The following new interview is conducted by Essayenya Mosteenya (EM). Many thanks to Cobra for the extra time to answer them.


EM: You have answered this many times, but please walk us through again. What’s the interaction between our DNA and our consciousness? And why some ET groups are so interested in manipulating our DNA?

C: Consciousness shapes the DNA. DNA is just the code system for the replication of the physical body. Only ET groups with little access to higher consciousness are fascinated with DNA manipulation.

EM: Corey mentioned that our DNA has been manipulated to the extent that we tend to worship people who are always better than us, that we worship Gods and others who claim to be the spokesperson. This is done so that we will never look within. But apparently altering our DNA alone is not enough, propaganda is also employed to minimize the possibility for people to turn within. So, the cabal really go all out to tamper our will to connect within, but no matter what they do, the possibility for people to look inward is always there and can never be severed “completely”. Is that correct?

C: Yes.

EM: So, that’s a wonderful news, because some people might question if we were “born” in this
way, genetically-wise, how could we ever be able to turn the table. Since we are on this, would you say this has always been the case in each cycle that the majority of the human race are reluctant to look inward for answers?

C: Especially in the last 5000 years or so.

EM: If the Event had happened in the previous cycle, what do you think people at that time would’ve responded to liberation? Would people have been much willing to assist, or would they probably have ended up pretty much like we are right now, with only a few group of people doing all they can to liberate the planet?

C: We are now in a completely different situation so it is not possible to answer this question properly.

EM: Another aspect in the altering of our DNA, Corey says we have been made more violent and aggressive, and thus much more easily to end up in quarrels with one another. “If we are at each other’s throat, we are not at their throats,” as he adequately put it. So, where does this violent DNA originate from? Is it like he said, it is from an ancient civilization on a certain planet in our solar system that is no longer hospitable?

C: No , it is coming from Dracos manipulating human genome in the past. 

EM:  Real quick though, if this is true, it will also be reinforced by parasites, implants, the veil, as well as all the programming. Right?

C: Yes, the violent behavior is also reinforced by parasites, implants, the veil, as well as all the programming.

EM: Is it requested by the ancient guardian race that Agarthans need to keep their genetic lines pure, or is it a freewill decision made by Agarthans when taking into account of the rampant interbreeding between various negative ET races and the local human population at that time?

C: The Agarthans are keeping both their energy fields and their genetic makeup pure to keep maintaining high vibrational frequency and state of consciousness.

EM: Were the majority of the human race back then knew that those ET races were negative, but still made the decision to intermarry? Or were most of them forced to do so, or was it more of a mixed situation?

C: Some were manipulated, some were forced, some did not know.

EM: Quantum anomaly, Earth primary anomaly accretion vortex, gathers all the contingency that is from this universe, and accounts for people’s weird behavior here. The background meta-strategy of the dark fleet, which maintains quarantine Earth status, seems quite successful, and most people are worn-out, thinking there is absolutely no way to fight against this quantum anomaly, and feeling left behind by their higher selves in this living prison. However, some source suggests this quantum anomaly is not without a solution. Aside from the light forces’ tearing down the veil layer by layer, on a personal level, this quantum anomaly could also be dealt with by a quantum solution, which is called the Quiet Center of Stillness. What is the Quiet Center of Stillness? Do you agree that this is something that people can help assist the liberation on a personal level?

C: Yes, true.  Quiet Center of Stillness is the silent witness within, the observer. It dissolves portions of primary anomaly simply by observing it. This is one of the most important things people can do to help assisting the liberation.

EM: So calming down can indeed help people stay much more balanced on a quantum level than we ever realize, and thus is definitely not something that is no big a deal. Right?

C: Yes!

EM: Real quick though, the contingency that is gathered here, is it just coming from our own universe or the superuniverse in this sector? Or are we talking about a pretty massive scale of contingency that is also gathered from the superuniverses of the other six central races?

C: It is coming from the one and only universe. All other universes have already been integrated and absorbed into this one.

EM: When we are working on our own discernment, we have to combine our intuition with the correct mental knowledge as you have always suggested, but the real question is since it is our intuition, it is not always reliable. And to make matters worse, if we already have a preconceived idea in regard to a certain piece of information, that mental knowledge will then be incorrect. Then we will be just like cross-referencing other new intel with our wrong mental knowledge. To help us better learn to discern, Corey advises that we always keep our “reality bubble” permeable, i.e., to not give a preconceived idea towards something so quick. So, say a person first comes across a certain piece of information about a certain plasma being, and they later learn from a different source, in which it is described as a super AI. Would you agree that instead of focusing on and arguing what that certain entity actually is or how it should be called, that person should come to the realization that both of the two sources might talk about the same entity, and what that entity is up to?

C: Yes.

EM: In Season 2, Episode 14, of Cosmic Disclosure, Corey revealed that this AI will “shoot itself in all directions as a signal, which can live in the electromagnetic field of a moon or a planet.” On March 10, 2013, you wrote an article about implant hemispheres. Could you walk us through again about what implant hemispheres are and how they actually work to affect us?

C: Implant hemispheres are areas of distorted spacetime continuum around the etheric implants. Each incarnated human being has received etheric implants by the Archons just before incarnating – the so called veil of forgetfulness. Those etheric implants are actually multidimensional black holes which contain anomalous matter and distorted quantum fluctuation. Each human being has three of those implants and they create a quite stable interference pattern which keeps the consciousness of the human being within the Matrix. This interference pattern creates an energy field of anomalous distorted spacetime structure around the implants with a radius of about 100 feet with the three implants in its center.

EM: Are implant hemispheres further reinforced through non-physical entities/nanonites?

C: Yes.

EM: Are implant hemispheres still a major problem now? Do we make much progress in this area?

C: There was much progress in that area recently.

EM: According to what is revealed by Corey, this AI signal not only can live in the electromagnetic fields of a planet, but also bioelectric fields of living beings, including animals. But, it just doesn’t “prefer” that. Instead, it prefers to live in high technology. And the more advanced our technology becomes, the more likelihood it is for us to depend on it, and to give it all of our sovereignty without bothering to ask why. Knowing this, people are soon reminded of what you said previously during one of your interviews with Untwine, that the vast majority of animals were not implanted because they don’t have their I AM presence fully shaped, and that the plants are not implanted at all. So, this “I AM presence” seems to play a key role here for the Archons to decide whether or not to implant that being. Is it really so? Why?

C: Yes. Because only a being with fully developed I Am presence is dangerous for the Matrix.

EM: Since we are on this, could you help us clarify once again what is individualization and what is I AM presence? Are they the same

C: Individualization is the moment of activation of the I AM presence inside the incarnated soul, the passage from animal kingdom into the human. I Am presence is the totality of our own true (higher) self.

EM: It is said that ages ago, one of the Lords of Fire has led Humanity to individualization in Lemurian days. Today, that certain being still leads Humanity on the path of Initiation in this era, and will one day be the focal point of the process of Identification. Why is individualization so important for a soul’s development? And what does this imply regarding the meaning of life that “creation comes to existence so that It can know more about Itself?

C: With individualization the incarnated soul becomes aware of itself. Creation comes to existence to become aware of itself in the contrast to the contingency.

EM: At this very critical and rather intense period, some people begin to find certain channeled stories quite resonating. When they are reading these stories, it’s like vivid memories coming flooding back to them. To remember is good, because it means that being has found and integrated a portion of himself/herself that shares a similar experience. Nevertheless, it seems like they are reminded of the trauma in the past as well, because they have been incarnating on this planet over and over again, and little has changed regarding the awakening of the majority of the human population here. Why are these people beginning to remember at this very transition?

C: People are beginning to remember because we can only go through this transition fully awake.

EM: Do you agree this kind of remembering must happen at the right time? If it happens too early, that being risks the chance of choosing to forget once again because the matrix, the system, and people around will constantly try to remind them that they are “just” humans. And if it happens too late, a certain level of consciousness might not be able to be achieved.

C: I agree.

EM: Do you have anything to say to people who are undergoing this transmutation?

C: Allow the transformation to occur, keep your vision and focus upon the Victory of the Light.

EM: Let’s wind the clock back to the time of the Fall of Atlantis. You mentioned before the humanity at that time invited darkness, but never went into the detail. It is a known fact that certain people were quite obsessed with money and power at that time, and they were unwilling to share abundance with everyone else. And then these people gradually worked with beings from the dark to gain control of the entire population. But what about the average people, the majority of the population? Did they just stand there without putting up a good fight and keeping minding their own business, while this takeover was taking place? What is the story?

C: The ordinary people were mostly passively accepting the progress of darkness without resisting, the same as they do now.

EM: So, would you agree that even for Ascended Masters, who have higher visions to guide the evolution, they have rather mixed feelings towards the advancement of souls on this planet?

C: They have a balanced perspective upon that progress because they are fully aware of the most factors involved.

EM: Since we are on this, what exactly did Buddha feel when he had to make that decision to not to succeed to the throne during times of war, and had to abandon his father, stepmother, wife and child?

C: He made a decision which was a result of a long inner process.

EM: Was he already fully aware of his path in the beginning and still determined to do so, or was it
more like a hunch and he was never sure of his path?

C: He was aware of his path to a certain degree but did not fully know what awaits him.

EM: Many lightworkers and lightwarriors seem to share the similar experience, where they have to live “interdimensionally”: the one in which they “live” the truth but thought of as either conspiracists or nutsy koo koos, and the one in which there is little support from their family and they consider the illusion to be “c’est la vie”. These people are so concerned about their family that they do not want this issue to stand in the way of their spreading the truth. Will their family be taken good care of in the long run?

C: Everyone is responsible for their own growth and you are NOT responsible for the spiritual growth of your family. Everything will be ok after this drama of duality finally ends.

EM: What is the role of Buddha’s twin flame? And how did she assist him?

C: Her purpose is to awaken the Divine Sea of Love within the hearts of humanity. She assisted him with spiritual guidance.

EM: And Buddha’s twin flame is an aspect of the twin flame of one of the Lords of Fire, right?

C: Yes.

EM: Is the Goddess Ishtar, the divine personification of the planet Venus?

C: No. Goddess Ishtar is just one of the channels for the energy of the Venus planetary logos.

EM: Then, is she also the divine personification of Lady Master Venus?

C: Yes, one of them.

EM: What does divine personification mean?

C: Divine personification is a channel of divine energies

EM: What does Lady Master Venus feel when she had to hear, “in person”, from her beloved twin flame making this request to begin the voluntary exile along with a certain group of like-minded beings? Was she fidgeted and extremely worried about what he would encounter there?

C: She surrendered to that fact after an inner struggle.

EM: Why did she agree with her twin flame to embark on such a harsh journey?

C: Because she understood this is the only way to transform duality/contingency.

EM: Did she approve her twin flame’s decision immediately after he sought her consent?

C: No.

EM: So, is it like she did not agree with it right away, and sat down with him, having a long discussion, but eventually had to come to terms with his leaving because it is inevitable, it is his divine plan?

C: Yes.

EM: And why did that particular being make that request, instead of letting that higher council to write off the Earth as a useless experience? What is the story?

C: Earth is not an useless experience, as it will transform the deepest and most distorted aspects of contingency/primary anomaly for the whole universe.

EM: The Alpha, and the Omega, have they, and beings in the council at that time, been assisting all the multidimensional selves of that particular being throughout their lives?

C: Yes.

EM: In what way?

C: By sending supporting energies.

EM: What is the ascended archetype of Lemuria?

C: Paradise.

EM: What is the ascended archetype of Atlantis?

C: Civilization of Light.

EM: What will the ascended archetype of the new Atlantis be?

C: New Heaven on New Earth. 

EM: Based on which archetypal quality of First Source was the central race in this superuniverse created?

C: Divine Will.

EM: What does it imply that the Central Race is our past and future selves?

C: It hints to the fact that we have emerged from the One at the beginning of time and will return back to the One when the time ends.

EM: How will it manifest on the higher plane and the physical plane, when the seven families of the Tribes of Light reunite?

C: New Atlanits, heaven on Earth.

EM: Are the seven Kumaras from seven distinct Tribes of Light, or are they from the same tribe?

C: They are emanations of the first seven of 13 existing rays of creation.

EM: What’s the higher purpose of all the Logos?

C: To transmute all duality and return into the One.

EM: Is it true that the Blue Avians cannot go from sixth density to seventh density until every person on Earth has transitioned into fourth density?

C: Not exactly.

EM: As the most ancient in this superuniverse, shouldn’t the Blue Avians have experienced all they want to experience? They are at the end of their journey, doesn’ it mean they can go back to Source directly? Everything is going to return to Source one day, so how come they still need someone else to help them progress back to Source?

C: Everything in the universe is connected. Until the earth situation is resolved, the evolution of the entire universe is slowed down.

EM: Since when have the light forces begun adopting the mechanism for the removal of the plasma strangelet bombs?

C: February 2016.

EM: What causes the light forces to be allowed to employ this mechanism? Is it because the cabal go overboard again?

C: Partially yes. Also, the situation is cleared enough to make that possible.

EM: You mentioned a long time ago in one of your interviews, but I cannot remember it correctly, that Pleiades once participated in the creation of Earth, or something like that, right?

C: Not true.

EM: Why are the Pleiadians needed to help liberate this planet? And why have them been in training for this assignment for lifetimes?

C: To liberate this planet, ALL available help is welcome. It is a very challenging task and requires lifetimes of training.

EM: Why is Merope the faintest in that star system when compared with the other six stars?

C: Simply, out of seven stars, one needs to be the faintest.

EM: What is the ascended archetype of Merope?

C: Subtle beauty.

EM: What is life like up in the higher planes of Merope?

C: Angelic heaven.

EM: Is there any sentient being on the surface of the planets that orbit around Merope?

C: Yes.

EM: What is life like there?

C: Peaceful joyful civilization living in harmonious balance of nature and advanced technology.

EM: The Pleiades star cluster is known as the Seven Sisters. What does the mythology of the seven sisters being chased by a hunter for eternity reveal about a certain real history? I’m not sure if you understand my question. I’m lookin for answer like the one you once gave about Set mutilating his own brother Osiris, whose wife later reassembled Osiris’ corpse and resurrected him long enough to conceive his son. You said this story is a collective memory of the time of Atlantis when those beings were actually human beings, or heroes or anti-heroes who were walking on the surface of the Earth.

C: Hunter is the Orion and represents dark forces from Rigel who always wanted to invade the Pleiades cluster and were even briefly successful between 1996 and 1999.

EM: Which certain period of time in history would this mythology of the seven sisters correspond to? Back in Atlantis as well?

C: Atlantis about 200,000 years ago.

EM: Then what does this mythology about the Goddess Merope marrying a mortal reveal about a certain history that has once indeed happened

C: Incarnated star beings mating with Earth humanity. This was happening a lot in Atlantis.

EM: Have these seven sisters manifested their own vessels to live and interact with the Pleiadians throughout the entire history of the Pleiades? Or are they just like Gaia who remains as a being, working only on the higher planes?

C: They are emanations of the seven stellar logoi of the Pleiades star cluster.

EM: Did that force invade the Pleiades in 1996 for a particular reason, or is it simply their nature to ravage everything as far as their fingers could reach?

C: It is simply their nature to ravage everything as far as their fingers could reach.

EM: Is significant progress being made in the battle led by the King of the World and that very particular army against the dark forces?

C: Yes.

EM: Is it true that no blood will be shed, and the battle will be won by their great wisdom?

C: To a great extent yes. 

EM: Are they as much tired as we all are now, and they also want the Event to happen as soon as possible?

C: Yes.

EM: What can people do if people are interested in helping them win their battle? Would integrating one’s own shadow be a good start?

C: Yes, integrating own shadow and spreading information among the surface population.

EM: After the Event, you said, that the dark forces will be given a chance to accept the light, and to balance their previous actions, and those who refuse will be sent to the Galactic Central Sun, turned into basic elements and starting a new cycle of evolution again. What would happen to their higher selves that have always been working with the light forces? Do the higher selves vanish along with them, too?

C: Yes. Their individualized I AM presences will be transmuted with the electric fire of the Galactic Central Sun back into primordial adi plane elemental essence and will have to be individualized again. Put it shortly, those dark force individuals will cease to exist as individual beings forever and a totally new being will be later created.

EM: That certain group of beings who were supposed to make their decisions to log out of the system around 1994 to 1996, why did they decide with their freewill mainly against the waves?

C: They were programmed, scared and not ready.

EM: Were their freewill tampered by beings of the darkness back then?

C: Yes.

EM: With the quantum anomaly, it is easy for anyone to fall into this false impression, right?
That nothing will ever change, that the clearing will never end, that everything will just stay the same. But in reality, the quantum anomaly is being disintegrated with each day passing by. And this is exactly what the dark forces want, because one way or the other, we will always have the tendency to think we are not good enough, and we need “more” experiences here to complete our training. This “begging for more lessons to complete our training” is why some people think they are never good enough, and is also why the dark forces have been able to maintain this quarantine over the 25k years. Is that correct?

C: Begging for more lessons to complete our training is an Archon mind control program.

EM: You said races with malicious intents were born because of the freewill of beings of the light to interact with contingency so as to absorb and transform it. But during that interaction, the higher essence of that being is lost, and the races that have thus come into existence are hardly the light beings they once were, not yet. So, we should learn to protect ourselves, instead of falling into the traps of their false teaching that they are just “playing” this role so that our souls can learn better, grow faster and become stronger.

C: Strongly agree.

EM: And even if we are dealing with beings who “used to” be Archangel, it is also of great importance that we know how to protect ourselves, knowing when to say no to them, right?

C: Yes of course. 

EM: Ok. To lighten the mood a little bit by closing our interview with the final question. What is the common hobby of Ascended Masters? What would they like to do most when they are not at work?

C: They enjoy the pure bliss of the enlightened state of consciousness.

EM: What about the Resistance Members and the Galactic Confederation of Light?

C: Dance, sing, make love, travel through the universe.

EM: Thank you, Cobra, that is the last question.




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  1. Cobra, may we ask a question?
    What about your RM infiltrated agents, maybe around Bruxelles?
    And about all the miserable news, and nothing popping up from your RM about the truth?

    But Cobra, please not an answer like “Eh, it is not easy to liberate the planet after 25000y”.
    Please a bit more!
    At least for your long term followers. Not only advise of endless meditation and remaining positive.

    Kind regards

    • But, Cobra may you understand we are not bad guys, but rather your friends.

      So we give you already a half of answer: If RM infiltrated agents tried to intervene then some of the few (ore more) remnant strangelets and toplets could start to explode. And the same, in case if pop-ups had been remotely activated (by RM) on the screens of main stream news.

      The other half of answer is yours, Cobra!
      Thanks in advance!

  2. “EM: Why is Merope the faintest in that star system when compared with the other six stars?
    C: Simply, out of seven stars, one needs to be the faintest.”

    It is however surprisingly that Cobra (as a claimed pleiadian original) do not correct EM. In fact the Merope star is brighter than Pleione star (which is the faintest of the sevenths).

    The brightest stars in the Pleiades cluster are Alcyone (apparent magnitude 2.86), Atlas (3.62), Electra (3.70), Maia (3.86), Merope (4.17), Taygeta (4.29), the variable star Pleione (5.09), Celaeno (5.44), and (A)Sterope (5.64, 6.41).

    The apparent magnitude (m) of a celestial object is a number that is a measure of its brightness as seen by an observer on Earth.
    The smaller the number, the brighter a star appears.

    In any way Cobra’s answer may seem correct “one needs to be the faintest”.

    On the other hand, EM’s interview seems very alike with Untwine’s interviews. But missing the question about unicorns, if there are on other planets and on other planes. 🙂
    And of course missing Cobra’s answer to Untwine that as is the human archaetype in the same way is also the horse archaetype. 🙂

    Kind regards


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