upon the many out there.

  18. I GOT A BETTER SUGGESTION…..YOU WATCH THEM ALL AND LET US KNOW HOW IT ALL TURNS OUT! The majority of us don’t have enough time to watch hours upon hours of video proof, WE HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO.


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